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Customer Service

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Hupac is Europe’s leading intermodal network operator with a transport volume of around 1 million road consignments per year. For over fifty years, we have pioneered innovative and reliable rail transport services, thus making a key contribution to modal shift and environment protection. The Hupac Group consists of 24 companies with locations in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Russia and China and counts 680 employees on a full-time basis with a turnover of EUR 665 million.

Hupac International Logistics (Shanghai) Co. Ltd performs intermodal transport services in China and on the Eurasian market. The company manages customer relations in China and supports international transport chains.

In order to strengthen our team in Shanghai we are hiring a:

Customer service
M/F, 100%, Shanghai, China

As Customer service you will be responsible for the business from the tender acquisition through procurement of logistics services into daily commercial-/operational management with large clients.

We are looking for a professional that enjoys the variety and the opportunity to interact with people and thrives on developing profitable value adding business.

Your key responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for daily communication with exist customers
  2. Responsible for the implementation of whole railway import and export operation process: such as booking, transportation, customs service of POL/POD area, distribution, container management and other full-process one-ticket system operation
  3. Monitoring operation status of the goods, prepare customs clearance documents, contact overseas customs clearance agents and deal with abnormal situations timely
  4. Responsible for customer reconciliation, agency reconciliation, invoicing application and collection and payment of accounts receivable and payable
  5. Control the operational risks and financial risks before, during and after the operation process, and control the cost expenditure
  6. Strengthen sales service, actively contact customers, answer customers’ daily consultation and questions, and strive for more orders
  7. Other work content delivered by the superior supervisor
  8. In case of need, support the General Manager to carrying out administrative works

Required Skills, knowledge and experience:

  1. Experience in Intermodal rail is preferred.
  2. University graduate with majors from railway transport, transportation, logistics and foreign trade, etc. / or equivalent by experience.
  3. Exceptional commercial skills (identify client needs, build trust and credibility, create and present transport solutions, articulate their value and gain agreements).
  4. Good operational skills (translate customer’s requirements into cost effective and reliable transport concepts, handle operational challenges).
  5. Creativity to re-invent our business and seek solutions.
  6. Required competencies: Result-driven, communication and cooperation skills, stress resistance, accuracy, responsibility, ability to quickly adjust, persistence, commercially astute.
  7. Proficiency of written and spoken English is a MUST, other languages like German or Russian are preferred.
  8. Good and familiar with using computer system and software.
  9. Working flexibility according to European working hours.

We offer:

Hupac offers you a career opportunity and the opportunity to work in an ambitious, dynamic and professional organisation. Each individual contributes to the overall success of Hupac and we encourage professional responsibility, commitment and togetherness for the benefit of our company, our employees and our customers.

Please send your application with actual CV and covering letter to
Visit our website

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瑞士斯达拉格集团作为世界顶尖机床制造商,在全球范围内提供最先进、高性能和高精度的 4 轴及 5 轴数控加工中心。为进一步促进数控加工中心、铣削理念及制造方案的技术在中国市场发展和深化,我公司将聘请一名中国本地区域销售经理。



  • 面向中国的工程机械、船舶、轨道交通、风力发电、商用车辆的结构件及动力和传动系统产品制造行业的客户,销售斯达拉格集团旗下的机床和相关工艺技术;
  • 项目跟踪,与客户保持密切联系;
  • 提高在负责的市场覆盖率和市场占有额;
  •  建立并加强与客户的关系;
  • 向客户介绍公司及其产品、技术交流、商务洽谈;
  • 与销售支持团队准备投标文件并参与投标;
  • 合同签订及其执行;
  • 参与市场活动,如展览会,研讨会等;
  • 市场调研;
  • 陪同欧洲负责销售的同事拜访客户及合同洽谈事宜;
  • 协调瑞士总部关于销售、服务及应用的事宜;
  • 项目进展报告、销售预测报告等。


