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Date of Release Source Title
July-19 GWA New Negative Lists For The Foreign Investment Law
May-18 Taylor Wessing Chinese auto industry fully open up to foreign OEMs
May-18 GWA Law Legal and Tax implications of relocating a business cases and practical experiences
Apr-18 GWA Law Analysis of the Chinese Economy trends Comparison with EU and ASEAN countries
Jul-18 Dezan Shira & Associates How to Read China’s 2018 Negative List
Jun-18 Dezan Shira & Associates Fraud in China: Where is Your Company Losing Money?
Jun-18 Dezan Shira & Associates The Yangtze River Delta Integration Plan
Apr-18 Dezan Shira & Associates The Belt & Road Initiative: How Europeans can Benefit
Apr-18 Taylor Wessing SMRA’s Pilot Reform – Company Name Pre-Registration Abolished in Many Cases
Mar-18 Dezan Shira & Associates China Announces Sweeping Overhaul of Government Institution
Mar-18 Dezan Shira & Associates China One Window One Form to Streamline Foreign Business Registration
Mar-18 Wenfei Attorneys-at-law Amendment of PRC Constitution
Mar-18 Wenfei Attorneys-at-law Regulatory Treatment of Initial Coin Offerings in Switzerland and China – An Overview
Feb-18 China Integrated China’s Key Challenges and the opportunities they generate
Feb-18 Baker McKenzie FenXun China Employment Law Update
Feb-18 Taylor Wessing China’s State Council Further Separates Operating Licences from Business Licenses in Shanghai Pudong
Jan-18 PWC US tax reform webcast (English session) registration
US tax reform webcast (Chinese session) playback
Jan-18 Taylor Wessing State Council Update Its Rules on Treatment of Foreign Investment in FTZs
The New Anti-Unfair Competition Law – a new era of curbing commercial bribery in China?
New PRC Environmental Protection Tax: Don’t take a wait and see approach!
Latest Trends of China Overseas Direct Investment Regulations
Dec-17 Swiss Embassy Economic Report 2017 Swiss Embassy
Dec-17 Fiducia China China cuts import duties on 187 consumer products
Nov-17 Commerzbank China’s deleveraging: Slow but underway
Nov-17 GWA China Overlook 2017
Oct-17 Dezan Shira & Associates A Complete Guide to 2017 Minimum Wage Levels Across China 
Taylor Wessing Update – A, B, or C-Expat under the new pilot regulations? – Important changes to Chinese immigration rules
Sep-17 Wenfei Attorneys-at-law Amendments to Statute of Limitation in the New Civil Law
Sep-17 Global Law Office China’s Cybersecrurity Law Questions and Answers 
Sep-17 Swiss Business Hub China Customs AEO agreement between China and Switzerland
Sep-17 Control Risks SMALL, SCATTERED, MESSY AND POLLUTING: How China’s environmental enforcement is disrupting supply chains
Aug-17 PwC Looking into the 22 Measures to attract foreign investment, what aspects of business environment for foreign investment in China are improved?  
Aug-17 Baker McKenzie China Employment Law Update 
Aug-17 Global Law Office Notice of the State Council on Several Measures for Promoting the Growth of Foreign Investment
Jul-17 PwC Pudong released the measures of financial subsidy during the 13th five-year period aiming to accelerate headquarters economy, industry growth and talent innovation
Jul-17 Taylor Wessing Update – From July 28, 2017: Opening the Market? China’s 2017 Negative List for Foreign Investment 
Summer Issue 2017 Baker McKenzie China Tax Monthly
Jun-17 PwC A new landscape of China’s tax treaties: China signs the Multilateral Convention and reveals her positions
Jun-17 Taylor Wessing Data export controls in China: implications for digital business
Jun-17 Baker McKenzie Judicial Interpretation Clarifies Issues Concerning Personal Data Criminal Cases
Jun-17 Embassy of Switzerland in P.R.C China 2017 Economic Report
Jun-17 Dezan Shira & Associates China’s New Cybersecurity Law: Clarifications, Implementation Delay Announced
May-17 PwC Thousand Groups project in progress – Further collaboration between the Chinese tax authorities and enterprises  
May-17 Dezan Shira & Associates Company Chops in China: What Are They and How to Use Them
May-17 LehmanBrown Audit of Foreign Invested Enterprises
May-17 Dezan Shira & Associates China Regulatory Brief: 2017 Legislation Plan Released, More Certificates to be Consolidated
May-17 GWA Supreme People’s Court Issues IPR Protection New Outlines
May-17 Eiger Anti-Money Laundering: New PRC Regulations
Apr-17 GWA Shanghai Further Open Up to Foreign Investment
Apr-17 Dezan Shira & Associates Shanghai Becomes First City in Mainland China to Grant Foreign Domestic Workers Residency
Apr-17 Dezan Shira & Associates Changing Tastes: China’s Imported Wine Industry
Apr-17 InterChina Consulting The Auto Components Sector In China:
Lessons to be learned
Mar-17 Wenfei Attorneys-at-law Ltd China Legal Report
Mar-17 King & Wood Mallesons Foreign Invested Banks: Opportunity or Challenge?
