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In this issue of the Bridge, we have an exclusive interview with Jerry Li, head of Digital at ABB China. Jerry elaborates on the different initiatives the company takes when it comes to digitalization. Another topic we cover is the potential of blockchain and the opportunities and limits this new technology brings for companies. The third main content item is the analysis of the yearly business survey, which includes interesting findings from Swiss and other foreign companies doing business in China.

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本期《桥》杂志专访ABB中国首席数字官Jerry Li先生,他向读者分享了如何实现企业的数字创新。 本期杂志同时关注了另一个热门话题:区块链;新科技时代区块链带给企业的机遇与限制。通过最新的年度商业调研,新一期《桥》杂志聚焦了瑞士及外资在华企业商业调研结果。




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SwissCham China has roughly 600 company members. Our Chamber maintains a strong relationship with the Embassy of Switzerland, Switzerland Global Enterprise, Swissnex and Switzerland Tourism. As the representative of the Swiss companies established in China, our goal is to help you to increase your business and visibility, especially amongst the Sino-Swiss business community.

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