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Chinese Legal and Investment Updates

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Below, publications, articles and papers written by law firms and consultancies offer a general overview of China’s legal and investment environment. To have your own research published, please contact Ms. Nini Qi:

For further advice, please consult the companies listed below.

Source Title
GWA New Negative Lists For The Foreign Investment Law
Taylor Wessing Chinese auto industry fully open up to foreign OEMs
GWA Law Legal and Tax implications of relocating a business cases and practical experiences
GWA Law Analysis of the Chinese Economy trends Comparison with EU and ASEAN countries
Dezan Shira & Associates How to Read China’s 2018 Negative List
Dezan Shira & Associates Fraud in China: Where is Your Company Losing Money?
Dezan Shira & Associates The Yangtze River Delta Integration Plan
Dezan Shira & Associates The Belt & Road Initiative: How Europeans can Benefit
Taylor Wessing SMRA’s Pilot Reform – Company Name Pre-Registration Abolished in Many Cases
Dezan Shira & Associates China Announces Sweeping Overhaul of Government Institution
Dezan Shira & Associates China One Window One Form to Streamline Foreign Business Registration
Wenfei Attorneys-at-law Amendment of PRC Constitution
Wenfei Attorneys-at-law Regulatory Treatment of Initial Coin Offerings in Switzerland and China – An Overview
China Integrated China’s Key Challenges and the opportunities they generate
Baker McKenzie FenXun China Employment Law Update
Taylor Wessing China’s State Council Further Separates Operating Licences from Business Licenses in Shanghai Pudong
PWC US tax reform webcast (English session) registration
US tax reform webcast (Chinese session) playback
Taylor Wessing State Council Update Its Rules on Treatment of Foreign Investment in FTZs
The New Anti-Unfair Competition Law – a new era of curbing commercial bribery in China?
New PRC Environmental Protection Tax: Don’t take a wait and see approach!
Latest Trends of China Overseas Direct Investment Regulations
Swiss Embassy Economic Report 2017 Swiss Embassy
Fiducia China China cuts import duties on 187 consumer products
Commerzbank China’s deleveraging: Slow but underway
GWA China Overlook 2017
Dezan Shira & Associates A Complete Guide to 2017 Minimum Wage Levels Across China 
Wenfei Attorneys-at-law Amendments to Statute of Limitation in the New Civil Law
Global Law Office China’s Cybersecrurity Law Questions and Answers 
Swiss Business Hub China Customs AEO agreement between China and Switzerland
Control Risks SMALL, SCATTERED, MESSY AND POLLUTING: How China’s environmental enforcement is disrupting supply chains
PwC Looking into the 22 Measures to attract foreign investment, what aspects of business environment for foreign investment in China are improved?  
Baker McKenzie China Employment Law Update 
Global Law Office Notice of the State Council on Several Measures for Promoting the Growth of Foreign Investment
PwC Pudong released the measures of financial subsidy during the 13th five-year period aiming to accelerate headquarters economy, industry growth and talent innovation
Taylor Wessing Update – From July 28, 2017: Opening the Market? China’s 2017 Negative List for Foreign Investment 
Baker McKenzie China Tax Monthly
PwC A new landscape of China’s tax treaties: China signs the Multilateral Convention and reveals her positions
Taylor Wessing Data export controls in China: implications for digital business
