1. Introduction
2. Location
3. Industries
4. Opportunities
5. Further Links
6. Contacts

1. Introduction

On September 14th 2013, the State Council approved the establishment of the Guiyang Free Trade Zone which became the first Free Trade Zone in Guizhou Province. The total area of Guiyang FTZ  is 10.83 square kilometers, including the net surrounding area under the Customs supervision covering an area of 3.01 square kilometers.

The first phase construction area covered 1.003 square kilometers. Guiyang FTZ plan to build a core area, 3 parks and five centers.
The core area means the net surrounding area under the Customs supervision.

“Three park”

  1. Guiyang Demonstration Park based on Sino-Swiss Free Trade Agreement.
  2. Science, Technology and Innovation Park.
  3. Modern Logistics Park.

“Five centers are Reginal Trade center”

  1. Premium Merchandise Exhibition Center
  2. Service Outsourcing Center
  3. Supporting Service Center
  4. Regional Trade Center
  5. Finance Innovation Center, which consists of five parts, such as emerging finance industries, speacialty trade center, offshore banking, cross-border e-commerce and cross-border settlement center.

Guiyang FTZ locates in the northeast of Guiyang and the traffic here is very convenient. It only takes 20 minutes to the International Airport、Guiyang Express Railway Station and the government,  15minutes to downtown. Meanwhile, through Guiyang Loop Rai, Guiyang FTZ can easily get to the major import and even all over China.

2013年 9 月14日,国务院正式批复设立贵阳综合保税区;
2014年 9 月12日,贵阳综合保税区(一期)通过联合验收组正式验收;


2. Location

3. Industries

4. Opportunities

Since getting the approval from the State Council, Guiyang FTZ has been enhancing foreign exchange and has made a big difference in investment though platforms provided by the Goevernment like Guizhou-Swiss Economy and Trade Exchange, Guizhou-Korea Economy and Trade Exchange, Hong Kong Trade Week, Guizhou-Taiwan Economy and Trade Exchange and Eco Forum Global Annual Conference Guiyang. And in order to promote internationalization, Guiyang FTZ also takes part in exchange activities held by Ambassies and foreign Chambers of commerce.

Meanwhile, Guiyang FTZ cooperates with countries from all over the world such as Switzerland, Ireland, South Korea, New Zealand, France and Italy in building economy and trade coopereation park. On the basis of Guiyang demonstration park based on Sino-Swiss Free Trade Agreement and the Ireland Economy and Trade Cooporation Park(Guiyang), International Cooperation Area in Guiyang FTZ  is under construction by a high standard.

5. Further Links


6. Contacts 

Foreign Affairs Office 国际交流合作办公室
Executive Officer 工作人员
Ceci Huang 黄静茜
Tel: 182 8501 1019
Email: 21976368@qq.com  



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