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Issue 59 (40P., 3.62MB) – In this issue of the Bridge, we bring you an exclusive interview with Hiufan Tsang of DKSH, discussing FMCG trends in China and the company’s expectations for the local market. Another story is devoted to Swiss entrepreneur and philanthropist Philippe Zwahlen, who is working on the setup of a competence center for neurodiversity and children with autism in China. Given the many changes in the business environment in the last 12 months, SwissCham Shanghai conducted two surveys to find out how Swiss companies face these challenges. In the first survey, companies say they remain quite positive about the Chinese market and many continue to invest. In the second survey, we looked at the communication between the headquarters in Switzerland and the companies’ leadership teams in China and found that COVID has made its mark there, too.

Issue 58 (32P., 2.23MB) – ​In our newest edition of the Bridge magazine, we featured two exclusive interviews. The first one was conducted with Kevin Zhang, Vice President and Country Manager of Swiss implant and esthetic dentistry leader Straumann. Kevin Zhang talks about the company’s latest investment in China, which is a RMB 1.2 billion campus that is home to a manufacturing, education and innovation center. We also interviewed Dimitri Getsios, who is the Managing Director APAC of Swiss Post Solutions. SPS recently entered the Chinese market through an acquisition. In addition, we have a contribution from Josipa Markovic, who is an Economist with Swiss Life Asset Managers. Josipa discusses China’s economic development, the dual circulation and the growth potential of the second largest economy in the world.

Issue 57 (36P., 3MB) – In this issue of the Bridge, we have an exclusive interview with Liu Xuan, Managing Director of Belimed. Belimed is a leading provider of cleaning and sterilization equipment to hospitals. Mr. Liu shares his view in regard to the Covid-19 impact and the look ahead for his company and industry. In addition, we have conducted several interviews to cover the broader range of the Swiss medtech industry. Our editor Fabian Gull reached out to Susi Wang of the Swiss Business Hub in Beijing, Daniel Bont of Switzerland Global Enterprise and Dirk Reuter of Sigvaris and the Swiss Medtech Association. In an interesting article, Yvan Sprünglin, General Manager of SICPA China, is explaining how companies can successfully fight against counterfeit goods and how to avoid fraud and revenue losses. We also publish a new assessment by InterChina Consulting, which looked at the decoupling trends in China based on a survey with over 200 companies.


Issue 56 (24P., 4.16MB) – The Chinese government has prioritized the development of the Greater Bay Area in the past and will do so also in the years to come. In order to get a feel of what this region represents, the Bridge reached out to several Swiss companies and asked the Consul General of Switzerland in Guangzhou how he sees the development in China’s south. This issue of the Bridge also features a contribution from Vischer law and tax, focusing on the pros and cons of digital platforms that grant access to the Chinese consumers. In addition, we have an article of the University of St. Gallen, looking at the elites of nations, including China and Switzerland. In our member section, we provide an overview of our newly elected Boards in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, a list of past events and seminars, and a summary of companies that joined SwissCham China in the recent months. ​







Issue 55 (56P., 9.18MB) – The outbreak of the coronavirus, or COVID-19, had such a large impact on China and the world that we devoted most of the content to this topic. We invited the China consultancy Sinolytics to give us their view when discussing the post-virus economy in China and how foreign companies can take advantage of the latest government initiatives. We also reached out to Swiss companies present in China to see how they manage the challenges and embrace new opportunities. In the last part of the magazine, we list our past webinars, events and above all our new member lists. Given the constant number of new members, it is encouraging to see that SwissCham is perceived as a valuable network that can support companies in the Chinese market.



Issue 54 (60P., 4.94MB) – Entering the Chinese market is a highly complex endeavor. China is a fiercely competitive market that beats its own drums. The seemingly endless opportunities are tremendous, but so is the risk of failure. Focusing on this topic, we have some advice for China newcomers. In this issue, Claudia Masüger, Founder and CEO of the wine distributor “Cheers” and Nicolas de Toledo, Managing Director of Mosaiq share some of their experience and insights at the frontline.

Issue 53 (64P., 4.2MB) – In this issue of the Bridge, we have an exclusive interview with Jerry Li, head of Digital at ABB China. Jerry elaborates on the different initiatives the company takes when it comes to digitalization. Another topic we cover is the potential of blockchain and the opportunities and limits this new technology brings for companies. The third main content item is the analysis of the yearly business survey, which includes interesting findings from Swiss and other foreign companies doing business in China.


Issue 52 (52P., 5MB) – This issue pays tribute to Switzerland’s machinery industry: although less acclaimed than other industries, machineries represent the second most important category of exports. It is highly regarded for its quality and innovation around the world and is participated in by multinationals and smaller niche players alike. Therefore, we recently decided to establish a specific committee within the Shanghai chapter.

Issue 51 (52P., 6.57MB) – In this Summer issue of The Bridge, we explored the trend of the resurgence in Chinese Luxury Market after a period of sluggish growth. This issue’s highlight is an exclusive interview with Rosy Gao, who spearheads the China operations of one of the world’s most iconic and sought after watch brands – Patek Philippe and insights shared by three other business leaders from three Swiss luxury brand: IQAir, V-ZUG and Nespresso. In addition we have Swiss Luxury exemplified by a notable contribution by Schindler Villa Lift.

Issue 50 (50P., 4MB) – Above Average Growth of Bilateral Trade: Ambassador Christian Etter has devoted his entire career to Switzerland’s constant improvement of market access around the world which is a core objective of Swiss foreign economic policy. As a Chief Negotiator and head of the Swiss delegation negotiating the FTA with the People’s Republic of China, this dedicated trade diplomat was the operational driving force on the Swiss side. On a previous occasion in Berne, it was with great satisfaction that Etter showed The Bridge the hard copy of the agreement in his office. The Switzerland-China FTA, including annexes and lists of tariff concessions, boasts
an impressive pile of 1’150 pages.








Issue 49 (48P., 5MB) – Custom Service: For many Swiss companies the SinoSwiss Free Trade Agreement has still to deliver big benefits.The Bridge talks to Claudia Feusi, CEO of Swiss trade consultancy known as, and a leading expert on customs procedures and Swiss free trade agreements, about the state of its development.

Issue 48 (48P., 4.15 MB) – Managing the Problem of Piracy: Managing protection of intellectual property is one of the perennial challenges for Swiss businesses in China. The Bridge looks at what can be done in order to achieve the best results.

Issue 47 (60p., 4.77 MB) – Banking on Trade: Eugene Qian, Chairman of UBS China Strategy Board, talks to The Bridge about the bank’s success in China, its services, and the trade relationship between Switzerland and the mainland.

Issue 46 (56p., 5.68 MB) – Along the Value Chain: Hong Chow, General Manager of Roche Pharmaceuticals China, talks about the China market and how one of Switzerland’s most successful companies has positioned the country as an integral part of its world operations.








Issue45 (58p., 6.57 MB) – Speed King: Formula E’s top driver, Sebastien Buemi, and e.dams founder Jean-Paul Driot talk what it takes to win.
Issue 44 (54p., 5.466KB) – Air of Authority: BONECO’s General Manager, Roger Bitterlin, talks about success in China’s booming air purifier market.
Issue 43 (60p., 6.98 MB) – First Mover Advantage: Patrick Scheibli, Managing Director of Fracht (Shanghai) talks on 20 years of logistic in China.
Issue 42 (47p., 5.0 MB) – The Human Factor: Abel Qian, HR Director at Swissôtel Grand Shanghai discusses HR challenges







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