We are delighted to present our new CEO Interview Series and Entrepreneur Interview Series conducted with leaders and decision-makers of Swiss companies in China. This new initiative is launched to share the voices of our member companies in regards to the opportunities and challenges they encountered in China in the past years.

Click on the videos to learn more about their long journey in China and how their companies thrive in the Chinese market. We hope you enjoy watching the interviews.


CEO Interview Series

I. Steven Du, Managing Director of SGS China


II. Dr. Ben Xia, Executive Vice President and Head of APAC Interroll Group


III. Michelle Dong, General Manager of Agathon China


IV. Vincent Arbet-Engels, CEO and Managing Director of AESA Cortaillod

Entrepreneur Interview Series

I. Daniel Heusser, President of Virtuarch


II. Philippe Zwahlen, Swiss Entrepreneur in China


III. Nicolas Musy, co-founder of China Integrated and the Swiss Center Shanghai


IV. Dr. Sacha Stocklin, Managing Director of CieCAS


V. Juerg Wyss, Owner and Managing Director of Abifor China