Baker McKenzie Judicial Interpretation Clarifies Issues Concerning Personal Data Criminal Cases
Embassy of Switzerland in P.R.C China 2017 Economic Report
Dezan Shira & Associates China’s New Cybersecurity Law: Clarifications, Implementation Delay Announced
PwC Thousand Groups project in progress – Further collaboration between the Chinese tax authorities and enterprises  
Dezan Shira & Associates Company Chops in China: What Are They and How to Use Them
LehmanBrown Audit of Foreign Invested Enterprises
Dezan Shira & Associates China Regulatory Brief: 2017 Legislation Plan Released, More Certificates to be Consolidated
GWA Supreme People’s Court Issues IPR Protection New Outlines
Eiger Anti-Money Laundering: New PRC Regulations
GWA Shanghai Further Open Up to Foreign Investment
Dezan Shira & Associates Shanghai Becomes First City in Mainland China to Grant Foreign Domestic Workers Residency
Dezan Shira & Associates Changing Tastes: China’s Imported Wine Industry
InterChina Consulting The Auto Components Sector In China:
Lessons to be learned
Wenfei Attorneys-at-law Ltd China Legal Report
King & Wood Mallesons Foreign Invested Banks: Opportunity or Challenge?
Eiger Shanghai Issues New Policy for Regional Headquarters
Fiducia Management Consultants China Focus: Driving Innovation in China
China Integrated China’s Key Challenges and the opportunities they generate
Eiger Compliance for MedTech in China – An Overview
Baker McKenzie China Employment Law Update
Embassy of Switzerland in the People’s Republic of China China 2016 Final Economic Report
Taylor Wessing Enterprises in China Allowed to Borrow More Money from Abroad
China Integrated What Should We Expect from China?
Wenfei Attorneys-at-law Ltd China Legal Report on Revised Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise Law
Wenfei Attorneys-at-law Ltd China Legal Briefing on Legal Briefing on Construction Projects and Environmental Implication
AnJie Law Firm A Review of China’s Reform to FDI Administration Refime in 2016
AnJie Law Firm China Purports to Adopt New Measues to Boost Foreign Investment in 2017
Eiger China’s Cybersecurity Law: More Questions Asked than Answered
Baker & McKenzie China Issues Environmental Protection Tax Law
Taylor Wessing Deepening Reforms: China’s New Catalogue of Investment Projects Subject to Governmental Examination and Approval Issued
Wenfei Attorneys-at-law Ltd China Legal Briefing on Measures to Prevent Risks in Internet Finance
Taylor Wessing A More Structured World – The Birth of FIE Negative List
King & Wood Mallesons China to Classify Foreign Job Seekers into A, B and C Grade
Baker McKenzie China Tax Monthly
Eiger An Introduction to China VAT’s Reform
Embassy of Switzerland in the People’s Republic of China China 2016 Mid-Year Economic Report
LehmanBrown International Accountants Investing in China’s FTZ – A Guide for Foreign Invested Entreprises
Taylor Wessing Shaping Up – Creating a Better Legal Environment for Investment
Fiducia Management Consultants CHINA FOCUS
Warning Signals: Fraud
Diagnosing Unhealthy Accounting
MyLink Law Office China CFDA Finalizes Infant Formula Registration Rules
King & Wood Mallesons Where to – The “New Normal” and the Impact on China’s outbound investment in Africa
King & Wood Mallesons What has been “Changed” and “Unchanged” for the Foreign Investments in Online Publishing
Grant Thornton China Transfer Pricing Update – English
中国转让定价快讯 – Chinese
Rödl & Partner Broadening Horizons – China Newsletter June 2016: News on Law, Tax & Business
King & Wood Mallesons Taking Immediate Action Responding to Cross-border Fraud in China
