SwissCham proposes two types of adhesion, depending on the nationality of the company applying for joining our network: Membership and Associates.

Members are Swiss companies or individuals of Swiss nationality based in China.
Associate Members are non-Swiss companies or individuals of any other nationality.
Associate Membership also applies to Swiss companies based in Switzerland.

Both enjoy exactly the same privileges regarding discounts, channels of information, promotion and services. The only difference is that Associates do not have a voting right at the Annual General Assembly.

Join SwissCham and enjoy the following exclusive benefits:

  • We organize over 70 quality online webinars and events per year covering relevant topics such as HR, legal, finance, tax, logistics, e-commerce and more. As a member you can attend our webinars and events for a preferential fee and participate in our member-only events
  • We provide you up-to-date information regarding the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak on the economy and business environment in China
  • Access our online library of articles, publications and announcements covering important topics such as legal, investment, finance and human resources
  • Take advantage of our network and connections to help you solve your issues and challenges – we offer access to: government officials, development zones, industry professionals in legal, HR, finance, tax, logistics, supply chain, e-commerce, promotion, market research, consulting etc.
  • We can help you promote your own events / webinars, articles, and publications to increase your exposure in our network
  • Become a speaker at our webinars and events and share your expertise and experiences with our network of 600 members in China
  • Benefit from our networking platform
  • Discount on members products and services (Member Benefit Program)

Make your voice heard!

  • SwissCham China represents its members to the Swiss and Chinese authorities.
  • SwissCham provides a networking platform and channels to connect with other members on business issues.

Be informed!

  • Website where you can access members contact details, articles written by experts, media news
  • Members to members news in our Reader’s Digest
  • Business events, organized by SwissCham, other chambers and SwissCham’s partners at discounted rates

Be visible!

  • Featured in Website and monthly Newsletter (Publications)
  • Be featured and get access to the SwissCham Online E-Directory for free
  • Possibility to be a speaker at SwissCham events
  • Promote your business product among our members
  • Additional discounts and tailor-made solutions for your exposure through all our promotion channels
  • For more exposure, please have a look at our media kit








Currently, the fees for membership (in RMB) are the following:

Membership CategoriesBeijingShanghaiSouth China
Large Corporate (more than 1’000 emp.)12’00012’0002,500
National Membership – L Corporate24’000
Medium Corporate (100-1’000 emp.)9’0009’0002,500
National Membership – M Corporate18’000
Small Corporate (less than 100 emp.)6’0006’0002’500
National Membership – S Corporate12‘000
Individual Membership3’0002’4001’200
National Membership- Individual3’500
Large Corporate Associate**12’00012’0002’000
Medium Corporate Associate**9’0009’0002’000
Small Corporate Associate**6’0006’0002’000
Individual Associate**3’0002’4001’200
National Individual Associate3’500
Young Professional ***1’500600500


  • *Individual refers to self–employed individuals.
  • **Associate refers to non-Swiss Companies and individuals.
  • ***Young Professional (YP) can become a member without voting rights if under 30 years old and self-employed or not working at the time of application.
  • ****NPO refers to organization without government affiliation.

The Board of Directors of SwissCham China liaison offices retain sole discretion for approving applications, categories and voting rights. Membership fees might change according to decisions at annual General Assembly.

Click here to apply for your SwissCham Shanghai Membership.


Your Swiss Business Platform in China

SwissCham China has roughly 600 company members. Our Chamber maintains a strong relationship with the Embassy of Switzerland, Switzerland Global Enterprise, Swissnex and Switzerland Tourism. As the representative of the Swiss companies established in China, our goal is to help you to increase your business and visibility, especially amongst the Sino-Swiss business community.

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