  • 至少 8 年的高档技术加工中心销售经验;
  • 良好的交际沟通技能,建立并维护与客户的良好关系;
  • 流利的英语口语及书面英语;
  • 有进取心和事物组织协调能力;
  • 自我激励,能在压力下工作,团队合作的精神;
  • 适应并愿意频繁的出差;
  • 工作地点在江苏/上海/浙江省,以及广东省。


  • 熟悉数控机床和相关的工艺技术;
  • 熟悉工程机械、船舶、轨道交通、风力发电、商用车辆的结构件及动力和传动系统产品制造行业工艺技术和机床者优先。

斯达拉格机床(上海)有限公司为员工提供国际化的工作环境,并为员工提供开放和人性化的工作氛围以及具有竞争力的薪资福利待遇, 年节福利,补充医疗保险,社保公积金缴纳覆盖全国各地,组织员工国内国外旅行活动,同时公司也十分看重员工的进步与发展,提供员工海外培训机会。我们通过远程办公方式为工程师提供灵活办公条件。


欢迎有志之士投递完整且优质的中英文简历至:斯达拉格上海人事部门 (

波路 912 弄 8 号楼 1 楼


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Member / Events Assistant (for Chinese Nationals)

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Member / Events Assistant for Chinese Nationals
This internship will be a unique opportunity to launch your career, providing an insight into various tasks of member relations, event organization and the business world in general, and enabling you to interact with numerous corporations and governmental entities, as well as professionals with very diverse backgrounds. At SwissCham, the internship positions are unpaid but an allowance is offered.
Start date: as soon as possible
  • Duration of internship: 4-6 months, full time
  • A challenging assignment in an international environment, an opportunity to brush up your international business and social skills
  • Interesting work environment with international networking opportunities, working with a young, dynamic, multinational and multicultural team

  • Chinese nationality
  • Languages: Mandarin Chinese. Good communication skills in English
  • Background in marketing, communication, international relations, hotel management or similar fields
  • Software skills including Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook; plus Chinese and international social media. Photoshop and other design software are a plus
  • Strong organizational skills with attention to details, service oriented with positive working attitude
  • A team player, open, honest and smart working with passion for an international organization


  • Support the member relations and events team
  • Meeting with members and potential members, organization of events, roundtables and webinars
  • Supporting the team with membership tasks and the member benefit program
  • Supporting the editorial team of the Chamber magazine “The Bridge”
Workplace location
  • People’s Square, Shanghai
How to apply
  • Please send us your complete application in PDF in English language, including photo, to:
Please click here to download the job description.
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Customer/SCM Project Manager (Expat Role)

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The Customer/SCM Project Manager is responsible for the implementation of customer projects at GSS Shanghai. This position includes the following tasks & responsibilities:

  • Set-Up new customer projects in alignment with the responsible KAM (Key Account Manager) across the organisation in Shanghai
  • (Re-)offer requests, product calculations, cost analysis, (re-)engineering projects
  • Run and lead improvement projects triggered by GSS Switzerland or KAM’s
  • Communication to customers (in German and English) concerning quotations, projects and daily operational issues (OTD, Quality, technical clarification) in close coordination with the responsible KAM
  • Potentially taking over KAM role for some customers directly (mid term development)
  • Ensuring efficient use of resources (money, manpower, time, environmental contamination) according to budget and business requirements
  • Compliance with Chinese labor law and safety regulations and definitions
  • Implementation of the business strategy based on the defined budget targets & guidelines
  • Foreign management representative executing local action in China on behalf of the CEO

Direct reports:

  • none (project-based role)


  • Education: Bachelor degree with strong engineering or operations / supply chain background, strong project management skills
  • Working experience: 5+ years in similar function and business (e.g. machining industry)
  • Knowledge/ skills: project management, manufacturing/ machining process, operations, quality control, planning, logistics, project management
  • Language: Fluent English and German are a must, Chinese is a great plus
  • Personal skills: natural leadership, “can do mentality”, self-organized, personal integrity, target oriented, ability to work under pressure