Swiss Business Hub China SME Export Outlook Q3 2016: SMEs striking out for China
King & Wood Mallesons “Keep Calm and Carry On” – Keeping up with China’s Changing Rules Cross-border E-commerce
Fiducia Management Consultants Upgrading your organization in China
China Intelligence AG Putting a higher priority on growth,
rather than reforms – an understandable
but dangerous policy
Deleveraging? Ming tian, tomorrow!
China Intelligence AG The monthly Dragon: Official figures point to China growing more than the size of Switzerland in 2015
Commerzbank China’s External Debt: More Pain to come?
Commerzbank China’s Economic Leaders have lost their Magic
Commerzbank China’s Corporate Debt – The Elephant in the Room?
Embassy of Switzerland in the People’s Republic of China China 2015 Final Economic Report
China Intelligence AG The monthly Dragon: China was embraced by major Western financial institutions
King & Wood Mallesons Foreign Investment Regulation Amendments by the Ministry of Commerce 2015 No. 2
King & Wood Mallesons Dispute resolution and choice of law in China-related contracts
Mylink Law Several Typical Fee Items subject to Customs Duty in Equipment Import Contract
China Intelligence AG The quarterly Dragon: SOEs: the low-hanging fruit in China’s economic reform process?
King & Wood Mallesons Calculating liquidation losses in margin share trading accounts
King & Wood Mallesons Who will be affected by the new
regulation of banking security?
Swiss Business Hub Operating Under the “New Normal” in China
China Intelligence AG The quarterly Dragon: Will the China equity rally continue? Yes, it may very well do so.
Global Law Office The New Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China
Westlaw.China Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China
Laurent von Niederhaeusern The termination of the working contract from an employer perspective in the Chinese Law (French)
King & Wood Mallesons The E.U. – China Bilateral Investment Treaty
Winston & Strawn Llp The Setting Up of A Legal Entity in Hong Kong
Swiss Business Hub China – Legal Provisions
Rödl & Partner Good on paper, Good in Practice? Glance at the Environmental Protection Law of China
King & Wood Mallesons China Banking IT Regulation Tightened Up
King & Wood Mallesons Chinese Tax Authorities will recently commence tax cleaning-up activities targeting incomes of QFIIs/RQFIIs
Wenfei Attorneys-at-Law Ltd. China Legal Briefing 248
Global Law Office Version of Industrial Catalogue for Guiding Foreign Investment
Eiger Variable Interest Entity Structures in China: an Updated Overview
Swiss Business Hub China – Business Guide
Global Law Office Proposed Major Changes to PRC Laws on Foreign Investment
Wenfei Attorneys-at-Law Ltd. China Anti-Monopoly Law
Swiss Investment Report: New Swiss Restructuring Law
Wenfei Attorneys-at-Law Ltd. Trade Secret Protection in China
Wenfei Attorneys-at-law Ltd. Employing in your Foreign Invested Enterprise in China
Eiger The Pilot Free Trade Zone in Shanghai
Wenfei Attorneys-at-law Ltd. Debt Collection in China
Eiger Intellectual Property Enforcement in China
Wenfei Attorneys-at-law Ltd. The China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone
Eiger DTA Hong Kong – Switzerland: Inputs and Comments by Eiger Law
Eiger Tax Planning: International Asia-Pacific Focus: International Information for International Business
Wenfei Attorneys-at-law Ltd. Banking in China and Switzerland – A legal comparison of associations, supervisions, secrecy, and anti-money laundering

