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IT and Marketing Associate

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About CieCAS

CieCAS is a consulting and dual education provider focusing on food and beverage development. We offer professional and lifestyle classes including team building activities through cooking. Learning and use it immediately in life is what CieCAS stands for.


  1. Ensures the creation of top-quality marketing materials that reflects the professional image of CieCAS in print and digital for all text, photography and videos.
  2. Develops and drives social media channels (especially Chinese social media) to general followers and sales by ensming that all materials posted are accmate, promptly posted and interesting. This includes also a well-develop and updated company website.
  3. Supports the establishment of “the CieCAS Experience” in regards to visual identity including the online virtual reality as well as the interior and exterior physical look and feel.
  4. Acts in a fast-responsive manner to generate a positive customer experience and to turn leads into sales.
  5. Researches and keeps itself updated on social media development and new technology through continuous development.
  6. Ensures that all business practices at CieCAS are according to licensing laws.
  7. Tutors basic application software to faculty and staff.
  8. Understand the stategic impact of any CieCAS projects at a process and applications levels and ensure that the required benefits are delivered.
  9. Applies consistently the CieCAS standards of excellence in regards to grooming, attire and attitude.
  10. Ensures that all data is secured from internal and external tlu·eats and that sensitive information is protected.
  11. Acquire complete knowledge and understanding of CieCAS goals, programs and sh·ategy in order to support and achieve its objectives. Follow up with reports to all impacted stakeholders on project progress linked to CieCAS.
  12. Planning, developing and implementing to ensme that the facility operates with a functional system that meets CieCAS and their users’ needs. It includes equipment inspections, establishing working procedures and maintenance schedules to ensure preventive measures with outside vendors.
  13. Brings marketing materials, educational contents, industry news and sponsorship information to our staff, clients, and visitors.
  14. Meet, present (if necessary) and make visit anangements with CieCAS business and educational partners.
  15. Administration and filling tasks for contracts on IT and Marketing in collaboration with the Administration Manager.
  16. Complete any assigned other duties related in the scope of IT and Marketing, as directed by the senior manager.


  1. 1-2 years’ experience in business development and sales
  2. Excellent understanding of different computer software especially needed for design. Willingness to learn IT to a proficiency level in regards to networking, business solutions, hardware and licensing
  3. A deep understanding and interest in developing Chinese social media channels
  4. Good administrative and communication skills
  5. Positive Attitude and Great Grooming
  6. Responsive to staff needs
  7. Able to manage crisis work under pressure self-discipline and willingness to contribute extra hours out of regular schedule if needed
  8. Ability to work independently and responsible
  9. Understanding and professional in brand building, channel and digital marketing, and in dealing with media (if needed)
  10. Committed to international diversity, equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practices
  11. Positive attitude, and great team player
  12. Passion for the service industry
  13. Dedicated and urge to help others
  14. Hard working and dependable
  15. Willingness to learn and improve
  16. Proficiency of IT software skills to produce quality promotional material
  17. Native Mandarin speaker with a very good command of English
What we offer to you
  1. Fair and competitive payroll
  2. Opportunities to work with celebrities and personages in the industry
  3. Opportunities for continuous professional growth
  4. High-quality industry resources
  5. Vibrant and exceptional working environment
  6. Staff lunch
  7. Social insurances and provident fund, paid annual leave, etc. (for full time)
Please send your CV and a professional photo to Julie Zhou (mail to We will notify you the interview arrangement within one week, please wait patiently.
Mail header format:  CieCAS-Job Application-Name-Mobile Number





