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Swiss Chinese MBA Program by Business Hotel Management School
SwissCham Member: RMB 5000 Scholarship

30% OFF for all SwissCham Members

Ever since Cellcosmet, for women, and Cellmen, for men, were first founded in 1987, they have embodied the excellence of Swiss cosmetic science and firmly established the gold standard in the realm. The cellular expertise and mastery of botanical and marine ingredients, combined with their holistic approach to skincare, have long guided Cellcosmet in composing ranges of products for both face and body. When applied together following a specific ritual, these formulas complement one another for maximum effectiveness, promising intensely revitalised, moisturised skin protected from external elements and glowing with natural radiance.

虎年限定套盒 RMB 4580


弹润新生套装 RMB 3280


娇宠净肤套装(您每周放松身心的护肤程序)RMB 3120


20% OFF for all SwissCham Members at Beijing Flagship Store

Swisscham members can enjoy 20% discount for all kinds of products at Swissflex Beijing flagship stores:

1. 北京市朝阳区北四环东路65号居然之家家之尊国际馆F6 swissflex 专卖店
2. 北京市朝阳区北四环东路65号居然之家家之尊国际馆F2 瑞士高级生活馆
3. 北京市丰台区西三环丽泽居然之家F1 swissflex 专卖店
4. 北京市朝阳区大望路SKP百货F5 swissflex 专卖店
5. 北京市朝阳区建国路一号国贸商城B1 号展位号:WB120A swissflex 专卖店
6. 北京市朝阳区东四环红星美凯龙F1 swissflex 专卖店
7. 北京市海淀区远大路1号世纪金源居然之家F1 swissflex 专卖店
8. 北京市朝阳区北沙滩路红星美凯龙F1 瑞士高级生活馆

Xmas Gift Box from Swissflex

1 Swissflex Flat GELTEX Inside ➕ 3 Vitra Dolls ➕ 1 ABYSS Bath Towel
瑞福睡儿童枕 X 1➕Vitra 玩偶 ✖ 3➕ABYSS浴巾 X 1

Member Price: RMB 5252  / Standard Price: RMB 8205

20% OFF for all Products in WeChat Mini program

SwissCham Members can enjoy Madori products exclusive family sales at preferential prices, all goods 20% OFF with promotion code in WeChat Mini program.

Contacts: Mr. Teddy WANG

About Madori

Madori 创立于瑞士卢塞恩,将瑞士自然与现代相结合的特点融入到高级珠宝中,从大自然的美中汲取设计灵感,产生当代珠宝甄品。Madori将瑞士精湛的珠宝工艺呈现在每一件珠宝作品中,在你日常的生活中、在你重要的日子里讲述你最喜爱的故事。
Founded in Luzern Switzerland, Madori takes inspiration from beauty within nature. Offering unique designs and rich craftsmanship, Madori is not only for your weddings, but also your day-to-day piece that tells your favourite story.

Switzerland is renowned for its natural beauty. No matter when, it is hard to take a look at the magnificent mountainous landscape and not be amazed at this piece of art earth created. Snow-capped Alps peak is our signature, also our inspiration to create jewellery pieces that are simple but exotic. The Grand Tour, and the Romantic Movement, combined in the late 18th and early 19th centuries to attract artists to the spectacular scenery of the Swiss Alps.

In addition to elements drawn from our spectacular terrain, we are also inspired by harmonious colours in nature. We believe colours are a special element to jewellery design, therefore we aim to find exquisite combinations that you will fall in love with.

Urbanization has made our lives fast paced, but inside every person, there is a craving for the purest nature. Madori is committed to combining elements of our urbanized life and beautiful nature, aiming to create an experience of refreshing perspective.



【馥澜吧】瑞士时光下午茶 138元起
【瑞士美食阁】Vitality 活力轻食套餐60元起
瑞士咖啡厅】奶酪火锅买一送一,含白葡萄酒1瓶 298元


As a wholly-owned subsidiary of China International Exhibition Center Group, Beijing Royal Grand Hotel was opened in 1993, which was the third international brand hotel in Beijing and the most fashionable hotel featuring the Nordic characters. Since its opening, the hotel has received more than two million guests from home and aboard, including dignitaries and celebrities. After joining hands with Grand Skylight Hotel Management Company, Beijing Grand Royal Hotel will be renamed as Grand Skylight Hotel Royal , Beijing , and start its new journey.

*Above rate is including service charge and tax
*Above rate is including one daily breakfast
*If there is lower rate on the public platform, will apply to the best available rate
*Room upgrade to next category depending on the availability (Please contact in advance)
*This offer is valid till 29 Feb, 2024

SwissCham members can enjoy 30% off of Caixin Global Basic Yearly subscription.

SwissCham Member price: USD 174.99, CNY 1153.6 (Standard Price: USD 249.99, CNY 1648)

Caixin Global is one of the most respected sources for macroeconomic, financial and business news and information about China. Built on Caixin Media’s award winning journalism, Caixin Global delivers fast, reliable business and financial news about China to the world. It offers its English news via a 24/7 digital and mobile platform (, and publishes a print magazine Caixin: China Economics and Finance. Through cooperation with a leading financial services platform — Caixin Insight — Caixin Global also provides policy analysis, industry monitoring, financial database services and more in-depth research and consulting services on China’s economic policymaking and its financial markets. It organizes a series of high-level global events, including Caixin Roundtables and the Caixin Summit.

Terms & Conditions

  1. This offer is valid till Dec 31st, 2023.
  2. The special offer is only valid for online subscription, non-applicable with other discounts.
  3. Auto-renew is not applied. Please re-subscribe when the subscription is expired.
  4. This digital subscription is non-refundable.

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