IT and Marketing Associate
IT and Marketing Associate

IT and Marketing Associate

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About CieCAS

CieCAS is a consulting and dual education provider focusing on food and beverage development. We offer professional and lifestyle classes including team building activities through cooking. Learning and use it immediately in life is what CieCAS stands for.


  1. Ensures the creation of top-quality marketing materials that reflects the professional image of CieCAS in print and digital for all text, photography and videos.
  2. Develops and drives social media channels (especially Chinese social media) to general followers and sales by ensming that all materials posted are accmate, promptly posted and interesting. This includes also a well-develop and updated company website.
  3. Supports the establishment of “the CieCAS Experience” in regards to visual identity including the online virtual reality as well as the interior and exterior physical look and feel.
  4. Acts in a fast-responsive manner to generate a positive customer experience and to turn leads into sales.
  5. Researches and keeps itself updated on social media development and new technology through continuous development.
  6. Ensures that all business practices at CieCAS are according to licensing laws.
  7. Tutors basic application software to faculty and staff.
  8. Understand the stategic impact of any CieCAS projects at a process and applications levels and ensure that the required benefits are delivered.
  9. Applies consistently the CieCAS standards of excellence in regards to grooming, attire and attitude.
  10. Ensures that all data is secured from internal and external tlu·eats and that sensitive information is protected.
  11. Acquire complete knowledge and understanding of CieCAS goals, programs and sh·ategy in order to support and achieve its objectives. Follow up with reports to all impacted stakeholders on project progress linked to CieCAS.
  12. Planning, developing and implementing to ensme that the facility operates with a functional system that meets CieCAS and their users’ needs. It includes equipment inspections, establishing working procedures and maintenance schedules to ensure preventive measures with outside vendors.
  13. Brings marketing materials, educational contents, industry news and sponsorship information to our staff, clients, and visitors.
  14. Meet, present (if necessary) and make visit anangements with CieCAS business and educational partners.
  15. Administration and filling tasks for contracts on IT and Marketing in collaboration with the Administration Manager.
  16. Complete any assigned other duties related in the scope of IT and Marketing, as directed by the senior manager.


  1. 1-2 years’ experience in business development and sales
  2. Excellent understanding of different computer software especially needed for design. Willingness to learn IT to a proficiency level in regards to networking, business solutions, hardware and licensing
  3. A deep understanding and interest in developing Chinese social media channels
  4. Good administrative and communication skills
  5. Positive Attitude and Great Grooming
  6. Responsive to staff needs
  7. Able to manage crisis work under pressure self-discipline and willingness to contribute extra hours out of regular schedule if needed
  8. Ability to work independently and responsible
  9. Understanding and professional in brand building, channel and digital marketing, and in dealing with media (if needed)
  10. Committed to international diversity, equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practices
  11. Positive attitude, and great team player
  12. Passion for the service industry
  13. Dedicated and urge to help others
  14. Hard working and dependable
  15. Willingness to learn and improve
  16. Proficiency of IT software skills to produce quality promotional material
  17. Native Mandarin speaker with a very good command of English
What we offer to you
  1. Fair and competitive payroll
  2. Opportunities to work with celebrities and personages in the industry
  3. Opportunities for continuous professional growth
  4. High-quality industry resources
  5. Vibrant and exceptional working environment
  6. Staff lunch
  7. Social insurances and provident fund, paid annual leave, etc. (for full time)
Please send your CV and a professional photo to Julie Zhou (mail to We will notify you the interview arrangement within one week, please wait patiently.
Mail header format:  CieCAS-Job Application-Name-Mobile Number





  1. 制作符合CieCAS形象的营销材料, 包括文本、 图片和视频材料。
  2. 管理并推广社交媒体渠道以及公司官网, 确保营销材料正确、 有趣, 并及时推出。
  3. 为建立CieCAS视觉识别体验提供支持, 包括线上虚拟现实及内部和外部外观和体验。
  4. 反应及时、 有行动力, 积极回应客户需求, 提高销售额。
  5. 研究运用新科技, 推动社交媒体自如发展。
  6. 确保CieCAS所有商业实践活动都合法合规。
  7. 指导同事使用基本应用软件。
  8. 理解CieCAS所有项目在不同阶段的策略走向, 确保信息传递到位。
  9. 确保着装和仪态符合CieCAS标准。
  10. 确保所有数据免受内部和外部威胁, 敏感信息得到保护。
  11. 理解CieCAS的目标和战略, 支持目标的实现, 向所有利益相关者报告并传达相关项目进展情况。
  12. 负责设施的规划、 开发和实施,确保功能系统的运行符合CieCAS及用户需求, 包括设备检查, 建立工作流程和维护计划, 与外部供应商共同保证预防性措施。
  13. 为员工、 学员和访客提供教育内容、 行业新闻和赞助信息。
  14. 与CieCAS商业和教育合作伙伴见面、 陈述(在必要情况下)并安排参观访问。
  15. 与行政经理协作完成与IT和市场营销合同相关的管理和表单填写工作。
  16. 按照总经理的指示, 完成IT和市场营销相关的其他职责。


  1. 1-2年销售与市场营销管理经验
  2. 精通使用设计软件, 有意愿学习IT技能, 熟练运用网络、商业解决方案、硬件支持等技能
  3. 熟练运用及管理社交媒体账号
  4. 良好的沟通和管理技能
  5. 态度积极、注意着装
  6. 响应员工需求
  7. 能够承担压力, 工作自律认真, 如有需要可接受加班
  8. 独立负责
  9. 在品牌建设、营销渠道、数字营销以及媒体方面具备一定专业性
  10. 认同文化多样性、公平公正, 不歧视
  11. 积极、 善于合作
  12. 对服务行业充满热情
  13. 有奉献精神、 乐于助人
  14. 勤奋可靠
  15. 愿意学习进步
  16. 熟练运用设计软件
  17. 中文为母语, 熟练运用英文
  1. 公平&有竞争力的薪酬
  2. 与业内知名人士共事的机会
  3. 持续实现职业成长的机会
  4. 优质行业资源
  5. 充满活力、氛围超棒的工作环境
  6. 员工午餐
  7. 五险一金、带薪年假等(全职)

有意者请投递简历至 , Julie Zhou收。另请附职业照一张。我们在收到一周内即会通知面试,请投递简历后耐心等待。

Click here to download the Job Description.

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