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Marketing & Events Manager

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SwissCham, one of the most dynamic Chambers of Commerce in Beijing is looking for a motivated professional. An enthusiastic international team is awaiting you!

Marketing & Events Manager

Location: Beijing
Duration: Minimum 2 years, Start as soon as possible
Start: January 15th, 2021

Job Description:

Under the direction of the GM and with support of the Communication / Event Officers, the Marketing & Events Manager is responsible for the management and administrative tasks related to:

  • Events’ strategy and implementation from A to Z: project plan, finance, concept, format, content, timing, webpage, booklet, invitation, search for sponsors, negotiation and liaison with all the partners, F&B, visual identity, registration;
  • Active search of advertisers: plan and execute advertisement sales according to budget;
  • Communication channels: content, visual identity, update of the website, WeChat, LinkedIn, Bridge Magazine, newsletter, reader’s digest;
  • Supervise and coordinate the membership management: new members, applications, database updates, member benefits, payments, networking and membership retention.


  • Master Degree or other equivalent advanced degree in a Chinese and/or business related field;
  • Minimum 2 years working experience; Effective leadership and organizational skills;

  • Confident and outgoing personality with good presentation skills;

  • Reliable, able to work well under pressure, pro-active, flexible and open-minded;

  • Service and result oriented, positive working attitude and professional behaviour;

  • A team player, open, honest and with passion for a NPO committed to community service;

  • Knowledge in database management & customer relationship management is an advantage;

  • Swiss Citizen preferred or at least familiar with Switzerland.

Language Skills:

  • Excellent oral and written skills in English;
  • Good command in spoken Chinese;

  • Fluency in one or more Swiss languages (French, German, Italian);

Compensation & Benefits:

You will have access to a large network of business leaders and contribute directly to the development of the Chamber and its growth in the long term future. SwissCham is an exciting platform for your professional and personal development providing a general insight into Swiss business in China.

If you are interested in this position, please send your CV and a cover letter in English to

Please be noted that ONLY candidates who have been selected for an interview will be contacted.

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Social Media / Events Assistant

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We are constantly offering internship positions, send us your CV if you are interested to work with us.

SwissCham, one of the most dynamic Chambers of Commerce in Beijing is looking for a motivated young professional. An enthusiastic international team is awaiting you!

Social Media / Events Assistant

Location: Beijing
Duration: 6~12 months (or as agreed)
Start: January 4th, 2021

Job Description:

  • Support on a Sino-Swiss project;
  • Make phone calls to ask specific information;
  • Handle incoming and outgoing e-mails, mail;
  • Database support: responsible for following up on information submitted by new and existing members, updating and correcting database;
  • Additional tasks upon demand;
  • Possibility of working on projects at the Embassy of Switzerland.


  • Chinese mother tongue or very good command of Mandarin;
  • Any background welcome, students preferred;
  • Strong organizational skills;
  • Good oral and written English (Additional language such as German or/and French is an advantage but not mandatory);
  • Strong IT skills required (Proficiency in MS Office Minimum and Excel particularly);
  • Reliable, able to work well under pressure, pro-active, flexible and open-minded;
  • Highly detail-oriented;
  • Ability to search for information;
  • Excellent communication, coordination, and analytical skills;
  • Result-oriented, excellent execution skills;
  • Open-minded, quick learner and strong team spirits;
  • Able to deal with multiple tasks at the same time;
  • Capacity to deal with a lot of work load and stress.

Compensation & Benefits:

This internship will be a unique chance to launch your future career, giving you an insight into various sectors of event organization and the business world in general, and enabling you to interact with numerous private corporations and governmental entities, as well as professionals with very diverse backgrounds and activities. This internship is paid.

If you are interested in this position, please send your CV and a cover letter in English to

Please be noted that ONLY candidates who have been selected for an interview will be contacted.

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Regional Sales Manager

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Beijing CBD (North China)

Shanghai HQ CBD (East China)

Job Type:



As soon as possible




As the regional sales manager (North China/East China), responsible for the overall development of Visual Arts Teaching Program (VATP) market development and project sales in East China/North China. And be in charge for the formulation and implementation of marketing plan. Preside over the daily work of sales department in the responsible area, and reasonably allocate human and material resources.