Global Sourcing Services (“GSS”) is a leading manufacturing and sourcing service provider with operation sites in Shanghai and Switzerland. Our customers are SMEs and multinational companies from different industries e.g. Medical Technology, Machine Building & Apparatus Engineering Industry, Sensor Technology et al. GSS is private owned on employees in total over 70 employees. For further information please visit us on


Company Address: Building 2, No.239 Jiuyuan Road, Qingpu,

Appication : Send CV to

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斯达拉格机床(上海)有限公司为员工提供国际化的工作环境,并为员工提供开放和人性化的工作氛围以及具有竞争力的薪资福利待遇, 年节福利,补充医疗保险,社保公积金缴纳覆盖全国各地,组织员工国内国外旅行活动,同时公司也十分看重员工的进步与展,提供员工海外培训机会。我们通过远程办公方式为工程师提供灵活办公条件。斯达拉格机床(上海)有限公司诚邀您的加入,让我们一起走向更美好的明天。

• 根据安装项目、保内和保外服务项目需要,安排和分配客服工程师的工作;
• 每周按时在管理系统内导入工程师工作安排、机床安装、保内和保外维修服务报告和周报告;
• 新机床安装前与客户及相关客服工程师沟通、协调安装前准备工作;
• 协调解决新机床安装过程中的技术及质量问题,订购必要的备件并跟踪进展;
• 协助完成机床终验收;
• 处理客户的服务要求及意见并记录,及时与部门经理及产品工厂汇报和沟通,并
• 准备和给客户提供维修服务报价;
• 定期拜访客户和现场客服工程师沟通,了解现场情况,与各工厂项目经理和客服经理汇报,并提出项目进度改进意见;
• 考评下属的客服工程师的工作能力和表现,提出工程师和团队能力和表现的改进意见和建议,并协助部门和公司实施;
• 专用安装工具箱的管理和协调工作;
• 相关技术资料,机床故障和处理记录的整理和归档,定期与团队讨论和分享;
• 在售后服务中发现的问题要及时汇总,与工厂和销售部门提出恰当的改进或解决方案意见;
• 完成上级安排的其他工作。

• 具备一定的数控机床安装、调试、维修能力和经验;
• 具有客户服务意识、良好的亲和力、优秀的沟通协调和独立解决问题的能力,注
• 抗压能力强,能适应一定程度的出差;
• 良好的英语口语能力;
• 有 5 年以上机床行业客户服务和机床维护经验,有销售或带领团队的经验尤佳。


斯达拉格机床(上海)有限公司   上海市浦东新区张江高新科技园碧波路 912 弄 8 号楼 1 楼



更多此职位详细信息,请前往JD Customer Service Supervisor-updated

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• 针对加工中心进行全套的技术报价,工艺评估分析
• 对客户工件进行 NC 编程及测试
• 运用 CAM 软件进行 NC 编程,例如运用 UG,NREC 或 Hypermill
• 针对用户的需求及咨询,给予正确合理的解答
• 在报价阶段和实施客户工作的测试流程中,主动提出新的技术解决方案
• 准备及实施公司的预验收和客户现场的终验收
• 准备及实施公司展会工作(工件展示,包括工艺及 NC 编程)
• 对用户提供 CNC 加工中心的编程和操作培训

• 具有机械加工经验并受过机械工程师的完整教育
• 具有 5 坐标加工中心编程及调试经验
• 具有航空发动机,航空结构件及航电类零件加工经验
• 在机械加工技术领域有丰富的知识及经验
• 对于西门子 840D 系统和 Fanuc 31i 系统有专业经验
• 具有刀具的实际经验,并熟悉铁的和有色金属材料的加工
• 良好的英语水平
• 适应并愿意频繁的出差

斯达拉格机床(上海)有限公司为员工提供国际化的工作环境,并为员工提供开放和人性化的工作氛围以及具有竞争力的薪资福利待遇, 年节福利,补充医疗保险,社保公积金缴纳覆盖全国各地,组织员工国内国外旅行活动,同时公司也十分看重员工的进步与展,提供员工海外培训机会。我们通过远程办公方式为工程师提供灵活办公条件。斯达拉格机床(上海)有限公司诚邀您的加入,让我们一起走向更美好的明天。


