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The Bridge Magazine

Welcome to the new Bridge Newsletter, the successor of the printed Bridge magazine. The magazine was launched in 2004 and has developed itself in a reliable and informative source of Sino-Swiss business news. But given the preference of today’s society for online content and the need for sharing news and information quickly, SwissCham China decided to convert the printed magazine to an online version. The Bridge Newsletter is unique in the sense that it provides exclusive content to our members such as articles and interviews that have been produced for the newsletter only. The aim is to share this exclusive content conveniently and while topics are still hot via our social media channels and provide our members info about activities of Swiss companies in China, and in general about the Sino-Swiss business network.

In the first issue of the Bridge Newsletter, we bring you two exclusive interviews. The first was conducted with Andy Walti of Clariant, discussing growth potentials the company sees in China and the company’s “in China for China” strategy after a CHF 45 million investment in 2021 for a new campus in Shanghai. We also interviewed Jemmy Wu of Bertschi, highlighting China as strategically the most important market among the company’s global market.

This issue also features a contribution from Vischer law and tax, they introduced SIX Swiss Exchange in general, the standards for GDR listing in Switzerland, the latest GDR-specific amendments on SIX Listing Rules and Trading Rules, and explained the attractiveness and benefits to get listed in Switzerland.

Given the many changes in the business environment this year, SwissCham Shanghai conducted two surveys to find out how Swiss companies assess their performance. Even though the outlook for next year remains challenging for many, China still attracts ‘real’ FDI from around the globe and, according to the research arm of SwissCham Shanghai, Swiss companies have invested around USD 190 million (RMB 1.32 billion) in the last two years and this trend will not change in the near future.

Enjoy reading the new Bridge Newsletter.