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[Training] “顾问+教练”型领导力 “Consulting+ Coaching” Leadership (中文授课 In Chinese)

August 18, 2022 - August 19, 2022



国际上对领导力的研究已近90年,曾提出过很多的理论,包括:特质领导力、情景领导力、 仆人式领导力等等,这些理论在实际运用中,表现出一些局限性。近年来,“顾问+教练”型领导力的提出,为领导力的研究,提出了有价值的探索,其中,顾问技术和教练技术的平衡运用的思想,得到了管理界的普遍认同。

Course Background:

In a company, the level of the management team determines an enterprise’s future. An excellent leader is good at making timely analyses and decisions in the face of changing situations and problems and stimulating the potential of subordinates to overcome difficulties and achieve goals. So what kind of qualities and abilities should an excellent leader have?

International research on leadership has been conducted for nearly 90 years. Many theories have been proposed, including Traits Leadership, Situational Leadership, Servant Leadership, etc. These theories, however, have shown some limitations in their application. In recent years, the proposal of “Consulting + Coaching” Leadership has presented a valuable exploration for the study of leadership, in which the idea of the balanced use of consulting techniques and coaching techniques has been generally recognized by the management community.



  1. 懂得领导的本质含义
  2. 领导应有的角色
  3. 了解“顾问+教练”型领导者应具备的素质和能力
  4. 提升激情、负责任、信任、欣赏、共赢等领袖魅力
  5. 掌握教练技术四步骤和四技巧(发问、聆听、区分、回应)
  6. 掌握分析问题的方法与工具
  7. 提升带领团队从目标到结果的全过程的指导和监控能力

Course Benefit:

Allow participants to

  1. Understand the essence of leadership
  2. Lead the role
  3. Understand the qualities and competencies of a “Consulting+ Coaching” leader
  4. Enhance leadership charms such as passion, responsibility, trust, appreciation, and mutual benefit
  5. Master the four steps and techniques of coaching (asking, listening, differentiating, and responding)
  6. Master the methods and tools for analyzing problems
  7. Enhance the ability to guide and monitor the whole process of leading a team from goals to results

课程受众:  总经理、高中层管理人员、核心团队

Enrollment Target: General Manager, Middle and Senior Management, Core Team

授课方式:  案例体验+实战方法+录像观赏+角色扮演+提问互动+分组讨论+精彩点评

Teaching Mode: Case analysis + Practical methods+ Video Watching+ Role Play+ Interactive Question+ Group Discussion+ Review

授课特色:  课前做准备度指导+课中将知识系统化及实操演练+课后做知识转化为绩效指导

Course Features: Pre-class research and personalized design + In-class systematic knowledge and practical exercises + After-class knowledge into performance guidance

课程讲师 Lecturer

何老师 Lecturer He


  • 中层管理者综合能力、领导力、有效沟通训练专家
  • 中科院心理研究所 管理心理学 博士研究生
  • 中国人民大学 工商管理(MBA)硕士
  • CIPTT认证国际注册职业培训师
  • 人力资源管理师
  • 曾任500强企业高管 20年企业管理经验
  • 中国人民大学、厦门大学 MBA特聘讲师

Lecturer Background:

  • Expert in general competence, leadership, and effective communication training for middle managers
  • D. in Management Psychology, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA), Renmin University of China
  • CIPTT Certification
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Former executive in a Fortune 500 company with 20 years of corporate management experience
  • Distinguished lecturer for MBA in Renmin University of China and Xiamen University



Expert Qualification:

Mr. He is a doctoral candidate in management psychology at the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a master of Business Administration from the Renmin University of China. He has been a senior executive of a Fortune 500 group and has been engaged in corporate management for twenty years, with rich experience in corporate management and training. In recent years, he has focused on the improvement of comprehensive quality and ability of middle management. Based on years of practical experience in management, he has conducted thousands of training sessions on middle management skills, leadership, executive skills, effective communication, team building, etc. in well-known enterprises. The customer evaluations are above 95% with a high rehire rate. Mr. He is a practical lecturer who can solve the practical problems of enterprises.

课程时间 Date 


August 18-19, Thursday & Friday

价格 Price 

  • Member Price (会员价): RMB 4,280/ guest
  • Non-member Price (非会员价): RMB 5,180 / guest

即刻报名 Registration 

To register, please write an email to contact Cherry Huang ( before August 16 , 2022.
请于2022年8月16前写邮件联系Cherry Huang ( ) 登记报名。


August 18, 2022
August 19, 2022
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