Mar-17 Eiger Shanghai Issues New Policy for Regional Headquarters
Mar-17 Fiducia Management Consultants China Focus: Driving Innovation in China
Feb-17 China Integrated China’s Key Challenges and the opportunities they generate
Feb-17 Eiger Compliance for MedTech in China – An Overview
Feb-17 Baker McKenzie China Employment Law Update
Feb-17 Embassy of Switzerland in the People’s Republic of China China 2016 Final Economic Report
Feb-17 Taylor Wessing Enterprises in China Allowed to Borrow More Money from Abroad
Jan-17 China Integrated What Should We Expect from China?
Jan-17 Wenfei Attorneys-at-law Ltd China Legal Report on Revised Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise Law
Jan-17 Wenfei Attorneys-at-law Ltd China Legal Briefing on Legal Briefing on Construction Projects and Environmental Implication
Jan-17 AnJie Law Firm A Review of China’s Reform to FDI Administration Refime in 2016
Jan-17 AnJie Law Firm China Purports to Adopt New Measues to Boost Foreign Investment in 2017
Jan-17 Eiger China’s Cybersecurity Law: More Questions Asked than Answered
Jan-17 Baker & McKenzie China Issues Environmental Protection Tax Law
Jan-17 Taylor Wessing Deepening Reforms: China’s New Catalogue of Investment Projects Subject to Governmental Examination and Approval Issued
Dec-16 Wenfei Attorneys-at-law Ltd China Legal Briefing on Measures to Prevent Risks in Internet Finance
Dec-16 Taylor Wessing A More Structured World – The Birth of FIE Negative List
Nov-16 King & Wood Mallesons China to Classify Foreign Job Seekers into A, B and C Grade
Oct-16 Baker McKenzie China Tax Monthly
Sep-16 Eiger An Introduction to China VAT’s Reform
Sep-16 Baker McKenzie China Tax Monthly / China Employment Law Update
Aug-16 Embassy of Switzerland in the People’s Republic of China China 2016 Mid-Year Economic Report
Aug-16 LehmanBrown International Accountants Investing in China’s FTZ – A Guide for Foreign Invested Entreprises
Aug-16 Taylor Wessing Shaping Up – Creating a Better Legal Environment for Investment
Aug-16 Fiducia Management Consultants CHINA FOCUS
Warning Signals: Fraud
Diagnosing Unhealthy Accounting
Aug-16 MyLink Law Office China CFDA Finalizes Infant Formula Registration Rules
Aug-16 King & Wood Mallesons Where to – The “New Normal” and the Impact on China’s outbound investment in Africa
Aug-16 King & Wood Mallesons What has been “Changed” and “Unchanged” for the Foreign Investments in Online Publishing
Jul-16 Grant Thornton China Transfer Pricing Update – English
中国转让定价快讯 – Chinese
Jul-16 Rödl & Partner Broadening Horizons – China Newsletter June 2016: News on Law, Tax & Business
Jul-16 King & Wood Mallesons Taking Immediate Action Responding to Cross-border Fraud in China
Jul-16 Swiss Business Hub China SME Export Outlook Q3 2016: SMEs striking out for China
Jul-16 King & Wood Mallesons “Keep Calm and Carry On” – Keeping up with China’s Changing Rules Cross-border E-commerce
May-16 Fiducia Management Consultants Upgrading your organization in China
Apr-16 China Intelligence AG Putting a higher priority on growth,
rather than reforms – an understandable
but dangerous policy
Deleveraging? Ming tian, tomorrow!