  1. 制作符合CieCAS形象的营销材料, 包括文本、 图片和视频材料。
  2. 管理并推广社交媒体渠道以及公司官网, 确保营销材料正确、 有趣, 并及时推出。
  3. 为建立CieCAS视觉识别体验提供支持, 包括线上虚拟现实及内部和外部外观和体验。
  4. 反应及时、 有行动力, 积极回应客户需求, 提高销售额。
  5. 研究运用新科技, 推动社交媒体自如发展。
  6. 确保CieCAS所有商业实践活动都合法合规。
  7. 指导同事使用基本应用软件。
  8. 理解CieCAS所有项目在不同阶段的策略走向, 确保信息传递到位。
  9. 确保着装和仪态符合CieCAS标准。
  10. 确保所有数据免受内部和外部威胁, 敏感信息得到保护。
  11. 理解CieCAS的目标和战略, 支持目标的实现, 向所有利益相关者报告并传达相关项目进展情况。
  12. 负责设施的规划、 开发和实施,确保功能系统的运行符合CieCAS及用户需求, 包括设备检查, 建立工作流程和维护计划, 与外部供应商共同保证预防性措施。
  13. 为员工、 学员和访客提供教育内容、 行业新闻和赞助信息。
  14. 与CieCAS商业和教育合作伙伴见面、 陈述(在必要情况下)并安排参观访问。
  15. 与行政经理协作完成与IT和市场营销合同相关的管理和表单填写工作。
  16. 按照总经理的指示, 完成IT和市场营销相关的其他职责。


  1. 1-2年销售与市场营销管理经验
  2. 精通使用设计软件, 有意愿学习IT技能, 熟练运用网络、商业解决方案、硬件支持等技能
  3. 熟练运用及管理社交媒体账号
  4. 良好的沟通和管理技能
  5. 态度积极、注意着装
  6. 响应员工需求
  7. 能够承担压力, 工作自律认真, 如有需要可接受加班
  8. 独立负责
  9. 在品牌建设、营销渠道、数字营销以及媒体方面具备一定专业性
  10. 认同文化多样性、公平公正, 不歧视
  11. 积极、 善于合作
  12. 对服务行业充满热情
  13. 有奉献精神、 乐于助人
  14. 勤奋可靠
  15. 愿意学习进步
  16. 熟练运用设计软件
  17. 中文为母语, 熟练运用英文
  1. 公平&有竞争力的薪酬
  2. 与业内知名人士共事的机会
  3. 持续实现职业成长的机会
  4. 优质行业资源
  5. 充满活力、氛围超棒的工作环境
  6. 员工午餐
  7. 五险一金、带薪年假等(全职)

有意者请投递简历至 , Julie Zhou收。另请附职业照一张。我们在收到一周内即会通知面试,请投递简历后耐心等待。

Click here to download the Job Description.
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F&B Assistant (Kitchen Orientation)

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About CieCAS

CieCAS is a consulting and dual education provider focusing on food and beverage development. We offer professional and lifestyle classes including team building activities through cooking. Learning and use it immediately in life is what CieCAS stands for.


  1. Provide kitchen support to chef instructors before, during and after the programs or events;
  2. Assist chefs to prepare materials, check equipment and ingredients before class starts;
  3. Assist to rearrange kitchen and service materials when class finishes;
  4. During the class, provide teaching support to chefs, manage teaching equipment, and keeps the kitchen tidy;
  5. Assist chefs to make ingredient purchasing list and put the order;
  6. Assist chefs to complete new product research and development on a regular basis;
  7. Assist chefs in administrative work (work on menu management systems such as BirchStreet, CalcMenu, etc)
  8. Follow CieCAS hygiene and operating standards in all work to ensure the smooth progress of teaching.


  1. Passionate on food and cooking
  2. Trained in a regular culinary school
  3. Passionate to learn, proactive, self-disciplined, responsible, good teamwork spirit
  4. Have basic ability in English (Listening, speaking, reading and writing)
  5. Familiar with Microsoft Office

What we offer to you

  1. Fair & competitive payroll
  2. Opportunities for chefs’ hands-on training
  3. Opportunities to work with celebrities and personages in the industry
  4. Opportunities for continuous professional growth
  5. Opportunities to become an instructor assistant
  6. High-quality industry resources
  7. Vibrant and exceptional working environment
  8. Staff lunch
  9. Social insurances and provident fund, paid annual leave, etc. (for full-time)

Please send your CV to, Julie Zhou. Please also attach a professional photo. We will notify you the interview arrangement within one week, please wait patiently.