Sales Management


  • Based on North China/East China region, develope customers for VATP project
  • Achieve regional sales, growth and profitability targets完成公司制定的区域销售、增长和盈利目标
  • Complete the accurate regional sales budget and strictly implement完成对所属区域销售预算的准确提报,并严格执行

Member Management


  • Collect relevant information of regional potential market帮助公司收集所属区域市场及潜在市场的相关信息
  • Provide complete training to ensure that customers have a comprehensive understanding of VATP platform完整提供客户签约前后的相关培训,保障客户对VATP平台使用的无障碍且全面理解和掌握
  • Sign and execute the contract, collect the payment on time执行合同签署并准时回款
  • Complete and submit daily, weekly, monthly work reports, including visit plan, progress report, and etc.完成并准时提交工作日报、周报、月报,包含客户拜访计划及进度报告等
  • Establish the cooperative relationship with related major arts institutions in North China/East China, recruit campus promotion ambassadors, carry out campus events and other campus promotion activities与相关地区专业院校合作,招募校园推广大使、执行校园赛事等各项校园内推广活动
  • Organize customers to participate in various training activities by the headquarter组织客户参与总部管理部门不定期举办的各类培训及市场活动



  • Bachelor degree or above大学本科或以上学历
  • At least 5 years working experience, including more than 3 years sales experience in education or art industry (European company experience is preferred)至少5年工作经历,其中3年以上教育或艺术行业的销售经历(欧洲公司经验优先)
  • Excellent customer and project management experience, be able to build and manage sales channels出色的客户和项目管理经验,可迅速搭建销售渠道并管理
  • Understand countries cultural differences, graduates from major arts institution, and overseas working experiences are preferred理解中西文化的差异,国内外知名艺术院校毕业生优先,有海外工作经验为佳
  • Open mind and sense of responsibility, excellent communication skills in Mandarin and English, proficiency in MS Office and other related working tools拥有开放性思维与责任感,普通话及英语的优秀沟通能力,熟练使用MS Office等办公工具

If you are interested in joining us, please send your resume to the following email address:如果您有兴趣加入我们,欢迎将您的简历投送至以下邮箱

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Trade Lane Manager – France & Maghreb & Africa

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Job Description / 职位描述

Purpose of Position

  • A strong commercially functional role with the purpose to contribute to the development of the Trade Lanes between China to / from France & Maghreb & Africa by delivering on agreed results.
  • Contributes with some direct Key Account involvement, but priority remains to achieve volume growth on the trade through support of a mutually agree sales strategy embedded in the Trade Lane agreement between both countries/zones.


  • Strategic ‘driver’ of the Trade Lane business development; Increase TL specific business & generate business
  • Act as business development interface to M&M France and its covered region (Maghreb, North Africa)
  • Support issue management and solution finding with French side plus opportunities that are related to the Trade Lane
  • Establish and maintain communication, cooperation & target alignment with relevant trade lane partners
  • Conduct strategic Trade Lane business analyses of the Trade Lane: trade/commodity/volume/customer/competitor information
  • Develop customer target lists and action plans in cooperation with Trade Lane partners
  • Generate and manage sales leads together with M&M France and ensure closure
  • Arrange joint calls and customer visits with Sales, operation, management personnel, as well as the overseas counterparts
  • Stimulate overseas partners and bilateral trade (push for attention and success)
  • Support global/regional tender projects and pricing request for major customers
  • Develop and maintain Trade Lane specific key customers
  • Measure business development and provide monthly reports & visibility
  • Conduct TL sales campaigns (flyers, initiatives, rates) in alignment with Trade Lane partners
  • Perform any special duties and projects as assigned by the management
  • GP increase on respective trade lane and self-controlled shipment (details refers to KPI set by each year)
  • Other assignment nominated by Branch Manager

Requirements & Skills / 职位需求


  • Fluent in written and spoken French, English as well as Chinese
  • Knowledge of international trade and relevant laws, regulations, process and procedures
  • Excellent communication & interpersonal skills, attention to details

Experience and Qualifications:

  • International & intercultural experience
  • Minimum 4 years working experience in international freight/logistics company with years management experience in Sales/Key Accounts

Core Competencies:

  • Strong target & result focus
  • Analytical ability and strategic thinking approach
  • Independent work attitude
  • Open-minded and communicative behavior
  • Commitment to high quality work
  • Well structured, motivated and problem-solving working methods

Application / 申请

If you are interested by this position, please send your application to

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Retail Boutique Manager

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Location: Beijing CBD & 金融街
Job Type: Full-time
Start time: as soon as possible

