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Welcome to the Songzhuang Art Village in Beijing, discover the fantastic artworks and meet new friends! Situated in the city’s eastern suburbs, the Songzhuang Art Village is the home of Chinese contemporary art, and one of the biggest art communities in Beijing. The artist Chen Linggang and his wife will take you personally on a journey through Songzhuang and show you their Work Studio.

Art galleries and exhibitions are waiting for you to discover and explore. You can also find an open air market, decent restaurants and  other interesting things. Visit the Chen Linggang Art Studio and admire the artworks with a strong oriental element, as well as a sense of beauty and form of Western culture. This tour is an exclusively offer for SwissCham members only!

 Price on request, please send us an email

12% Promotion Rate for SwissCham Members

SwissCham members can enjoy 12% discount for all kinds of products at Beijing flagship stores.

Address1:北京市朝阳区北四环东路65号居然之家F6 展位号:5-6-13
Address2: SKP购物中心五层 北京市朝阳区建国路甲87 号展位号:D5110
Address3:  北京市朝阳区建国路一号国贸商城B1 号展位号:WB120A

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SwissCham Members can enjoy Madori products exclusive family sales at preferential prices, all goods 20% OFF with promotion code in WeChat Mini program.

Contacts: Mr. Teddy WANG

About Madori

Madori 创立于瑞士卢塞恩,将瑞士自然与现代相结合的特点融入到高级珠宝中,从大自然的美中汲取设计灵感,产生当代珠宝甄品。Madori将瑞士精湛的珠宝工艺呈现在每一件珠宝作品中,在你日常的生活中、在你重要的日子里讲述你最喜爱的故事。
Founded in Luzern Switzerland, Madori takes inspiration from beauty within nature. Offering unique designs and rich craftsmanship, Madori is not only for your weddings, but also your day-to-day piece that tells your favourite story.

Switzerland is renowned for its natural beauty. No matter when, it is hard to take a look at the magnificent mountainous landscape and not be amazed at this piece of art earth created. Snow-capped Alps peak is our signature, also our inspiration to create jewellery pieces that are simple but exotic. The Grand Tour, and the Romantic Movement, combined in the late 18th and early 19th centuries to attract artists to the spectacular scenery of the Swiss Alps.

In addition to elements drawn from our spectacular terrain, we are also inspired by harmonious colours in nature. We believe colours are a special element to jewellery design, therefore we aim to find exquisite combinations that you will fall in love with.

Urbanization has made our lives fast paced, but inside every person, there is a craving for the purest nature. Madori is committed to combining elements of our urbanized life and beautiful nature, aiming to create an experience of refreshing perspective.


10% discount for SwissCham Members
CHEERS Wines is providing all members of Swiss Chamber a 10% discount on all the products.


CHEERS Wines is part of a new wine generation making wine drinking both fun and affordable. Their main objective is to make the customers smile. CHEERS Wines sells quality imported wines at the best possible prices in CHEERS Wines Stores throughout Beijing as well as in our franchise partner stores across China. CHEERS Wines loves to surprise and entertain the customers with outstanding customer service, wide selection of videos, store themes and fun marketing ideas. CHEERS Wines transfers wine knowledge on and off line in a fun, informal but professional way! CHEERS Wines are genuine people with a real simplistic love of wines and all things fun.

50RMB OFF for all SwissCham Members

Sherpa’s Food Delivery is providing all members of SwissCham Members 50RMB OFF coupon on all services.

About Sherpa’s 关于食派士

Sherpa’s is Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou’s premier FOOD DELIVERY app! We’ve been offering friendly and reliable services in English and Mandarin since 1999.

In addition to restaurant delivery, we also:
(1) Offer Dine-in Deals; (2) Deliver Beverages; (3) Deliver Groceries; (4) Book Movie Tickets.

*Valid until Feb. 28th of 2022 有效期截止到2022年2月28日

10% discount for SwissCham Members

ABACARE is pleased to provide an exclusive offer to all SwissCham members! A comprehensive medical insurance plan from first-class insurance partners ALLIANZ can help you protect your family and yourself.

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