Mail header format: CieCAS-Job Application-Name-Mobile Number

Click here to download the Job Description.

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Ingénieur Procédures & Méthodes

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« Une Education d’excellence tournée vers le monde »

Le Lycée français de Shanghai est un établissement qui accueille des élèves de toutes nationalités, de la petite section à la Terminale (de
3 à 18 ans).

Fier de proposer plusieurs programmes linguistiques enseignés par une équipe pédagogique internationale qui garantit un enseignement
d’excellence à nos élèves, le Lycée français de Shanghai est homologué par le Ministère français de l’éducation. Il appartient au réseau
AEFE (Agence de l’Enseignement Français à l’Étranger) comprenant 522 écoles dans 139 pays.
L’école accueille plus de 1600 élèves sur deux campus : Qingpu et Yangpu.
Dans le cadre d’une création de poste, le LFS recherche son Ingénieur Procédures & Méthodes
Rattaché au Directeur Exécutif et en lien avec l’ensemble des équipes de l’Eurocampus, il/elle participe à la rédaction, professionnalisation
et digitalisation de nos procédures en créant une base de données complète et évolutive.

Missions du poste :
Participer à la digitalisation de nos procédures en prenant en charge le déploiement d’une ou plusieurs solutions numériques
innovantes :
– Cartographie des procédures existantes
– Identification et hiérarchisation des procédures
– Soutien aux opérationnels dans la rédaction de leurs procédures
– Mise en œuvre d’un manuel ou d’une solution regroupant nos procédures
Optimisation, pérennisation et audit des méthodes de travail et de l’application des procédures
Étudier et proposer la certification la plus adaptée à notre établissement afin de mettre en place un système de management de la
qualité dans l’objectif d’accroitre la satisfaction de nos clients : apprenants et parents.
Mettre en place ce système de management de la qualité en vue d’obtenir la certification.
Choisir un organisme de certification, suivre l’audit de certification et obtenir la certification.
Piloter et /ou assurer un support dans la mise en œuvre de projets d’améliorations de type Lean Management et /ou 8D / 6Sigma
Participer à la mise en œuvre d’indicateurs de performance au niveau de la Direction pour identifier les axes d’améliorations et
prioriser ainsi les initiatives.
Assurer un soutien méthodologique aux opérationnels.

Profil et compétences recherchés
De formation ingénieur généraliste, vous justifiez d’une première expérience réussie sur un poste similaire, notamment dans la gestion
de projet et la démarche qualité.
Vous possédez des connaissances en méthodes de résolution de problèmes type Lean Six Sigma. Une connaissance des certifications type
ISO ou autre, adaptée au domaine de l’enseignement est un pré-requis.
Vous avez également de bonnes connaissances sur SharePoint, Power BI, langage SQL, Power App, Microsoft Office Suite software,
particulièrement Excel.
Reconnu pour votre rigueur, votre capacité à être force de proposition, vous savez prendre des initiatives. Vous aimez le travail en équipe
et savez-vous adapter.
Curieux, volontaire et dynamique, vous souhaitez mettre votre expérience, vos qualités relationnelles et techniques à profit pour
développer vos compétences dans un environnement dynamique.
Vous avez un excellent niveau de français et d’anglais, tant écrit qu’oral. Des notions de mandarin sont fortement appréciées.
Poste à temps complet à pourvoir dès que possible. Déplacements en alternance sur nos 2 campus de Qingpu et Yangpu.

Pour postuler :
Envoyer votre CV et lettre de motivation en francais et / ou anglais à ou postulez en ligne via
notre site internet :

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Responsable Relations parents

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« Une Education d’excellence tournée vers le monde »

Le Lycée français de Shanghai est un établissement qui accueille des élèves de toutes nationalités, de la petite section à la Terminale (de
3 à 18 ans).