Job Description / 职位描述
As a Caran d’Ache Boutique Manager for the retail team, you will need to demonstrate superb sales leadership skills in respect to building your personal client portfolio, driving client repurchase rates & cross selling thus ensuring that all business opportunities are maximized through efficient sales floor management while also ensuring that each client who visits the store has a memorable and world class customer experience.
作为Caran d’Ache精品零售店长,您需要展示出卓越的销售领导技能,明确客户需求,提高客户回购率和交叉销售,从而确保通过高效的销售区域管理最大限度地获取所有商机,同时确保每一位到访门店的客户都能获得难忘的顶级客户体验。

Sales and Operation / 销售及运营
  • A strong Brand representative in the luxury industry.
  • Maximize sales through joint operational and commercial focus and take actions to obtain highest level of profitability for the store.
  • Analyze selling and profitability reports.
  • Ensure timely submission of reports to management.
  • Develop client service strategies and programs in order to provide the highest levels of customer service to support the growth of sale and business development responsibility.
  • Conduct Performance Reviews for each staff member, reviewing performance vs. desired Key Performance Indicators (KPI), professional objectives and development plans.
  • Take accountability for all operational functions of the store and understand forthcoming customer initiatives.
  • Organize store events and product displays.
  • Enhance the brand’s image by maintaining standards and integrity both within the boutique and outside.
  • Work closely with relevant teams on routine activities and special ad-hoc projects / events.
Qualification Requirements / 职位要求
  • University Bachelor’s degree or above (business field or overseas study is preferred).
  • 2-3 years of retail management experience in high-end luxury industry related field.
  • Exceptional customer focus and client relationship management abilities.
  • Proficiency in MS Office tools.
    熟练使用MS Office工具。
  • Strong market and luxury industry knowledge.

Application / 申请

If you are interested by this position, please send your application to

About Swiss Nobleness Art Academy (SNAA) / 瑞士贵族艺术学院

Swiss Nobleness Art Academy (SNAA), located in Zurich, Switzerland, engaged in the study of art education theory and practice and aims to improve the professional skills and teaching skills of visual arts and performing arts. Based on Swiss leading art professional skills training and the integration of excellent art education resources from other European countries and regions, the Swiss Nobleness Art Academy, together with its global partners, has created a complete systematic teaching system for visual arts and performing arts and a matching teacher training system, which can meet the professional needs of art education practitioners at all levels and stages to help them constantly enhance their professional knowledge and teaching methods, so that they are always in the forefront of visual arts and performing arts education. It is including Visual Arts Teaching Program(VATP), Performing Arts Teaching Program (PATP), and Continue Professional Development for Art Education Practitioners Project(CPDA).

瑞士贵族艺术学院(Swiss Nobleness Art Academy,简称SNAA),位于瑞士苏黎世,致力于提高视觉和表演艺术的专业技能和教学技巧。基于瑞士领先的艺术专业技能培养,融合欧洲其他国家和地区的优秀艺术教育资源,瑞士贵族艺术学院联合其国际范围内优秀的合作伙伴共同创造出视觉艺术和表演艺术的成熟教学系统及与之匹配的教师培训体系,可适应艺术教育从业者各个层次和阶段的职业需求,协助其不断增强专业知识和教学方法,使之始终处于视觉艺术和表演艺术的前沿。瑞士贵族艺术学院目前已推出VATP视觉艺术教育课程系统(Visual Arts Teaching Program of Swiss Nobleness Art Academy)、PATP表演艺术教育课程系统(Performing Arts Teaching Program of Swiss Nobleness Art Academy)和艺术教育从业者可持续发展项目(Continue Professional Development for Art Education Practitioners Project)。

Visual Arts Teaching Program of Swiss Nobleness Art Academy (VATP), a teacher training and certified program based on the curriculum of Caran d’Ache visual arts course, is wholly owned by Swiss Nobleness Art Academy. VATP,全称Visual Arts Teaching Program of Swiss Nobleness Art Academy,中文译为瑞士贵族艺术学院视觉艺术教育课程系统,是基于凯兰帝视觉艺术课程的师资培养与资质认证计划,由瑞士贵族艺术学院SNAA全资创造。

For present, Swiss Nobleness Art Academy has entered Chinese market and established representative office in Shanghai to promote the new project Visual Arts Teaching Program (VATP) to more teachers and adults who want to develop career in art education within China.

Caran d’Ache, as a Swiss century brand for color and writing instrument with certification of FSC, CE, AP and Swiss Made, has been introduced into China by China Nobleness in 2013, bringing this world leading brand for Chinese artists and students.
瑞士百年高尚书写绘画工具品牌Caran d’Ache,拥有FSC、CE、AP、SWISS MADE标签,于2013年被华高国际引入中国,为中国艺术家、艺术爱好者、学生带来全球首屈一指的绘画书写用材。

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