Feb-16 China Intelligence AG The monthly Dragon: Official figures point to China growing more than the size of Switzerland in 2015
Jan-16 Commerzbank China’s External Debt: More Pain to come?
Jan-16 Commerzbank China’s Economic Leaders have lost their Magic
Jan-16 Commerzbank China’s Corporate Debt – The Elephant in the Room?
Dec-15 Embassy of Switzerland in the People’s Republic of China China 2015 Final Economic Report
Dec-15 China Intelligence AG The monthly Dragon: China was embraced by major Western financial institutions
Nov-15 King & Wood Mallesons Foreign Investment Regulation Amendments by the Ministry of Commerce 2015 No. 2
Oct-15 King & Wood Mallesons Dispute resolution and choice of law in China-related contracts
Oct-15 Mylink Law Several Typical Fee Items subject to Customs Duty in Equipment Import Contract
Oct-15 China Intelligence AG The quarterly Dragon: SOEs: the low-hanging fruit in China’s economic reform process?
Sep-15 King & Wood Mallesons Calculating liquidation losses in margin share trading accounts
Aug-15 King & Wood Mallesons Who will be affected by the new
regulation of banking security?
Jul-15 Swiss Business Hub Operating Under the “New Normal” in China
Jul-15 China Intelligence AG The quarterly Dragon: Will the China equity rally continue? Yes, it may very well do so.
Jul-15 Global Law Office The New Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China
Jul-15 Westlaw.China Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China
Jun-15 Laurent von Niederhaeusern The termination of the working contract from an employer perspective in the Chinese Law (French)
May-15 King & Wood Mallesons The E.U. – China Bilateral Investment Treaty
May-15 Winston & Strawn Llp The Setting Up of A Legal Entity in Hong Kong
Apr-15 Swiss Business Hub China – Legal Provisions
Apr-15 Rödl & Partner Good on paper, Good in Practice? Glance at the Environmental Protection Law of China
Mar-15 King & Wood Mallesons China Banking IT Regulation Tightened Up
Mar-15 King & Wood Mallesons Chinese Tax Authorities will recently commence tax cleaning-up activities targeting incomes of QFIIs/RQFIIs
Mar-15 Wenfei Attorneys-at-Law Ltd. China Legal Briefing 248
Mar-15 Global Law Office Version of Industrial Catalogue for Guiding Foreign Investment
Feb-15 Eiger Variable Interest Entity Structures in China: an Updated Overview
Jan-15 Swiss Business Hub China – Business Guide
Jan-15 Global Law Office Proposed Major Changes to PRC Laws on Foreign Investment
Nov-14 Wenfei Attorneys-at-Law Ltd. China Anti-Monopoly Law
Swiss Investment Report: New Swiss Restructuring Law
Sep-14 Wenfei Attorneys-at-Law Ltd. Trade Secret Protection in China
Jun-14 Wenfei Attorneys-at-law Ltd. Employing in your Foreign Invested Enterprise in China
May-14 Eiger The Pilot Free Trade Zone in Shanghai
Apr-14 Wenfei Attorneys-at-law Ltd. Debt Collection in China
Feb-14 Eiger Intellectual Property Enforcement in China
Jan-14 Wenfei Attorneys-at-law Ltd. The China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone
Aug-12 Eiger DTA Hong Kong – Switzerland: Inputs and Comments by Eiger Law
Jan-12 Eiger Tax Planning: International Asia-Pacific Focus: International Information for International Business
Jul-11 Wenfei Attorneys-at-law Ltd. Banking in China and Switzerland – A legal comparison of associations, supervisions, secrecy, and anti-money laundering

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