China Modern Vocational Education Development Strategy 2014Ð2020

by swisscham in Bilateral Relations

ChinaÕs vocational education development strategy 2014Ð2020 outlines the roadmap for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in the next 6 years. Highlights include: Universities of applied sciences are added to the tertiary TVET education to offer bachelor level vocational education. Transitional options are offered at both upper secondary level and at the tertiary level; Provincial governments are to play a central coordinator role in local TVET developments; Industry is defined to be a key provider of TVET. Company engagement in all aspects of TVET is to be institutionalized and legislated; The National Vocational Students Skill Competition is expected to attract international participants, to increase international impact and to serve as an entry point for international cooperation on TVET. This report is a follow up on the report China towards Dual Track Education which was based on a speech by Vice Minister of Education LU XinÕs at the China Development Forum in March 2014. The policies announced in this speech have now officially been published by the Ministry of Education, slightly modified, in the Modern Vocational Education Development Strategy 2014Ð2020.

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