Regional Sales Manager
Swiss Nobleness Art Academy (SNAA)
Regional Sales Manager

Regional Sales Manager

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Description 职位描述

As the regional sales manager (East China), responsible for the overall development of Visual Arts Teaching Program (VATP) market development and project sales in East China. And be in charge for the formulation and implementation of marketing plan. Preside over the daily work of sales department in the responsible area, and reasonably allocate human and material resources.


Sales Management 销售管理

  • Based on East China region, develop customers for VATP project
  • Achieve regional sales, growth and profitability targets
  • Complete the accurate regional sales budget and strictly implement
  • 立足华东地区,开展所在区域的客户拓展
  • 完成公司制定的区域销售、增长和盈利目标
  • 完成对所属区域销售预算的准确提报,并严格执行

Member Management 客户管理

  • Collect relevant information of regional potential market
  • Provide complete training to ensure that customers have a comprehensive understanding of VATP platform
  • Sign and execute the contract, collect the payment on time
  • Complete and submit daily, weekly, monthly work reports, including visit plan, progress report, and etc.
  • Establish the cooperative relationship with related major arts institutions in East China, recruit campus promotion ambassadors, carry out campus events and other campus promotion activities
  • Organize customers to participate in various training activities by the headquarter
  • 帮助公司收集所属区域市场及潜在市场的相关信息
  • 完整提供客户签约前后的相关培训,保障客户对VATP平台使用的无障碍且全面理解和掌握
  • 执行合同签署并准时回款
  • 完成并准时提交工作日报、周报、月报,包含客户拜访计划及进度报告等
  • 与相关地区专业院校合作,招募校园推广大使、执行校园赛事等各项校园内推广活动
  • 组织客户参与总部管理部门不定期举办的各类培训及市场活动

Requirements 职位要求

  • Bachelor degree or above
  • At least 5 years working experience, including more than 3 years sales experience in education or art industry (European company experience is preferred)
  • Excellent customer and project management experience, be able to build and manage sales channels
  • Understand countries cultural differences, graduates from major arts institution, and overseas working experiences are preferred
  • Open mind and sense of responsibility, excellent communication skills in Mandarin and English, proficiency in MS Office and other related working tools
  • 大学本科或以上学历
  • 至少5年工作经历,其中3年以上教育或艺术行业的销售经历(欧洲公司经验优先)
  • 出色的客户和项目管理经验,可迅速搭建销售渠道并管理
  • 理解中西文化的差异,国内外知名艺术院校毕业生优先,有海外工作经验为佳
  • 拥有开放性思维与责任感,普通话及英语的优秀沟通能力,熟练使用MS Office等办公工具



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Please click here to download the complete Job Description.

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