斯达拉格机床(上海)有限公司   上海市浦东新区张江高新科技园碧波路 912 弄 8 号楼 1 楼



更多此职位详细信息,请前往JD Application Engineer_20220113_V5

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您想成为世界一流公司的一员么?如果答案是肯定的,我们非常期待收到您的简历并且更多地了解您。瑞士斯达拉格集团作为世界顶尖机床制造商,在全球范围内提供最先进、高性能和高精度的 4 轴及 5 轴数控加工中心。为进一步促进数控加工中心、铣削理念及制造方案的技术在中国市场发展和深化,我公司将聘请一名中国本地客户服务工程师。


• 数控机床的就位、安装、调试和验收工作;
• 负责对客户进行机床的操作和维护保养等技术培训工作;
• 数控机床的电气及机械故障诊断、排除等现场服务工作;
• 机床的日常维护保养、技术支持和针对设备在客户处运行情况推荐备件;
• 与客户保持良好的沟通,及时解答客户问题并把信息反馈给售后服务和销售部门;
• 能对负责安装调试的数控机床提供改进意见和建议;
• 完成上级安排的其他工作;

• 机电类、自动化类或相关专业本科以上学历,3 年以上工作经验;
• 熟悉西门子,FANUC 控制系统,具有一定故障诊断和排故能力;
• 熟悉数控机床机械结构、电气和数控系统,具有一定的数控机床安装、调试、维修的能力;
• 熟悉数控加工中心工作原理以及操作,机床精度检测和调整;
• 具有良好的亲和力、优秀的沟通协调和独立解决问题的能力,注重团队合作精神,动手能力强,能吃苦耐劳;
• 具备良好的客户服务意识,抗压能力强,能适应频繁出差;
• 常住地在成都市优先考虑;
• 具备一定的英语沟通能力者尤佳。

斯达拉格机床(上海)有限公司为员工提供国际化的工作环境,并为员工提供开放和人性化的工作氛围以及具有竞争力的薪资福利待遇, 年节福利,补充医疗保险,社保公积金缴纳覆盖全国各地,组织员工国内国外旅行活动,同时公司也十分看重员工的进步与发展,提供员工海外培训机会。我们通过远程办公方式为工程师提供灵活办公条件。


斯达拉格机床(上海)有限公司   上海市浦东新区张江高新科技园碧波路 912 弄 8 号楼 1 楼



更多此职位详细信息,请前往JD Customer Service Engineer(chengdu)-updated

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Professeur de SVT – année scolaire 2023.24

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« Une Education d’excellence tournée vers le monde »

Le Lycée français de Shanghai est un établissement qui accueille des élèves de toutes nationalités, de la petite section à la Terminale (de 3 à 18 ans).

Fier de proposer plusieurs programmes linguistiques enseignés par une équipe pédagogique internationale qui garantit un enseignement d’excellence à nos élèves, le Lycée français de Shanghai est homologué par le Ministère français de l’éducation. Il appartient au réseau AEFE (Agence de l’Enseignement Français à l’Étranger) comprenant 522 écoles dans 139 pays.

L’école accueille un peu moins de 1250 élèves sur deux campus : Qingpu et Yangpu.


Dans le cadre d’un dispositif d’enseignement exigeant et dynamique, nous recrutons pour la rentrée de septembre 2023 un(e) Professeur(e) de SVT pour le campus de Qingpu.


Les missions confiées pourront être sur différents niveaux scolaires et le/la candidat(e) devra être :

  • Expérimenté(e) (avec précédente expérience à l’étranger si possible),
  • Prêt(e) à s’investir dans un établissement en plein développement et dans des projets collectifs,
  • A l’aise dans l’utilisation des outils informatiques classiques en milieu scolaire (pack office, logiciel de gestion de notes, cahier de texte en ligne…),
  • Compétent(e) pour travailler en équipe ou en binôme,
  • Un niveau d’anglais courant est un plus afin de travailler dans le cadre de projets bilingues avec une équipe anglophone. Une expérience en classe bilingue serait appréciée.

