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[Training] 战略管理-竞争对手与竞品分析(中文授课) Strategic management training camp – Competitor and Competitive Product Analysis

June 2 @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Tickets are not available as this event has passed.

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Precise product positioning

Starting from market segmentation, find your target market, accurately position the products, and maximize the benefits

Teaching by professional instructors

Top3 consultant teacher in global subdivision field, 24+ years of practical experience in project management of party a, party b and party c, cross-industry, cross-functional department and cross-character companies

Reports come from practice

Through the output of each class, step by step, directly output competitive product analysis report









Training benefit

  • Pay attention to the overall market, judge the market situation;
  • Focus on target market, precise product positioning;
  • From information to insight, in-depth understanding of customers;
  • Competitive product analysis six steps, a page of competitive product analysis;
  • 10+ competitive product analysis models, easy to use competitive product analysis.


  • 关注整体市场,判断市场态势;
  • 聚焦目标市场,精准产品定位;
  • 由信息到洞察,深入了解客户;
  • 竞品分析六步走,一页纸呈现竞品分析;
  • 10+个竞品分析模型,轻松上手竞品分析。


Toby LI  (李迅吉)

国际注册咨询师CMC (International Certified Management Consultant), Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®)
英国IPMA认证 管理者培训师CIPMT (Certified International Professional Managers Trainer)
荷兰思滕中国Schouten认证 软技技能培训师TFT (Soft Skill Trainer International Certification Program)
美国Prosci® 认证的变革管理专业人员(Change Management: The People Side of Change)
商业运营沙盘 认证培训师 Global SIMDUSTRY® Business flexible board simulation
美国纽约理工大学NYIT (New York Institute of Technology) MBA




  • 什么是竞品分析  What is competitive product analysis?
  • 为什么做竞品分析 Why should we do competitive product analysis?
  • 何时做竞品分析 When should we do competitive product analysis?

产出 Output
Analyze your goals and priorities for each phase of your product


  • 怎么做竞品分析——竞争态势研究
    How to do product analysis – competitive situation study
  • 市场整体分析:分析市场整体趋势,判断是否进入市场
    Market analysis: analyze the whole market trend and judge whether to enter the market
  • 细分市场分析:解决where to play 的问题
    Market segmentation analysis: solve the problem of where to play
  • 竞争态势和竞争对手分析:解决 how to win 的问题
    Analyze the competitive situation and competitors: solved the problem of how to win

产出 Output
Choose a product you are familiar with and analyze which market segment it should enter and find its product location


  • 怎么做竞品分析——竞争产品分析
    How to do product analysis – competitive product analysis
  • 明确目标:以终为始,开始做竞品分析时要考虑输出成果
    Clear objectives: consider the output when starting product analysis
  • 选择竞品:精挑细选,选择正确的竞品
    Selection of competitive products: select the right competitive products
  • 确定分析维度:多维视角分析竞品
    Determine analysis dimensions: analyze from a multi-dimensional perspective
  • 用户洞察:基于对消费者某些行为的深刻理解而道出消费者没有说出口的需求
    User insight: based on a deep understanding of a consumer’s behavior, the unspoken needs of the consumer are revealed

产出 Output
Make a user insight report for your product.


  • 怎么做竞品分析——竞争产品分析
    How to do competitive product analysis – competitive product analysis
  • 收集竞品信息:网罗天下,从数据到影响力
    Gather information, from data to impact
  • 信息整理与收集:抽丝剥茧,由信息转化为有价值的结论
    Information sorting and collection: turn the information into valuable conclusions
  • 总结报告:价值驱动,总结出对产品有价值的结论
    Summary report: value-driven, summarizing valuable conclusions for products
  • 用一页纸做竞品分析 Use one page to make competitive product analysis
    MVP of product report (minimum available product)

产出 Output
Create a competing canvas for your product


Tuesday, June 2, 2020 19:30—21:00

Thursday, June 4, 2020 19:30—21:00

Thursday, June 11, 2020 19:30—21:00

Thursday, June 18, 2020 19:30—21:00


Member: RMB 899/guest 会员价

Non-member: RMB 899/guest 非会员价

RSVP Deadline 报名截止日期
Please register by May, 29, 2020 请在2020年5月29日前登记





Cancellation of RSVP

In case you need to cancel your attendance to the training, please write an email to: at least 24 hours prior to the event. Failure to cancel your RSVP timely will require the payment of a “no show bill” of the full amount stated in this invitation.  You can contact Nini Qi by telephone: 021 5368 1237. For third-party events, the event terms and conditions of the event organizer apply.
如果您要取消出席活动,请在活动开始前24小时写邮件给。如未能及时取消,我们视同默认付款. 若非瑞士商会主办的活动,取消规则请参照活动主办发布的条款。


June 2
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
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