SwissCham China is governed by a set of Rules and its members meet once a year during the Annual General Assembly (AGA). From top to bottom SwissCham China is subject to Chinese law and governed by three sets of rules: two at the national level and one at the regional level.

Foreign Chambers of Commerce in China are governed by the Provisional Regulations for the Administration of Foreign Chambers of Commerce in China of 14 June 1989 (“Foreign Chambers Regulations“).

SwissCham China national rules include the National Articles of Association and the National Bylaws. The latter detailing the former.

Regional rules include the Regional Bylaws. In case of silence of the Regional Rules, the National Rules apply. Finally, the decisions by which the Regional BOD implements the Rules are recorded in Minutes of the BOD Meetings. They also form part of SwissCham China Rules at large.

National and Regional Annual General Assembly

SwissCham China and its regional organizations call its members for an Annual General Assembly once a year. The activity report is submitted and any important changes and decisions are voted on. The National Annual General Assembly (NAGA) concludes and ratifies the decisions as well as the elections held during the three Regional Annual General Assembly (RAGA), which also marks the beginning of a new SwissCham China business year.

On this occasion, members are remitted a package of documents related to the AGA. The AGA is then recorder in Minutes, the latest of which you can read under the links below.

Click here to access the RAGA/NAGA Archives
Click here to access SwissCham Beijing RAGA page




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SwissCham China has roughly 600 company members. Our Chamber maintains a strong relationship with the Embassy of Switzerland, Switzerland Global Enterprise, Swissnex and Switzerland Tourism. As the representative of the Swiss companies established in China, our goal is to help you to increase your business and visibility, especially amongst the Sino-Swiss business community.

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