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[Training] 战略绩效管理与绩效改进 Strategic Performance Management and Improvement (中文授课 in Chinese)

三月 26 @ 8:30 上午 - 4:30 下午

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Dear Members and Friends of SwissCham,


As the human resource manager of modern enterprises, we should build a highly efficient and practical human resource management system with strategic height, establish a scientific performance management and incentive system, so as to stimulate the potential of talents to the greatest extent, create an excellent team, and promote organizational reform and innovation, and finally realize the sustainable development of the organization. However, in the practice of performance management, enterprises often encounter many problems, especially in the feedback process of performance management, in view of the difference between performance results and standards, system improvement is the most important focus of enterprises. In the actual work, managers’ cognition of performance improvement is not comprehensive, such as: what is the process of performance improvement? What is the direction and content of performance improvement? How to improve? How to implement and track the improvement plan? We invite senior human resource management experts to answer these questions.

培训收益 Training Benefits 

  • 既帮助学员学会从战略角度思考问题,又帮助学员从战术角度解决问题
  • 掌握平衡记分卡的理念、与战略管理的关系和具体操作方法
  • 掌握如何设定同时符合企业和管理者自身利益的KPI
  • 全面掌握KPI指标分解、目标设定等绩效管理的具体操作方法
  • 掌握绩效反馈评价的方法及具体操作步骤
  • 掌握如何监控绩效管理过程及使用绩效考评的结果
  • 针对学员企业的具体问题探讨可行的解决方案
  • It helps students learn to think strategically and solve problems tactically.
  • Master the concept of balanced scorecard, its relationship with strategic management and its specific operation methods.
  • KPI Master how to set KPI that are in line with the interests of both enterprises and managers.
  • Overall mastered the specific operation methods of performance management such as KPI index decomposition and target setting.
  • Master the methods of performance feedback evaluation and specific operation steps.
  • Master how to monitor the performance management process and use the results of performance appraisal.
  • Explore viable solutions to the specific problems for the trainees and enterprises.

讲师介绍 About the Trainer:

王老师 Lecturer Wang



Ten years of experience in human resource data research and management consulting industry, distinguished lecturer of Zhejiang University, distinguished lecturer in business school of Hunan University, distinguished human resource expert of Times Guanghua, excellent contribution award of Hroot2015. Focus on the core system construction of human resources, human resources efficiency management and other research direction; Case story detailed, often can be aimed at customer demand go straight to the point of problem. For the preparation before the class is make perfection more perfect, so many customers call him ” systematic training of human resource management talent coaches “. The course is known for its actual combat and practical!

Mr. Wang’s management consulting services cover a wide range of industries, including financial, chemical, high-tech, tourism, pharmaceutical, machinery manufacturing, IT manufacturing, home appliances, construction, fast moving consumer goods, and other state-owned, private and joint ventures which have rich consulting and training experience.

主讲课程 Main Course:


《Core system construction of human resources》、《How to improve the efficiency of enterprise human resource management》、《Organizational change management》、《Strategic human resource management system construction》、《Binary human resource management》、《Practice of Compensation System Design》、《Strategic Performance System Design Program Class》


日期 & 时间 Date & Time 
2021年3月26日 周五
Friday, March 26 , 2021

语言 Language:中文授课 In Chinese

培训议程 Agenda 

  • 08:30 – 08:55  签到 Register
  • 09:00 – 10:30  培训 Training
  • 10:30 – 10:40  茶歇 Coffee Break
  • 10:40 – 12:00  培训 Training
  • 12:00 – 13:00  午餐 Luncheon
  • 13:00 – 15:30  培训 Training
  • 15:30 – 15:45  茶歇 Coffee Break
  • 15:45 – 16:30 结束 Training end


  • Member Price (会员价): RMB 2,800 / guest
  • Non-member Price (非会员价): RMB 3,500 / guest


Cancellation of RSVP

In case you need to cancel your attendance to the event, please write an email to: at least 24 hours prior to the event. Failure to cancel your RSVP timely will require the payment of a“no show bill” of the full amount stated in this invitation.  You can contact Nini Qi by telephone: 021 5368 1237. For third-party events, the event terms and conditions of the event organizer apply.
如果您要取消出席活动,请在活动开始前24小时写邮件给。如未能及时取消,我们视同默认付款. 若非瑞士商会主办的活动,取消规则请参照活动主办发布的条款。



三月 26
8:30 上午 - 4:30 下午
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