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A lot has changed since we published our first edition of the Development Zone Directory back in 2017. But China remains one of the top investment hotspots in the world, despite ongoing trade and other disputes the country faces. While it is true that companies and countries are relocating or building up additional supply chains to lessen their dependence on China, it is also a fact that no other country has the industrial capacity, growing middle class and growth potential.

The Chinese market attracts the most foreign direct investment and it well may do so for many years to come, given the large untapped markets in the central and western part of the country. Earlier this year, Premier Li Keqiang mentioned that there are 600 million Chinese citizens living with RMB 1,000 of monthly disposable income. While this may sounds surprising, it also shows the potential that Chinese inner regions have for the future.

Investing in China and selling to the Chinese consumers is something that makes sense for companies from around the world. The development zones listed in this directory are here to support and help foreign investors to deal with the unique challenges in the Chinese market. “In China, for China” is a strategy that lets you tap the biggest consumer market in the world while limiting your exposure and reliance on a single country.

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