Nestlé Eyes Better Nutrition for China’s Seniors

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Nestlé has launched an app in China it believes can help the country’s older consumers follow a healthier diet. The world’s largest food maker has teamed up with Chinese electronics group Xiaomi to develop the app into which consumers put information on their weight, blood pressure, sleep and exercise. In return, the app recommends which foods consumers should eat to improve their diet. The app does not push Nestlé-branded products, instead offering recommendations on “non-packaged foods”, a spokesperson for Nestlé’s China arm said. Dr. Yu Kai of Nestlé’s China Research Centre said the ageing of the country’s population represents a social challenge. “We need to redefine the difference between chronological and biological age, promote the concept of health regardless of age and improve the diet quality of consumers by using the most advanced Internet technology. Through this approach, we aim to encourage middle and old age groups to shake off the shackles of age and develop better physical and psychological conditions, so that we can have a more sustainable and healthier society,” Dr. Kai said.

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