Venture Leaders China 2015

by swisscham in Bilateral Relations

This yearÕs edition of venture leaders stood once again in the spotlight of 10 innovative Swiss entrepreneurs. They dare to venture and look for groundbreaking solutions in one of the biggest domestic markets in the world; the Chinese market with over 1.3 billion potential consumers. But Òit is not only huge in terms of numbers, it is also growing, and it is growing fast. It is innovating, and it is innovating fast,Ó stated Mr. Alain Gaschen, Deputy Head of Mission, during an exclusive evening reception at the residence of the Swiss Embassy. Innovation not only happens by adapting and further innovating existing technologies. Sometimes even more importantly, existing business models and cultural approaches Ð even if they have been successful in other countries Ð have to be embedded in a new context and adapted to the needs of a new market. Chinese government-led R&D institutes, science and technology parks, improved registration procedures or tax preferential policies offer strong incentives for both domestic and foreign startup companies. In 2014, 1Õ600 incubators established more than 10Õ000 new startup companies in China alone! There is no doubt that some of these startups have just begun to shape ChinaÕs impact on global economy, innovation and creativity.

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