Houghton Street Consulting

Houghton Street Consulting is a Third Party Administrator providing state-of-art insurance member services. As a full-range service provider, we devote ourselves to delivering top quality services to our members and those of our partners. We provide one-stop solutions to our members from all industries whenever it comes to insurance needs, whether it is professional medical advice or complicated medical evacuation.



Tel: +86 156 1892 3313 / 021 3420 1653

Email: maciej.churas@iisasia.co.uk




Pacific Prime

Founded in 1999, Pacific Prime has grown to be one of the largest insurance intermediaries in Asia. Pacific Prime has over 120,000 clients in over 130 countries, serving many from the office here in Shanghai.Pacific Prime China has a strong team of Shanghai-based health insurance experts who employ an unparalleled depth of experience to deliver our customers health insurance advice they can rely on.



      • 50% off voucher for ABUS Breast Screening (original price RMB 1,680) & 50% off for Routing Gynecological Screening Package (original price RMB 1,500) valid until 2021/12/31
      • Free voucher for Medical Services (select one from four as below)  valued at RMB 1,588 and valid until 2021/03/31 (only redeemable by insurance policy holder)
        1. Spine Health Consultation and  Treatment (30 min)
        2. Physiotherapy (30min)
        3. Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultation (30min)
        4. Dermatology Consultation and Skin Test (15min)

Exclusive SwissCham Health Insurance Scheme:

With a focus to always provide the best to our SwissCham members, we are currently looking to set-up our own Chamber Medical Benefit Scheme. As any insurance group’s plan, it is required to have a minimum of three applicant in order to set this up then it would become available for anyone else to join at any time.

We are now seeking for our three members among our SwissCham community that would be interested to be the pioneers for this great added benefit project.

If you as an individual or your company is not yet our SwissCham member, it might just be the right time for you to consider joining and take full advantage of this.

Remember, only three people are required to start and it doesn’t have to be from one single company but from any members from any SwissCham Chapter in China then once this is done, everyone else from the community will be able to join at their convenience.

For more information about the Health Insurance Scheme, please click here to download the details.