1. Introduction
2. Location
3. Orientation and Planning
4. Opportunities
5. Further Links
6. Contacts

1. Introduction 

Business Description:
The operator and service provider of the Smart-EcoCity in China
Developer and Operator of the Industrial Park
Assets Management
Smart-Eco City Construction
Investment and Financing
Industrialization of the International technology transfer

Core Strategy – Industrialization of the International technology transfer:
Our Group dedicates to exploit  a new real estate model “Industrialization developing with urbanization” which uses creative technology as the core competitive power and “international cooperation platform” as the base to upgrade the industrial structure and smart city development. One of our subsidiary company– Sinaeans technology co. , ltd has built an international technology service platform which with the main business are like attracting foreign investment and advanced technology such as, energy-efficient, environment friendly ,Biomass industries  to match with the domestic market or develop the localization product further.
Government Support:
BHL is the Vice-Chairman of “China Smart City Industrial Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance ” and The President of the Sub—alliance of the “Motivation Mechanism of Urbanization Research Committee” which is lead by the Ministry of Housing And Urban-rural Center of China.Back to top

2. Location 
Lutai Economic and Technological Development Zone is located in the west of Tangshan City, in the heart of the Golden Triangle: Beijing, Tianjin and Tangshan. with perfect integrated land transport network. The project is located in Tangshan Bay area , which is an important area which can achieve the collaborative development of urban and rural economy of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province.
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3. Orientations and Planning

We will strengthen agriculture, increase the competitiveness of manufacturing, and give priority to the emerging industries and the services sector to created the conditions for rural urbanization and to acheive new industrial model, the first argricultural logistics information center in China and the first international communication platform for modern argricultural scientist & technology.

Logistic  industry in agricultural products:
Large scale logistical facility will be built up to meet the demand of urban delivery, supplying for consumer products, airport logistical, agricultural products logistics and public information exchange platform.

Sightseeing agricultural base:
To build an effective integration on sightseeing and life experience in agricultural base.

High standard base for planting vegetables:
High standard base can be established via policy guidance, technological drive, market operation and brand building.

Platform for agricultural products and distribution channel:
Effective integration between agricultural products and distribution channel achieved by  establishing a production base on vegetables, animal products, water products in the outside area of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.
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4. Opportunities 

Startup Project:
(One yard with four section) Space structure
Central Kitchen area 500:  Contain “Central food depot, CTTC and cold chain delivery center
Innovation Park +Office complex 600: contain” E-commerce center, Organic way of living experience zone; Incubator base, Research and Training center, finance serve center  and other auxiliary facilities
Food processing zone 300: Raw Materials & aquatic products & Functional food processing centers
Standard warehouses center 600: Storage center, Trading center and Administrative area
Ecological Agricultural Garden 3000: Smart agricultural factory and Eco- farmstead

Zhongshan “Smart Eco- City”:
BAHIG is one of the first China’s company who dedicates ourselves to the smart city construction when realize that the mode of extensive city development can not be sustained well and the Internet has already become an engine promoting the economic development of China.
We provide: Technology Trade Service; IPR Service; Science & Tech. Finance Service
We need: Smart Environment Protection Ind.; Smart Community Ind.; Smart health/medical care ind.; Smart education ind.

Key construction projects:
15  business incubators and 8 national bio-labs in Chinese Academy of Science  bio-tech center
R&D of milk immune protein and Functional Food
R&D of medical midbody and biobased materials
R&D of bio-enzymes
R&D of microbial agent
HQ of the E-Commerce of agricultural products
Electronic commerce industry group for dealing with the agricultural products and cumsumer goods
High standard planting and breeding intergration project
Recycling economy demonstration project
Agriculture Lab and agricultural testing center, authentication center
Specialist wok group
Edible mushrooms production processing project
1: Ago-processing; storing and fresh keeping technology and machinery.
2: Agriculture  products and  food quality-and -safety traceability system. (like tracing by RFID technology ).
3: Using Agriculture materials to produce biodegradable polymer.
4: Biotechnology in plant production and the application of the biological pesticide and organic fertilizers in modern farming industry;
5: Breeding and cultivation for Rice; cereals and fruits.
6: Rapid detection technology for farm products.
7: Technology to produce relevant farm and livestock machinery.
8: How the New variety breeding technology contribute to the functional food development?
9: In which way does the big data platform construction technology effect the supply chains of agro-products.
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5. Further Links 


6. Contacts 

Tel: +86(10) 8248 4808
Email: info@blueangelhongye.com
Blue Angel HongYe Investment Group
Add: Room03-04, F15, XDF South Tower, No.2 of East Three Street, Haidian District, Beijing, 100080

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