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[Training] 新任经理、部门主管全面管理技能提升训练 Comprehensive Management Skills Improvement Training for New Manager, Department Head (中文授课 In Chinese)

August 5 @ 8:30 am - August 6 @ 4:30 pm


Member Price - RMB 3,680 /guest

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Non-Member Price - RMB 4,580/guest

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New managers and department heads are responsible for the important task of linking the previous and the next in the management of the enterprise. At the same time, it is under pressure from bosses, subordinates, colleagues, customers, etc., so the requirements for its management ability are getting higher and higher. With the rapid development of enterprises and the increasingly fierce competition, the improvement of their comprehensive management capabilities is imminent!

Although some new managers have a sense of management, they lack ideas, methods, and actions. The effect of management and leadership is not good, things are not done well, personnel are not retained, the team is not formed, the enthusiasm is not high, the cohesion is not enough, and the sense of belonging is not Strong, the manager himself is busy and tired, tired and annoying, numbness and fatigue over time!

Through the study of this course, it will help new managers, supervisors and other corporate management cadres to systematically understand the logic of management, from an overall perspective, grasp the role of management, understand the complementarity of personnel management, analyze problems, sort out ideas, explore methods, and drill tools . In the end, it will help shorten the growth cycle of new cadres, reduce management errors, and improve management efficiency to adapt to market competition and the rapid development of the company!

Best regards,

Your SwissCham Team

课程收益 Course Benefit

  1. 了解并掌握主管的责任与核心任务;
  2. 全面掌握基本的管理常识、管理的意义、如何实现有效管理;
  3. 厘清自己的角色定位、角色转换、职责,做好“执行领跑者”的桥梁;
  4. 培养主管的自我认识能力、计划实施、目标管控、员工辅导、执行力提升和协调能力;
  5. 学习如何成为一个优秀的主管,建立主管的威信、激励下属,引领下属的工作热情与激情;
  6. 了解培育人才的重要,并能在职场上对部属进行工作中的教导与训练。
  7. 学习沟通的技巧与方法,透过有效沟通有效达成任务。
  8. 掌握人性特点,能够带人带心,激发部属工作意愿,提振下属士气。
  9. 培养主动发现问题、解决问题的能力。、
  1. Understand and master the responsibilities and core tasks of supervisors;
  2. Comprehensively grasp the basic management knowledge, the meaning of management, and how to achieve effective management;
  3. Clarify one’s own role positioning, role conversion, and responsibilities, and be a bridge to “executive leader”;
  4. Cultivate the supervisor’s self-awareness, plan implementation, goal control, staff counseling, execution improvement and coordination capabilities;
  5. Learn how to become an excellent supervisor, build the prestige of the supervisor, inspire subordinates, and lead the enthusiasm and passion of subordinates;
  6. Understand the importance of cultivating talents, and be able to teach and train subordinates at work in the workplace.
  7. Learn communication skills and methods, and achieve tasks effectively through effective communication.
  8. Grasp the characteristics of human nature and be able to lead people, stimulate the willingness of subordinates to work, and boost the morale of subordinates.
  9. Cultivate the ability to actively discover and solve problems.

培训对象 Training Subject


Newly appointed supervisors, managers, and those who will be promoted to supervisors or managers

关于讲师 About the Lecturer


  • 国际AACTP认证培训讲师
  • 工商管理硕士 资深企业管理顾问
  • 北京大学《高级经理人班》 特聘讲师
  • 上海财经大学国际金融管理学院 特聘讲师
  • 浙江大学工商管理学院总裁班 特聘讲师


Lecturer Ma

  • International AACTP certified training lecturer
  • Master of Business Administration and senior corporate management consultant
  • Special Lecturer of “Senior Manager Class” of Peking University
  • Distinguished Lecturer, School of International Finance and Management, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
  • Distinguished lecturer for the President Class of the School of Business Administration, Zhejiang University

He has been engaged in the practice of middle and senior management in enterprises for many years. He has served as training manager, marketing director, and vice president of a group in Shanghai. He has rich training and coaching experience in enterprise management, efficient communication, team building, leadership, execution and time management. Teacher Ma not only has deep theoretical knowledge, but also has rich practical operation ability; he focuses on the analysis and resolution of the actual management problems of the enterprise, and emphasizes the effectiveness and applicability of training.


品牌课程 Brand Course


“MTP-Middle Management Improvement”, “Efficient Management Communication”, “Time Management”, “Efficient Team Building”, “TTT-Internal Lecturer Training”, “Excellent Execution”, “Leadership Improvement”, “Subordinate Cultivation and Motivation” “, “Business Speech and Presentation”, “Target Management”, “Professional Quality Improvement”.


培训特色 Training Features


It is good at interactive and situational training, pays attention to the perception and participation of trainees, theory + practice + case, opens students’ thinking, systematically masters operating methods, and truly achieves the application of what they have learned. The teaching style is in-depth, simple and clear, the classroom atmosphere is relaxed, active, and practical. Through various practical cases and management games, the training enthusiasm of the trainees is fully mobilized, and it is truly realized: teaching methods are practical, easy to learn management .


部分受训企业 Part of the Trained Companies




美的电器 、小天鹅集团、宝日钢铁、大通商城、康芝药业、山之内制药、五洲地产


Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Agricultural Bank of China, Postal Savings Bank of China, China Mobile, China Southern Power Grid

Taiji Computer Group, Shanghai Knauf, Shanghai Siji Network, Centaline Securities, Shida Technology, Pengli Technology

Shanghai Metro Group, Shanghai Volkswagen, Huitian Group, Langneng, Pufei Electric, AU Optronics, Shanghai Textile

Midea Electric, Little Swan Group, Baori Steel, Chase Mall, Kangzhi Pharmaceutical, Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical, Wuzhou Real Estate

Anji Logistics, Mingyuan Real Estate, Shenda Real Estate, Beijing Daoxiang Village, Gentai Group, Daan Chemical, Guizhou Tobacco Group…

客户评价 Customer Reviews


Teacher Ma’s courses are close to reality, the language is humorous, easy to understand, and the training methods are flexible and diverse. Inspiration and thinking are carried out from the perspective of the students, and what they have learned can be effectively applied to actual work. It can help trainees quickly improve their management capabilities and help companies quickly improve their market competitiveness.

日期 & 时间 Date & Time
Thursday to Friday, August 05 – 06, 2021 08:30 – 16:30


培训议程 Agenda

  • 08:30-08:55 签到 Register
  • 09:00-10:30 培训 Training
  • 10:30-10:40 茶歇 Coffee Break
  • 10:40-12:00 培训 Training
  • 12:00-13:00 午餐 Luncheon
  • 13:00-15:30 培训 Training
  • 15:30-15:45 茶歇 Coffee Break
  • 15:45-16:30 结束 Training end


培训语言 Language : 中文 Chinese


价格 Price 

  • Member Price (会员价): RMB 3,680 /guest
  • Non-member Price (非会员价): RMB 4,580/guest


请于2021年08月03前登记报名 Please register by August 03, 2021 

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August 5 @ 8:30 am
August 6 @ 4:30 pm
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