1. Introduction
2. Location
3. Industries
4. Extensive Market
5. Further Links
6. Contacts

1. Introduction

Pinghu Economic Development Zone of Zhejiang Province (following abbreviated as “PEDZ”) was established in August 1996 and approved as provincial-level economic development zone in July 2000. Its planning area is 18.5 km2 and 14 km2 has been developed. Since 2001, the utilization foreign investment has ranked top 10 for five years in Zhejiang province. It is a provincial-level information industry characteristic zone, the only one industrial zone for Japanese investors that is approved by Zhejiang provincial government, state (Jiaxing) machinery- electronic component industry zone and core zone of state torch plan Pinghu optical-machinery-electronic industry base.

2. Location 

Pinghu is in the north east of Zhejiang province, adjacent to Shanghai and in the mid-part of mainland coastline in the Yangtze River Delta, the most dynamic economic region of China. Pinghu is reputed as the “home of silk, land of fish and rice”, enjoying the fame of “Golden Pinghu”. The land area and sea area of the Pinghu city are 537 square kilometers and 1086 square kilometes respectively. Its coastline is 27 kilometers and population is 500,000.As economic development, Pinghu has become favourable land for the investors from home and abroad.

3. Industries
Now Pinghu has formed the main four industries that optical- machine –electricity industry, garment-making industry and bags & suitcase industry and other industries chemical, building materials, Printing etc. In recent years, through upgrading traditional industry and appealing foreign capital to develop the high & new tech industry, Pinghu is becoming advanced manufacture base in Zhejiang Province.

Optical – Machine – Electricity Industry: With new and rapidly development industry, Optical- machine –electricity industry is invested by foreign investors. Their productions cover computer parts, telegram and optical & electrical sets or machinery. Most of enterprises set down in Zhejiang provincial high-tech &information Industry Park in PEDZ. At present, we are strengthening our infrastructure to attract more investors and spare no effort to build “Zhejiang Optical Valley”

Garment-making Industry: Garment-making industry is the traditional industry and there are 1,500companies in Pinghu. Pinghu has been honored as“Famous Chinese  City for Export and Manufacture of China” by China Textile Industry Association and China Clothes Association. Matsuoka Group. Known for its advanced equipment and management, workers with high ability, Pinghu has been listed as No.1 among the clothes enterprises of the country for several years successively.

Paper industry: Paper industry is traditional industry in Pinghu where is becoming  base of productive paper. Its main production covers paperboard, watt paper and special paper. It is known for large production and advanced technology in whole country.

Suitcase & Bags: Pinghu is the base of export bags and suitcase in China. Its main production covers travel bags, suitcases and handy bags.

4. Extensive Market
Within 150 kilometers surround PEDZ, there are 15middle or big cities and 10 coastal cities with its population being 7,500,000. This region produces 25% of China’s GDP and handles 60% of the country’s port volume. Now this area is becoming the most convenient in traffic, the most developed industry & commerce and the most power purchasing in China.

5. Further Links

6. Contacts
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