Fier de proposer plusieurs programmes linguistiques enseignés par une équipe pédagogique internationale qui garantit un enseignement
d’excellence à nos élèves, le Lycée français de Shanghai est homologué par le Ministère français de l’éducation. Il appartient au réseau
AEFE (Agence de l’Enseignement Français à l’Étranger) comprenant 522 écoles dans 139 pays.
L’école accueille plus de 1600 élèves sur deux campus : Qingpu et Yangpu.

Dans le cadre d’une création de poste, le LFS recherche son / sa Responsable Relations parents.

Rattaché au Directeur Exécutif, le ou la Responsable des relations parents soutient activement le développement de la réputation et de
la notoriété du Lycée français de Shanghai en assurant un service de qualité aux parents.

Missions du poste :
1) Être le point d’accès privilégié des familles (premier interlocuteur)
– Réponse ou transfert des demandes des familles ;
– S’assurer du traitement des préoccupations, plaintes (et compliments) des familles dans un délai imparti ;
– Assurer un lien fort avec les groupes de parents, bureaux des animations, associations de parents ;
2) S’occuper du Community management
– S’assurer du respect des règles éditoriales, de ton et de marque du LFS dans les communications (démarche qualité) ;
– Être à l’écoute de la communauté du LFS (réseaux sociaux, sondages, échanges interpersonnels) ;
– Être force de proposition pour renforcer la cohésion de la communauté des familles du lycée ;

Profil et compétences recherchés
– 5 ans d’expérience professionnelle minimum dans un service client orienté de manière préférentielle dans une industrie de
services ;
– Une expérience antérieure dans un rôle de marketing/communication, dans une école internationale, serait appréciée ;
– Francophone natif, la maîtrise de la langue anglaise est un impératif, la connaissance du chinois est un atout ;
– Bonne maîtrise des réseaux sociaux ;
– Communicateur efficace à différents niveaux, oralement et par écrit ;
– Compétences interpersonnelles dans un environnement multiculturel ;
– Excellent sens de l’écoute et du travail en équipe

Pour postuler :
Envoyer votre CV et lettre de motivation en francais et / ou anglais à ou postulez en ligne via
notre site internet :

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Chargé(e) de paie et de Projet d’implémentation d’un SIRH

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« Une Education d’excellence tournée vers le monde »
Le Lycée français de Shanghai est un établissement qui accueille des élèves de toutes nationalités, de la petite section à la Terminale (de
3 à 18 ans).

Fier de proposer plusieurs programmes linguistiques enseignés par une équipe pédagogique internationale qui garantit un enseignement
d’excellence à nos élèves, le Lycée français de Shanghai est homologué par le Ministère français de l’éducation. Il appartient au réseau
AEFE (Agence de l’Enseignement Français à l’Étranger) comprenant 522 écoles dans 139 pays.
L’école accueille plus de 1600 élèves sur deux campus : Qingpu et Yangpu.

La direction RH recrute un/une Chargé(e) de paie et de Projet d’implémentation d’un SIRH qui rejoindra une équipe de 5 personnes.

Sous la responsabilité de la Direction des Ressources Humaines, le/la Chargé(e) de paie et de de Projet d’implémentation d’un SIRH
aura la charge de la gestion administrative du personnel et de la paie (environ 300 salariés). Il/elle aura un rôle de conseil et d’écoute
auprès des salariés. Il /elle mettra en œuvre les outils de reporting RH et participera à l’élaboration du budget de masse salariale. Il /
elle participera à un projet de grande envergure de mise en place et de déploiement d’un SIRH.

