1. Introduction
2. Location
3. Objectives
4. Opportunities
5. Further Links
6. Contacts

1. Introduction
Located at northeastern part of Liuzhou, Liudong New District faces Liuzhou Old Town across a river, with a planning area of about 230km2. Liudong New District is one of the three key urban new districts in Guangxi and also the main battlefield of Liuzhou’s “No. 1 Project” and the development strategy of “Rebuilding a new Liuzhou”. Liudong New District was officially established in February, 2007 and gradually integrated Liuzhou High-Tech Zone and Liuzhou Yanghe New Industrial Zone and got the trusteeship over Luorong Town and Luobu Town. In September, with the approval of the State Council, Liuzhou High-Tech Zone upgraded to a national high-tech zone from a provincial one. In the same year, the autonomous region Party committee and government made the decision of building Guangzhou Liuzhou Auto City on the basis of Liudong New District. In 2012, SAIC-GM-Wuling 400 Thousand Cars Base was smoothly completed and put into operation; in 2013, Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor New Base was completed and put into operation; in November, 2014, the construction of SAIC-GM-Wuling Phase II Project covering the annual output of 400 thousand finished vehicles, 360 thousand engines and 200 thousand new energy vehicles started. In 2014, the above scale gross industrial output value of Liudong new district was 95.439 billion yuan, up 25.9% from a year earlier; investment in the fixed assets was 39.017 billion yuan, up 17.4% from a year earlier; fiscal revenue was 2.6 billion yuan, up 54.48% from a year earlier.

2. Location
Liudong New District, Liuzhou

3. Objectives
Along with the construction of many important projects in recent years, such as China Electronic Information Liuzhou Industrial Park, China-Europe (Liuzhou) Cooperation Industrial Park, Liuzhou Kwun Tong Comprehensive Logistics Park, Biomedical Industrial Park, New Materials Industrial Park and Science and Technology Park, Liudong New District has built a new pattern of One District with Several Parks and set off a new upsurge in industrial diversified development; the opening-up and cooperation has entered a new level and field and a new investment cooperation platform has been provided for the well-known enterprises at home and abroad. The merchants from Germany, the USA, South Korea and Japan and other countries and industry magnates at home come here for business opportunities, which makes the core technologies, financial capital and industry talents flow to Liudong New District quickly.

4. Opportunities
As the urban development experimental zone and scientific and technological innovation leading zone of Liuzhou, Liudong New District considers building a domestically leading and globally advanced modern new urban district as its future vision and is trying to become a new example integrating new industrial district and urban new district.


5. Further Links


6. Contacts

Promotion Office of China EU Strategic Cooperation Demonstration Zone
Maragement Committee of Liudong New High Industrial Development Zone, Guangxi, China, 545616
Ms. JIANG Nan 姜南
Deputy Director 副主任
Phone: +86 772 267 1031
Fax: +86 772 267 1029
E-mail: ldchina_euro@163.com


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