Chinese Pay a High Price for Foreign Hotel Rooms

by swisscham in Business

Chinese travelers were on the top 10 list of those who paid the most for accommodation outside their own country, according to an industry report. Outbound visitors from China ranked No 8 spending an average of RMB 1,031 yuan (USD 166) for a hotel night abroad, according to the Hotel Price Index, a regular report on hotel rates in major destinations across the world released by The report is based on bookings made on the site, and rates shown are those actually paid by customers per room per night, rather than advertised rates. The index shows Chinese travelers spent more in more than half of the international destinations included in the report. Travelers from Switzerland once again paid the most when traveling outside their own borders, with an average of RMB 1,120 per room night followed by the Argentineans at RMB 1,089, making them the highest-paying Latin American nation. Travelers from the United States came third, paying an average room rate of RMB 1,067.

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October 14, 2021
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