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Issue 52 (52P., 5MB) – This issue pays tribute to Switzerland’s machinery industry: although less acclaimed than other industries, machineries represent the second most important category of exports. It is highly regarded for its quality and innovation around the world and is participated in by multinationals and smaller niche players alike. Therefore, we recently decided to establish a specific committee within the Shanghai chapter.

Issue 51 (52P., 6.57MB) – In this Summer issue of The Bridge, we explored the trend of the resurgence in Chinese Luxury Market after a period of sluggish growth. This issue’s highlight is an exclusive interview with Rosy Gao, who spearheads the China operations of one of the world’s most iconic and sought after watch brands – Patek Philippe and insights shared by three other business leaders from three Swiss luxury brand: IQAir, V-ZUG and Nespresso. In addition we have Swiss Luxury exemplified by a notable contribution by Schindler Villa Lift.

Issue 50 (50P., 4MB) – Above Average Growth of Bilateral Trade: Ambassador Christian Etter has devoted his entire career to Switzerland’s constant improvement of market access around the world which is a core objective of Swiss foreign economic policy. As a Chief Negotiator and head of the Swiss delegation negotiating the FTA with the People’s Republic of China, this dedicated trade diplomat was the operational driving force on the Swiss side. On a previous occasion in Berne, it was with great satisfaction that Etter showed The Bridge the hard copy of the agreement in his office. The Switzerland-China FTA, including annexes and lists of tariff concessions, boasts
an impressive pile of 1’150 pages.


Issue 49 (48P., 5MB) – Custom Service: For many Swiss companies the SinoSwiss Free Trade Agreement has still to deliver big benefits.The Bridge talks to Claudia Feusi, CEO of Swiss trade consultancy known as, and a leading expert on customs procedures and Swiss free trade agreements, about the state of its development.

Issue 48 (48P., 4.15 MB) – Managing the Problem of Piracy: Managing protection of intellectual property is one of the perennial challenges for Swiss businesses in China. The Bridge looks at what can be done in order to achieve the best results.

Issue 47 (60p., 4.77 MB) – Banking on Trade: Eugene Qian, Chairman of UBS China Strategy Board, talks to The Bridge about the bank’s success in China, its services, and the trade relationship between Switzerland and the mainland.

Issue 46 (56p., 5.68 MB) – Along the Value Chain: Hong Chow, General Manager of Roche Pharmaceuticals China, talks about the China market and how one of Switzerland’s most successful companies has positioned the country as an integral part of its world operations.



Issue 45 (58p., 6.57 MB) – Speed King: Formula E’s top driver, Sebastien Buemi, and e.dams founder Jean-Paul Driot talk what it takes to win.
Issue 44 (54p., 5.466KB) – Air of Authority: BONECO’s General Manager, Roger Bitterlin, talks about success in China’s booming air purifier market.
Issue 43 (60p., 6.98 MB) – First Mover Advantage: Patrick Scheibli, Managing Director of Fracht (Shanghai) talks on 20 years of logistic in China.
Issue 42 (47p., 5.0 MB) – The Human Factor: Abel Qian, HR Director at Swissôtel Grand Shanghai discusses HR challenges


Issue 41 (66p., 5.12 MB) – Time Traveller: Carson Chan on the future for Swiss watches in China
Issue 40 (62p., 5.44 MB) – Small But Strong: Alexandre Tunik on running an SME in China
Issue 39 (68p., 5.7 MB) – Feeding Frenzy
Issue 38 (68p., 6.76 MB) – Personnel Problems: Raymond Wang, on finding and retaining talent


Issue 37 (80p., 7.63 MB) – Gearing Up: How the Sino-Swiss Free Trade Agreement is boosting business
Issue 36 (92p., 7.36 MB) – Prof. Wu Jinglian: The Voice of Reform


Issue 35 (96p., 8.34 MB) – Cover Story: FTA Special
Issue 34 (84p., 7.61 MB) – Innovation Made in China – Fact or Fiction?
Issue 33 (68p., 5.35 MB) – What’s In Store for China 2013
Issue 32 (68p., 5.71 MB) – SwissCham China’s Business Confidence Survey 2013


Issue 31 (68p., 5.71 MB) – Across Industries and Countries, Understanding Social Media in China
Issue 30 (74 p., 5.70 MB) – The Food Issue
Issue 29 (76 p., 4.93 MB) – The China Decade


Issue 28 (76 p., 8.2 MB) – The Chinese Consumers
Issue 27 (72 p., 12 MB) – China’s Changing Banking Landscape & Labour Revolution
Issue 26 (88 p., 9.2 MB) – Chinese Appetite for Medicines
Issue 25 (92 p., 5.2 MB) – China Market Entry


Issue 24 (92 p., 5.2 MB) – Swiss Business Sentiment in China
Issue 23 (80 p., 12.2 MB) – China’s Internet Obsession
Issue 22 (90 p., 9.0 MB) – SPECIAL Expo 2010
Issue 21 (72 p., 5.1 MB) – Favorable R&D Environment


Issue 20 (68 p., 8.14 MB) – SwissCham Confidence Index
Issue 19 (72 p., 8.15 MB) – China on the Road to Recovery
Issue 18 (76 p., 6.15 MB) – China and its Politico-Legal System


Issue 17 (92 p., 5.1 MB) – SwissCham Survey (Confidently Resilient)
Olympic Publication (110 p., 5.4 MB)
Issue 16 (112 p., 6,4 MB) – Knowledge Producer
Issue 15 (92 p., 7.4 MB) – Logistics: a Key Driver
Issue 14 (108 p., 12.5 MB) – Managing International R&D in China


Issue 13 (88 p., 4.66 MB) – China’ New Wealth, Banking & Luxury Goods
Issue 12 (84 p., 10.9 MB) – Talent Shortage in China
Issue 11 (86 p., 13.2MB) – China Sourcing


Issue 10 (84 p., 9.5 MB) – China’s Banking Sector
Issue 9 (43 p., 5.7 MB) – New Consumers in China
Issue 8 (41 p., 5.5 MB) – Swiss Companies in China
Issue 7 (39 p., 4.9 MB) – Chinese Culture & Business – Myths & Reality
Issue 6 (33 p., 4.9 MB) – Foreign R&D


Issue 5 (84 p., 3.9 MB) – 10 Years SwissCham China & 55 Years Sino-Swiss Relations
Issue 4 (70 p., 4.5 MB) – Human Resources  – The Ongoing Challenge in China
Issue 3 (52 p., 4 MB) – Manufacturing Trends in China


Issue 2 (48 p., 3.6 MB) – Chinese Tourists Discover Swiss Hospitality
Issue 1 (37 p., 9.4MB) – Latest Developments in Shanghai’s Automobile City



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