swissfloors in China
April 2014 – Present

Swiss Stone Pine (Arve), also known as Queen of the Swiss Alps, is Switzerland’s unique wooden product: With Swiss Stone Pine you have a wellness island for beauty, health and relaxation in your room in which you can relax. Healthy, mild and vitalizing timber smell stimulates your metabolism, activates your immune system, revives your skin and does something good for your body and soul. Sleep yourself healthy so to speak.

According to scientific studies, Swiss Stone Pine is healthy for the heart as it saves at least one hour of heartbeats (i.e. 3600 heartbeats) per day.

Swiss Stone Pine has a bactericidal effect and its incomparable timber smell positively influences people’s moods.


Members of SwissCham could enjoy the Swiss Stone Pine cushions with the price of RMB 598 per pcs.

This offer is valid until May 30, 2022.

No.B219-1, WenDing Living Plaza, Xuhui District, Shanghai