Enfin, le/la candidat(e) devra impérativement justifier d’un Bac + 3 minimum (niveau Licence) et de 2 ans d’expérience sur une fonction similaire en France ou à l’Étranger attestée par un certificat de travail (critères obligatoires pour l’obtention d’un visa de travail).


Type de contrat : contrat local incluant assurance santé, indemnité de vie locale, plan de formation et aide à la scolarisation.

Package International selon éligibilité : billets d’avion, aide au déménagement, allocation logement.


Compte-tenu des contraintes légales chinoises actuelles, lors de votre candidature, merci de nous communiquer les éléments suivants :

  • Votre CV,
  • Lieu de résidence actuel,
  • Niveau de diplôme reconnu par l’Etat français,
  • Situation personnelle : situation maritale (concubinage, marié(e), …), si vous avez un(e) conjoint(e) a-t-il/elle une offre d’emploi à Shanghai ? Situation familiale : avez-vous des enfants ?

A noter, qu’il convient d’avoir à votre disposition :

  • Un extrait de casier judiciaire récent,
  • L’original de votre diplôme le plus élevé,
  • Les originaux de vos certificats de travail d’au moins 2 ans,
  • Une copie de votre passeport, votre passeport ayant une date de validité de plus d’1 an et 6 pages vierges minimum,
  • L’arrêté de titularisation et le dernier échelon pour les Titulaires de l’Education Nationale.

Pour postuler :

Ou envoyez un mail à

By sharing your application you consent with sharing your personal information with LFS for recruitment purpose.

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Market Manager APAC (focus China), with potential as Managing Director

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We are looking for an experienced technical sales personality Market Manager China who is willing to develop the Chinese market. This position will be filled in China, no relocation to Switzerland is necessary. Traco is a Swiss based leading power supply specialist

Main Objectives:

  • Profitable sales within the area of responsibility
  • Manage, monitor and develop the market
  • Technical Support and Customer Management
  • Represent and position “TRACO POWER”
  • Ensure that Traco Power is positioned as the main power supply specialist and a reliable, technical competent partner

Main Tasks:

  • Responsible and prime contact for the whole customer journey
  • Structured business development and definition of strategies for key countries in APAC, esp. with focus on China
  • Plan, implement, measure impact & take corrective actions for branding, market promotion, event & training activities
  • Retain key customers and ensure that Traco Power is continuously used throughout the product life cycle

Working Experience:

  • BSc / MSc in Electrical Engineering / Power Electronics or related field
  • 5+ years of experience in the power supply market
  • 5+ years of experience in market development / business development

Skills and character:

  • Good team spirit
  • Fluent in Chinese and English/German. Other languages are an advantage
  • Self-motivated & pro-active behavior

How to apply:

Please click here to view the full Job Description.

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GM assistant / Sales Assistant

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Position Title: GM assistant/Sales Assistant

Reports to: GM-Italian

Location: Shanghai


  1. sales and marketing documents preparation and filing, redirection of calls and e-mails to Sales Managers, preparation of reports, translations
  2. sales and marketing database input/handling/update through the company CRM system and other relevant tools
  3. telemarketing activities
  4. logistic arrangement and follow up for importation/exportation of products and parts
  5. support in the arrangement of company events and exhibitions
  6. daily assistance to the Sales Managers
  7. other tasks assigned by the GM

For interested candidates, please send your resume to:

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SwissCham China has roughly 600 company members. Our Chamber maintains a strong relationship with the Embassy of Switzerland, Switzerland Global Enterprise, Swissnex and Switzerland Tourism. As the representative of the Swiss companies established in China, our goal is to help you to increase your business and visibility, especially amongst the Sino-Swiss business community.

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