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In the January issue of The Bridge, we shared the findings of our exclusive FTA survey which was conducted amongst our members. It reflected that a substantial number of Swiss companies still encounter a variety of problems which hinder them from taking full advantage of the Sino-Swiss Free Trade Agreement. In this issue of The Bridge, we follow up on the FTA survey findings from the Swiss perspective. This issue’s main highlight is an exclusive interview with the former Swiss Chief Negotiator of the free trade talks with China, newly retired Ambassador Christian Etter. To get a feel of the pulse of some of Switzerland’s most powerful industry associations, read up on some insights from respected insiders.

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冬季刊的《桥》杂志分享了瑞士商会在会员中开展的对《中瑞自由贸易协定》实施情况的调查结果。此项专属调查显示,众多企业在实施该协定时,仍会遇到各种问题。本期《桥》将从瑞士的角度追踪该协定的调查结果。前瑞士大使 Christian Etter 曾负责瑞中自由贸易往来事宜的商榷沟通工作。本期杂志将为您带来对 Etter 先生的专访,了解瑞士最权威的行业协会的动向,获悉备受尊崇的业内人士分享的真知灼见。


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