Gestion de la paie :
• Mettre en œuvre le process de paie, depuis la collecte des éléments variables jusqu’à l’établissement des bulletins de salaires et les
explications éventuelles auprès des salariés, dans le respect des règles légales et internes
• Effectuer les paramétrages nécessaires dans le logiciel de paie (Sage) et veiller à la fiabilité de la base de données
• Réaliser les opérations post-paie en lien avec le service comptabilité et le contrôle de gestion

Reporting RH & Préparation budgétaire :
• Etablir les outils de pilotage et exploiter les données sociales afin de répondre aux besoins du DRH, des Responsables, du Directeur
Exécutif et du Conseil d’administration.
• Participer à l’élaboration du budget de Masse Salariale et en suivre la consommation en étroite relation avec la DRH
• Être force de proposition quant à la mise en œuvre de la politique de rémunération et des outils de gestion

Gestion Administrative du personnel :
• Suivre les dossiers du personnel et actualiser les données dans le logiciel RH (Sage)
• Contrôler l’application des procédures RH et être force de proposition pour les optimiser

Déploiement d’un SIRH :
• Identifier différents prestataires, définir un cahier des charges, conduire un appel d’offre, intéragir avec les différents acteurs et
services utilisant l’outil, mettre en place l’outil, conduire le changement, faire accepter l’outil, s’assurer de son utilisation et de son

Gestion des dossiers du personnel AEFE (Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’Etranger) :
• Être garant de la gestion administrative des dossiers des personnels résidents : bulletins renseignements, signature avenants, suivi des
• Saisir d’informations sur l’interface web de l’AEFE (déclaration de services, HSE …) et assurer la relation avec la DRH AEFE

Conseil et écoute :
Répondre aux questions des salariés en matière de contrat de travail, rémunération, absences …
Se montrer disponible et à l’écoute des équipes.
Poste basé sur le site de Qingpu – mobilité sur les 2 campus (Qingpu et Yangpu).

• Bac+3 minimum en RH/comptabilité/gestion/droit du travail
• Expérience opérationnelle de 3 ans minimum au sein d’une direction des RH, en paie ou administration du personnel
• Appétence pour les chiffres forte
• Maîtrise d’un SIRH (expérience réussie dans l’implémentation d’un SIRH), des outils bureautiques : word, excel, power point, outlook,
la connaissance de Sage est un atout réel
• Aisance en expression écrite et orale française et anglaise. La maîtrise du Chinois est un plus.
• Rigueur, sens de l’organisation et des priorités
• Autonomie et fiabilité
• Bon relationnel
• Discrétion et confidentialité

Pour postuler :


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SwissChamSHA – Member / Events Assistant (internship)

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Internship: Member / Events Assistant (for Chinese Nationals)

>> Start date: as soon as possible 

>> About the company

The Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce is a networking and information platform for Swiss companies in China and Chinese companies interested in Switzerland. Our main goal is to gather on a common platform all actors of the Sino-Swiss business community, in order to strengthen the economic bonds between the two countries, stimulate interaction and develop business opportunities. In a nutshell:

We CONNECT the companies, institutions and organizations.We enable EXCHANGE and PROMOTION through our communication channels, including events, a website, an online directory, social media and printed publications, providing exposure and privileged space to discuss business, find solutions and share your and our expertise.We BRING YOU CLOSER together through our committees, i.e. Finance & Tax, Legal  or HR, to discuss related topics in more detail.We provide a wide range of SERVICES such as access to trainings, event consulting, discounts to members on services/products, and general consulting on business in China.Our network is strong because our members show strong engagement.

This internship will be a unique opportunity to launch your career, providing an insight into various tasks of member relations, event organization and the business world in general, and enabling you to interact with numerous private corporations and governmental entities, as well as professionals with very diverse backgrounds. At SwissCham, the internship positions are unpaid but an allowance is offered.