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Economic Reports

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Dear SwissCham Members and Friends,

SwissCham has compiled a number of economic reports which are available for your use. The reports are categorized among the following industries:

  • Aerospace & Automotive, Consumers & Retail
  • Communication & Technology
  • Energy & Materials
  • Financial Services
  • Food & Beverages
  • General Reports
  • Human Resources
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals & Life Science
  • Social Security
  • Survey
  • Tourism
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Swiss Government Official Reports
  • Sino-Swiss Business Related Reports

Should you have any reports that you would wish us to add, you are welcome to submit your suggestions to

McKinsey 2012 Annual Chinese Consumer Report From Mass to Mainstream: Keeping Pace With China’s Rapidly Changing Consumers 2012
EY Capturing Recall Costs 2011
Accenture China Brand Opportunities – Where they are and how to make the most of them to achieve high performance 2008
Deloitte China’s consumer markets – a closing window of opportunity 2013
Deloitte China’s consumer market – opportunities and risks 2005
Bain & Co China e-commerce: Heading toward RMB 1.5 trillion 2012
Bain & Co China Luxury Market Study 2010 2010
Bain & Co China Luxury Market Study 2011 2011
Bain & Co China Luxury Study 2012 2012
Bain & Co Chinesen sind die Luxusshopper der Zukunft 2012
McKinsey Click-by-click: How consumers are changing China’s e-commerce landscape 2012
McKinsey Consuming China: How to get ready for the next stage 2012
PwC Demystifying the online shopper: 10 myths of multichannel retailing 2013
Accenture eChina – Accenture solutions for e-Commerce in  China 2013
KPMG Global Reach of China Luxury 2012
Mc Kinsey Inside China’s hypermarkets: Past and prospects 2013
PwC Key findings in the retail and consumer goods industry 2011
KPMG Luxury experiences in China 2012
McKinsey Luxury Without Borders: China’s New Class of Shoppers Take on the World 2012
McKinsey Meet the 2020 Chinese Consumer 2013
PwC 2013 Outlook for the retail and consumer products sector in Asia  2013
BCG Sellig in China
EY Spotlight on China 2012
Accenture Taming the channel complexities of the Chinese consumer market 2012
EY Transacting in emerging markets 2013
KPMG The Application of IFRS: Retail companies 2010
BCG The Keys to the Kingdom – unlocking China’s consumer power 2011
McKinsey The New Frontiers of Growth 2012
KPMG The Rise of the Middle Class in Asian Emerging Markets 2011
Deloitte Where is China’s manufacturing industry going? 2013
ATKearney Winning China’s Apparel Market 2013
IBM Winning in China’s Mass Markets 2007
Accenture Winning the heart of the chinese consumer 2013
Deloitte Winning the wallet of today’s Chinese consumers – a look at consumer buying preferences 2012
EY Working with tobacco companies in the new normal 2010
European Chamber The European Business in China – Position Paper (Position Paper) 2019_2020 2019
European Chamber The Digital Hand: How China’s Corporate Social Credit System Conditions Market Actors 2019
McKinsey A CEO’s guide to innovation in China 2012
Bain & Co China auf dem Weg zur Nummer eins? 2011
Accenture China rising 2008
EY China’s productivity imperative 2012
Booz & Co China – Strategies for the new China landscape 2012
Roland Berger China will trigger the next management revolution 2010
Deloitte Emergence of China – new frontiers in outbound M&A 2009
Roland Berger How China’s Industrial Growth will affect the rest of the world 2009
KPMG Investment in the People’s Republic of China 2011
Booz & Co Lessons from China – The Importance of Knowledge-based Sourcing in Low-cost countries 2009
Deloitte Mid-size manufacturers – effectively competing in China 2006
Deloitte Mergers and Acquisitions – Trends in China 2013
EY Private equity roundup — China 2012
EY Rethinking profitable growth: the productivity imperative for foreign multinationals in China 2012
Deloitte The China Factor – Doing business in China 2012
Roland Berger The End of the China Cycle? 2011
KPMG The Future for MNCs in China 2012
KPMG The gift of a sustainable future 2011
The new normal of chinese development
Deloitte The resurgent dragon – searching for value in troubled times 2012
McKinsey Three snapshots of Chinese innovation 2012
McKinsey 2011 Urban Sustainability Index 2011
Accenture Wage increases in China? Should Multinationals rethink their Manufacturing and Sourcing Strategies? 2011
Roland Berger What does the future hold for private equity in China? 2008
McKinsey What’s next for China?
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Invest in Switzerland

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Below, publications are offering a general overview of Switzerland as an interesting and attractive market place from an economic perspective. For further advice, please consult the companies listed below.

The handbook contains information setting out the key advantages of Switzerland as a business location as well as the current investment climate, production costs, taxes, infrastructure and new technologies, financing and legal matters.

Company Title
VISCHER Trade, Investment and M&A in Switzerland – Key Factors for Chinese Enterprises
S-GE Handbook for Investors Switzerland as a Business Location EN Handbook for Investors Switzerland as a Business Location CN

Switzerland is the most competitive business location and one of the most innovative countries in the world. Its dual education system forms the foundation for the country’s remarkably creative and innovative economy. The liberal economic system, political stability, and substantial integration with foreign markets provide additional incentives for companies to establish themselves in Switzerland. Swiss free trade policies create the ideal conditions for the exchange of goods and services with key partners.

Company Title
S-GE Business Environment EN Business Environment CN

Investors from tell their success stories and explain why they decided to establish their company in Switzerland. Find out as to what prompted the decision-makers of various companies to choose Switzerland as business location.

Company Title
S-GE Success Story Booklet CN

Sino-Swiss FTA entered into force on July 1st, 2014. Find out the potential and how you could benefit from it with our Sino-Swiss FTA Handbook that gives a comprehensive overview on the matter.

Company Title
S-GE Sino-Swiss FTA Handbook CN

Contact Details

Mr. Yves Morath (Head of Swiss Business Hub China). Email:
Ms. Sonja Astfalck (Deputy Head Swiss Business Hub, Chief Investment Officer). Email:

Mr. Lukas Zuest (Counsel, Head China Desk). Email:

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