1. Introduction
2. Location
3. Matchmaking Platform Introduction
4. Key Advantages
5. Further Links
6. Contact

1. Introduction 

The Sinoswiss Technopark is 100% financed by the privately owned company Century Reliance. The focus of the park is to attract Swiss SMEs from a variety of industry sectors which, with the help of a Chinese partner, would like to find their way to the Southwest of China.

The park is being built on an area of 180’000 square meters and offers a total of 480’000 square meters of usable space. Besides Office, Trade, R&D and Manufacturing facilities, the park will also consist of a hotel and a great variety of restaurants, coffee shops and bars. It is located in the New North Zone of Chongqing, which is known as the core area of economic growth and the best area to live and work in Chongqing. It is nearby the international Hospital and the international school, only 20 minutes away from the airport and only 15 minutes away from the main train station of Chongqing. The Park is surrounded by newly built, high quality residential areas and business districts. It is easy accessible by public traffic and the highway.

The Sinoswiss Technopark will be open in 2018. For Swiss Companies which want to move to Chongqing before that, we can offer some temporary solutions. The government of the Liang Jiang New Area is offering a special preferential tax policy exclusively to companies that choose the Sinoswiss Technopark as their base for their business activities in Southwest China.

2. Location 

Chongqing is almost twice the size of Switzerland and with population of 33.4 Mio people, it is the largest and fastest growing municipality in the world. It is considered to be the most important city in West China and the main traffic hub in the Southwest of China.

Today Chongqing is also directly connected with Europe through the Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe-International Railway and since the Three Georges Dam has been finished, the Yangtze River offers a direct connection between Chongqing and the world seas for cargo ships up to 10’000 tons.

Even though the GDP growth rate of China has dropped slightly below its targeted 7.5% in 2015, the GDP of Chongqing is still growing at a rate of over 12% per year. With nearly 60 colleges and 400 engineering schools, Chongqing offers a highly qualified work force of almost half a million people per year, besides the large pool of general labor force of 10 Mio. Already 5000 foreign companies have been registered in Chongqing by 2013. 300 of these are companies from Europe, including some companies from Switzerland like ABB and Pilatus.

3. Matchmaking Platform Introduction

The Sinoswiss Technopark Matchmaking Platform has been established in Chongqing in 2014 to support the international marketing of the Sinoswiss Technopark. The platform is dedicated to help Swiss SMEs to identify partners and/or investors in Mainland China using the network channels of its Chinese mother company.

The platform is using an international consulting team to help Swiss SMEs not only to find the partners that they need, but also to accompany them through all negotiations and problem solving before, during and after the setup of their company in China. The platform is therefore offering to Swiss SMEs and their Chinese partners a bridge of communication and trust, ensuring that there are no intercultural misunderstandings between them. Thanks to the setup of the platform, there is always a Swiss contact person available in China that can help the Swiss SMEs to look after the development of their business in China and there is also always a Chinese contact person available in Switzerland to look after the investments of Chinese companies in Switzerland.

This platform plays a key role in the assurance of a positive development of Sino-Swiss cooperation with the goal to provide to Swiss SMEs a successful access to the Chinese markets, as well as to provide Chinese companies with opportunities to upgrade their businesses and realize direct foreign investments in Switzerland.

4. Key Advantages 

The Sinoswiss Technopark not only has a close cooperation with some of the strongest sales networks in China, but also has a complete set of services and competent consulting with an international setup.

The government of the Liang Jiang New Area is also offering a special preferential tax policy exclusively to companies that choose the Sinoswiss Technopark as their base for their business activities in Southwest China.

Last but not least in this park has an integrated and experienced investment partner that can offer financial support to the business activities of its customers.

5. Further Links 

For more information please visit www.cqsip.com

6. Contact

Sinoswiss Technopark
International Promotion Department
Building #27, Huang Shan East Road 68, Yubei District, Chongqing, China
[T] +86 023 6341 3088
[E] info@cqsip.com


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