>> Overview

– Duration of internship: 4-6 months, full time

– A challenging assignment in an international environment, an opportunity to brush up your international business and social skills

– Interesting work environment with international networking possibilities, working with a young, dynamic, multinational and multicultural team

>> Requirements 
– Chinese nationality 
– Languages: Mandarin Chinese. Good communication skills in English 
– Background in marketing, communication, international relations, hotel management or similar fields 
– Software skills including Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook; plus Chinese and international social media. Photoshop and other design software are a plus.  
– Strong organizational skills with attention to details, service oriented with positive working attitude
– A team player, open, honest and smart working with passion for an international organization

>> Tasks
– Supporting the member relations and events team- Meeting with members and potential members, organizing of events, roundtables and webinars- Supporting the team with membership tasks and the member benefit program- Supporting the editorial team of the Chamber magazine “The Bridge”

Please send us your complete application in PDF in English language, including photo, to
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Member Relations Manager

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Position Objective:
This is a new position focused on expanding the Chamber’s membership and to further grow the reach of the Chamber in and around Shanghai. The Member Relations Manager will work closely with the Executive Director and Head of Marketing & Events to acquire more members. Another task involves the renewal of existing memberships in collaboration with the Finance Manager.

Key role and responsibilities:

  • Contact Swiss, Chinese and other companies in Shanghai
  • Work closely with the office team to leverage the Chamber’s existing services to grow the membership
  • Attend events and meetings to promote the Chamber and its services in Shanghai
  • Create reports for the office team and Board of Directors


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with 1-2 years in business development or sales roles
  • Experience in sales process development and tracking
  • Independent and self-starter
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Chinese national with fluency in Mandarin Chinese and English

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Fixed salary with commission and bonus scheme
  • Social insurance and benefits as specified under the Chinese labor law
  • Opportunity to interact with top executives of local and multinational companies
  • Working with a young, dynamic, multilingual and multicultural team

How to apply:

Starting Date:

  • As soon as possible

To download the full Job Description, please click here.

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Moore – MS Advisory is looking for a new Associate to join their team in Shanghai!

The job responsibilities include the following:


  • Create marketing material, content and support marketing campaigns in cooperation with our team.
  • Generate and maintain a pipeline of relevant topics for marketing campaigns and publications.
  • Research relevant topics for foreign companies doing business in China.
  • Design, review and create company publications and promotional materials.
  • Managing website and social media platforms.

Business development

  • Maintain business development-, CRM- and on-going projects database.
  • Plan and organize business development activities.
  • Responsible for developing new business, via existing clients, prospects or attending business events.

Project Management

  • Support clients on subjects related to doing business in China, considering the international context.
  • Organize, draft and distribute the annual survey.
  • Support on set up and management of internal processes.
  • Perform any ad-hoc projects as requested by Management.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding about the financial services industry in China and develop the professional skills and capabilities to be able to advise international clients on accounting, tax and company formation matters in China.


  • Bachelor or Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Finance, Tax, or Accounting;
  • 2 year’s work experience or graduated from Chinese University; eligible for work permit requirements of China (Shanghai). Currently based in China, preferably in Shanghai.
  • Team player and highly adaptable working in a cross-cultural environment.
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
  • Business level fluency in English is a must; Business level fluency in Dutch, French, German or any other European language is a plus
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Programs (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook, Access)


Moore is a Global Accountancy and Consulting network with headquarters in London. The group is the 10th largest accounting and consulting network worldwide, with a group revenue of US$ 3.06 billion and a presence in 112 countries.

MS Advisory is a financial advisory firm, which is part of Moore Belgium and a member of the Moore Global network. Our mission is to provide a full range of financial services to foreign enterprises active in China and Hong Kong, where we focus on delivering transparency, compliance and sustainability to businesses. Since 2011, we have supported foreign enterprises across all provinces of Mainland China and Hong Kong with Accounting, Tax, Compliance and Corporate Services.


In this role you will support the team with its mission to provide a full range of financial services to the subsidiaries of foreign enterprises in China by advising on Accounting, Tax and Compliance as well as Company formation and Company restructuring.

Click here to download the Job Description.

