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[Training] Co-Organized Training Series

July 13, 2019 @ 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

SwissCham Beijing is delighted to invite you to the

Co-Organized Training Series

Dear Members and Friends of SwissCham,
SwissCham Beijing, in collaboration with the Bencham, is delighted to invite you to training series to enhance your leadership and elevate the performance. This full day and online coaching will maximise your team and organization’s performance.

With best regards,

Your SwissCham Team

Team Leadership

DATE / 时间

Saturday July 13th / 2019年7月13号(周六)

You are a manager or a team leader and you want to know what results successful teams can achieve. How do you ensure that everyone is on the same page? You want to improve your team’s capacity to resolve its own problems. You want to see your team’s strengths raised..

Team management as the number one competitive advantage

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Understand how to accelerate effective teamwork as a manager or teamleader
  • Work with the concept of collective ambition to build motivation and commitment
  • Enhance the effectiveness of your own behavior in managing teams
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities within your team
  • Establish an environment of trust and growth for your team
  • Adapt your communication style to convey messages effectively
  • Identify the development stages of your team and adapt your management style accordingly
  • Understand how team processes and unwritten rules affect the team performance
  • Identify how cultural differences impact on the behavior of people in organizations
  • Translate your ambition for your team into tangible first steps

Performance Management

DATE / 时间

Saturday June 15th / 2019年6月15号(周六)

Research shows that effective leaders who excel in employee engagement and performance are putting a lot of energy in effective performance management skills, including setting clear goals, providing regular feedback and supporting employee development. Performance management as the number one competitive advantage

By the end of the course, you will be able to:
  • Align the goals of your team to the personal goals of the teammembers.
  • Set meaningful and motivational goals.
  • Execute the performance review cycle.
  • Give feedback in a motivational way.
  • Use tools and skills to motivate your team members.
  • Coach your team members based on their strength and talents
  • Increase the self-learning and self-steering ability of employees.

​TRAINER / 培训师

General Manager at Schoutenchina

Member: RMB 2480 (1 session) / RMB 7980 (full series)*
Non-Member: RMB 3480 (1 session) / RMB 9480 (full series)

* Full series:
Effective Leadership, May 18
Performance Management, June 15
Team Leadership, July 13

Mindfulness in Business – Going with the FLOW and generating best possible results

DATE / 时间
Saturday June 8th / 2019年6月8号(周六)

Mindfulness has becomefully accepted in the West as a practice to improve performance, both in professional settings and personal life. Daily mindfulness practice calms down the mind and optimizes focus, prioritization, and helps to both see the bigger picture more clearly as well as being more attentive to details. Advanced practitioners even can reach the state of Flow, a state of extreme focus through which tasks can be completed flawlessly in a fraction of the normal time. Finally, mindfulness has been proven to have positive effect on personal happiness and health. For the modern and urban person with a dynamic and high-pressure lifestyle, mindfulness is the perfect counter balance to keep mind and body in sync, and optimize performance in all aspects of life.

In this last session of the Mindfulness in Business course, mindfulness trainer Cassie Kang will complete the basic general knowledge of mindfulness and common mindfulness practices. In terms of the topic of the day, the following points will be reflected and exercised on:

  • Process oriented and Result oriented business
  • Growth mindset and Fixed mindset in business
  • Effortful and Effortless Business
  • The state of FLOW
  • Get better results effortlessly

At the end of the session, practical plans will be made that shall assist you to reach your goal(s) and a booklet will be handed out.


Cassie Kang
Founder of Sunbeam Mindfulness

Cassie coaches both individuals and groups, she also takes part in corporate internal coaching and trainings. Moreover, she is passionate about Buddha’s teachings and uses her spare time to study to be a bilingual Dharma Instructor. As a student of life, she has great passion in inspiring and empowering others. Her approaches are gentle and warm but also direct and right to the point, she uses creative ways to help coachees and students to achieve the life they are most passionate about with an open heart. Her specialties are self-cultivation, personal growth, letting go, emotion regulation, mind training, self-sufficient and effortless living. She founded Sunbeam Mindfulness in March of 2018 and has created a series of Life Changing Mindfulness based Courses, has helped lots students to change their lives, found their true self within and shine bright out!

Member: RMB 1480 (1 session) / RMB 4980 (full series)*
Non-Member: RMB 1980 (1 session) / RMB 6980 (full series)

Advanced Negotiation Techniques

DATE / 时间
Wednesday June 5th / 2019年6月5号(周三)

This is an online course on Negotiations offered by BenCham in cooperation with Procurement and Supply Chain Academy. It can be taken at any location and time preferred. The following topics willl be covered in this master class:
  • Game theoryUsing
  • NLP to influence stakeholders I
  • Using NLP to influence stakeholders II
  • Biases in negotiations I
  • Biases in negotiations II

After finalizing the course, a summarizing PDF will be provided and an online assessment will be taken. When completed successfully, you will receive a BenCham course certificate accordingly.


Member: RMB 1480 (3 month access) / RMB 4980 (1 year access)*
Non-Member: RMB 1980 (3 month access) / RMB 6980 (1 year access)

+86 10 8468 3982

Cancellation of RSVP
In case you need to cancel your attendance to the event, please write an email to
at least 24 hours prior to the event. Failure to cancel your RSVP timely will require the payment of a “no show bill” of the full amount stated in this invitation.  You can reach us as well by telephone:
+86 10 8468 3982



July 13, 2019
9:00 am - 4:30 pm
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