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Design Assistant

Design Assistant

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About SNAA

Swiss Nobleness Art Academy (SNAA), located in Zurich, Switzerland, engaged in the study of art education theory and practice and aims to improve the professional skills and teaching skills of visual arts and performing arts. Based on Swiss leading art professional skills training and the integration of excellent art education resources from other European countries and regions, the Swiss Nobleness Art Academy, together with its global partners, has created a complete systematic teaching system for visual arts and performing arts and a matching teacher training system, which can meet the professional needs of art education practitioners at all levels and stages to help them constantly enhance their professional knowledge and teaching methods, so that they are always in the forefront of visual arts and performing arts education. It is including Visual Arts Teaching Program(VATP), Performing Arts Teaching Program (PATP), and Continue Professional Development for Art Education Practitioners Project (CPDA).

Visual Arts Teaching Program of Swiss Nobleness Art Academy (VATP), a teacher training and certified program based on the curriculum of self-developed visual arts course, is wholly owned by Swiss Nobleness Art Academy.

For present, Swiss Nobleness Art Academy has entered Chinese market and established representative office in Shanghai to promote the new project Visual Arts Teaching Program (VATP) to more teachers and adults who want to develop career in art education within China.

Caran d’Ache, as a Swiss century brand for color and writing instrument with certification of FSC, CE, AP and Swiss Made, has been introduced into China by China Nobleness in 2013, bringing this world leading brand for Chinese artists and students.


As the design assistant, being responsible for the all design related communication, and the promoting work of the brand marketing department.

Design Assist

  • Be responsible for the design of product related accessories, such as product details page, online publicity materials, etc.
  • Assist the designer to complete the company’s daily work, corporate publicity and graphic design of advertising, products and activities
  • Use their own industry background and knowledge in the field of design and production of effective cost control

Store and Event

  • Follow vendors with the company’s new store decoration, visual implementation, and complete the display in the store
  • Design and implement the proposal of marketing activities


  • Bachelor’s degree or above, major in painting, art design, graphic design, or other related major
  • Proficiency in various design software, including CorelDraw, Photoshop, AI, CAD, etc. (video editing skill is preferred)
  • Outstanding aesthetic taste and unique design creativity
  • More than 1year related working experience
  • Be rigorous and responsible, and be equipped with high enthusiasm, professionalism and good team spirit
  • Be familiar with packaging design, printing process, or merchandising decoration design experience is preferred
  • Understand countries cultural differences, graduates from major arts institution, and overseas working experiences are preferred
  • Proficiency in MS Office and other related working tools

If you are interested in joining us, please send your resume to the following email address:



瑞士贵族艺术学院(Swiss Nobleness Art Academy,简称SNAA),位于瑞士苏黎世,致力于提高视觉和表演艺术的专业技能和教学技巧。基于瑞士领先的艺术专业技能培养,融合欧洲其他国家和地区的优秀艺术教育资源,瑞士贵族艺术学院联合其国际范围内优秀的合作伙伴共同创造出视觉艺术和表演艺术的成熟教学系统及与之匹配的教师培训体系,可适应艺术教育从业者各个层次和阶段的职业需求,协助其不断增强专业知识和教学方法,使之始终处于视觉艺术和表演艺术的前沿。瑞士贵族艺术学院目前已推出VATP视觉艺术教育课程系统(Visual Arts Teaching Program of Swiss Nobleness Art Academy)、PATP表演艺术教育课程系统(Performing Arts Teaching Program of Swiss Nobleness Art Academy)和艺术教育从业者可持续发展项目(Continue Professional Development for Art Education Practitioners Project)。

VATP,全称Visual Arts Teaching Program of Swiss Nobleness Art Academy,中文译为瑞士贵族艺术学院视觉艺术教育课程系统,是基于凯兰帝视觉艺术课程的师资培养与资质认证计划,由瑞士贵族艺术学院SNAA全资创造。


瑞士百年高尚书写绘画工具品牌Caran d’Ache,拥有FSC、CE、AP、SWISS MADE标签,于2013年被华高国际引入中国,为中国艺术家、艺术爱好者、学生带来全球首屈一指的绘画书写用材。




  • 负责与设计师对接公司产品相关辅料设计,如产品详情页、线上宣传物料等设计工作
  • 负责配合设计师完成公司对外日常工作企业宣传及广告、产品、活动的平面设计
  • 利用自身的行业背景和知识,在设计和制作上有效的控制成本


  • 负责配合供应商跟进公司新门店装修,并完成门店软装陈列
  • 负责配合设计师对接市场推广活动等的企划方案设计并实施


  • 大学本科或以上学历
  • 熟练使用多种设计软件,包括CorelDraw、Photoshop、AI、CAD等(对视频剪辑熟练者优先)
  • 优秀的审美能力及独特的设计创意
  • 1年以上相关工作经验
  • 对待工作认真负责,具备高度的工作热情和事业心及良好的团队合作精神
  • 熟悉包装设计,了解印刷工艺,或有陈列或装修设计经验优先
  • 理解中西文化的差异,国内外知名艺术院校毕业生优先,有海外工作经验为佳
  • 熟练使用MS Office等办公工具



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