Are you ambitious to learn and do you want to further develop yourself within a team of Chinese and international consultants in China? Then please send your resume and cover letter to Brian Blömer via

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Assistant Manager – Commercial FP&A

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Company Introduction:

At Lindt & Sprüngli, we enchant the world with Chocolate. We are the Swiss chocolate manufacturer and recognized as a global leader in the market for premium chocolate, offering a large selection of products around the world. During the past 175 years, Lindt & Sprüngli has become known as one of the most innovative and creative companies making premium chocolate under the key brand Lindt.

Globally, quality chocolate from Lindt & Sprüngli is distributed in more than 120 countries via own subsidiaries, regional offices, via an extensive global network of distributors as well as in more than 460 own shops. With over 14,500 employees, Lindt & Sprüngli Group reported sales worth CHF 4.509 billion / CNY 34.3 billion in 2019.

Lindt chocolates are known worldwide for their incomparable, unique taste and fine melting texture. From smooth melting Lindor, to the thin, refined elegance of an Excellence bar and from the iconic Lindt Gold Bunny, to exquisite praline masterpieces, Lindt Maîtres Chocolatiers take pride in creating a chocolate experience like no other.

Lindt & Sprüngli (China) Ltd. was set up in 2012 in Shanghai as a distribution company. With Lindt China’s on-going outstanding sales growth in the high double-digits, this is an exciting time to join our company as we are further accelerating the success story over the next years. High performing, entrepreneurial, result driven and passionate employees are key success factors for Lindt & Sprüngli and we are warmly welcoming ambitious talents to join us.

Job Description Summary:

This is a new position that was created to support the on-going fast growth of the business with profound analytics and process understanding that provide the foundation for smart decision making on a Senior Management level. This role is highly visible as it is creating a real and active partnership with both commercial operations and management.

As an Assistant Manager- Commercial FP&A, it is about supporting the whole business to raise standards in key decision areas as well as taking a forward-looking and commercial view. Therefore, this role will be highly dynamic and focused on various projects.

In this position you will act as a sparring partner to the Commercial Finance Manager and support various projects with your analytical capabilities and business understanding.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Commercial Finance Partnering
    • Partner with the commercial team to collaborate on all financial aspects of Customer Management including but not limited to Gross to Net Sales Planning, trade activity pre and post audits and profitability analysis.
    • Analyze trade spend efficiency and ROI on planned events, and partner with Key Account Managers to improve profitability and trade efficiency.
    • Understand and explain the key drivers and risks / opportunities that impact the business.
  • Commercial Reporting & Insights
    • Partner with commercial teams to develop fully aligned trade promotion budgets and customer allocations, with ongoing reporting and re-balancing of trade funds
    • Prepare and analyze major customer contribution statements and present findings to the commercial team and upper management on a regular basis.
    • Provide commercial insights and cause of change analysis to management
  • Strategic Planning and Business Modeling
    • Participate in the Budget and monthly sales forecasting and ordering process. Compile information from Sales Managers, Supply Chain as well as market trends and consolidate into a reliable sales forecast.
    • Create and maintain business models, scenario analysis and identify opportunities for improvements
    • Provide insights and sound advice through financial forecasting and strategic analysis.

Personal Characteristics:

  • Profound analytical and strategic thinking combined with attention to detail.
  • Entrepreneurial personality that likes to work in a start-up environment and with the willingness to implement and develop best practice solutions (tools, processes, controls).
  • Intellectually curious and able to diplomatically challenge the status quo.
  • High energy level and strong work ethic.
  • Solution- and results driven “can-do” mentality and demonstrate a desire to operate in a dynamic environment

and you live up with our company values:

  • Excellence:                       You have passion for what you are doing and strive for excellence.
  • Innovation:                        You are constantly looking for new and better ways to deliver success.
  • Entrepreneurship:             You are empowered and accountable for your actions and results.
  • Responsibility:                  You act with integrity and treat everyone with respect.
  • Collaboration:                   You support your colleagues across disciplines, business segments and geographies.

Qualifications and Competencies required:

  • 4-6 years of work experience in Management Accounting, Controlling or as Business Analyst – preferably with a Consumer Goods company – is essential.
  • Excellent analytical and financial modeling skills applying strategic thinking as well as a good attention to detail.
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to present information to key stakeholders in an effective way.
  • Good time management skills, ability to prioritize workload and ability to work to strict reporting deadlines.
  • High proficiency in Microsoft Excel. Business Objects, SAP, Excel VBA and Cognos experience is a plus.
  • Fluent in English and Mandarin.

Required Education:

  • Master’s degree in Finance or related field (Accounting, Controlling, Economics, Business Administration).
  • CPA, CFA or CMA diploma.

What Lindt China offers:

  • A young and highly passionate team that is eager to make LINDT the preferred premium chocolate in China;
  • A start-up environment with a flat organization and an entrepreneurial mindset where YOU can decide;
  • A steep learning curve with the option of an international career within the Lindt Group;
  • Central and modern office location in Downtown Shanghai with straight subway link (L+mall, Line 2 / 9);
  • Generous annual leave days, additional medical coverage and many other exciting benefits
    • Birthday and public holiday benefit;
    • Yearly company travel;
    • Staff sales;
    • Many other exciting benefits.

How to apply:
Please send us your resume in English, including photo, to Hermione Zhang
Your qualifications and background will be reviewed by our HR Department and we will contact candidates who meet the requirements.

Click here to download the Job Description.

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Regional Sales Manager

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Description 职位描述

As the regional sales manager (East China), responsible for the overall development of Visual Arts Teaching Program (VATP) market development and project sales in East China. And be in charge for the formulation and implementation of marketing plan. Preside over the daily work of sales department in the responsible area, and reasonably allocate human and material resources.


Sales Management 销售管理

  • Based on East China region, develop customers for VATP project
  • Achieve regional sales, growth and profitability targets
  • Complete the accurate regional sales budget and strictly implement
  • 立足华东地区,开展所在区域的客户拓展
  • 完成公司制定的区域销售、增长和盈利目标
  • 完成对所属区域销售预算的准确提报,并严格执行

Member Management 客户管理

  • Collect relevant information of regional potential market
  • Provide complete training to ensure that customers have a comprehensive understanding of VATP platform
  • Sign and execute the contract, collect the payment on time
  • Complete and submit daily, weekly, monthly work reports, including visit plan, progress report, and etc.
  • Establish the cooperative relationship with related major arts institutions in East China, recruit campus promotion ambassadors, carry out campus events and other campus promotion activities
  • Organize customers to participate in various training activities by the headquarter
  • 帮助公司收集所属区域市场及潜在市场的相关信息
  • 完整提供客户签约前后的相关培训,保障客户对VATP平台使用的无障碍且全面理解和掌握
  • 执行合同签署并准时回款
  • 完成并准时提交工作日报、周报、月报,包含客户拜访计划及进度报告等
  • 与相关地区专业院校合作,招募校园推广大使、执行校园赛事等各项校园内推广活动
  • 组织客户参与总部管理部门不定期举办的各类培训及市场活动

Requirements 职位要求

  • Bachelor degree or above
  • At least 5 years working experience, including more than 3 years sales experience in education or art industry (European company experience is preferred)
  • Excellent customer and project management experience, be able to build and manage sales channels
  • Understand countries cultural differences, graduates from major arts institution, and overseas working experiences are preferred
  • Open mind and sense of responsibility, excellent communication skills in Mandarin and English, proficiency in MS Office and other related working tools
  • 大学本科或以上学历
  • 至少5年工作经历,其中3年以上教育或艺术行业的销售经历(欧洲公司经验优先)
  • 出色的客户和项目管理经验,可迅速搭建销售渠道并管理
  • 理解中西文化的差异,国内外知名艺术院校毕业生优先,有海外工作经验为佳
  • 拥有开放性思维与责任感,普通话及英语的优秀沟通能力,熟练使用MS Office等办公工具



If you are interested in joining us, please send your resume to the following email address:

Please click here to download the complete Job Description.

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