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Upcoming Trainings
13-Dec-19[TRAINING] POWER BI商业大数据分析&可视化呈现(中文授课) POWER BI Commercial Big Data Analysis & Visualization Presentation
13-Dec-19[TRAINING] 市场营销数据的分析与挖掘 (中文授课) Marketing Data Analysis and Mining
26-27-Dec-19[TRAINING] 绿色产品制造与有害物质管理培训课程(中文授课)Green Production & HSPM Management Training Course
Past Trainings
21-22-Nov-19[Fully Booked] [TRAINING] 用数据说话——数据分析与呈现沟通工作坊(中文授课)
14-15-Nov-19[TRAINING] 采购合同谈判中的风险控制与合同管理培训课程(中文授课)Risk Control & Contract Management in Purchasing Training Course
12-Nov-19[TRAINING] 深层挖掘EXCEL里的高级应用 (中文授课) Create Millions of Value by the Advanced Application of EXCEL
8-Nov-19[TRAINING] 抖音及社群运营全攻略 (中文授课) Operation strategy of “Tik Tok” and “Community”
7-Nov-19[TRAINING] 微信公众号运营及文案全攻略 (中文授课) WeChat Official Accounts Operation and Copywriting Comprehensive Strategies
04-05-Nov-19[TRAINING]卓越供应链管理(供应、生产、销售、物流一体化)(中文授课) Supply Chain Management Training Course
1-Nov-19[TRAINING] 高效商务演讲 (中文授课) Successful Presentations
18-Oct-19[TRAINING] 并购,重组,搬家,裁员背景下的群体争仪预防与实务处理技巧(中文授课) Group Labor Dispute Prevention and Handling Skills in These Following Situations: Mergers and Acquisitions, Restructuring, Moving, Layoffs
27-Sep-19HR最头疼的20类问题员工常见问题管理情形分析及应对(中文授课)The Management Situation Analysis and Strategies with Common Problems in the 20 Most Nerve-wracking Types of Problem Employees for HR
24-25-Sep-19[TRAINING] iLead 领导团队游戏化实战模拟课程
4-Sep-19人力成本分析与管控(中文授课)Human Cost Analysis And Control
08-09-Aug-19高端大客户销售及客户关系管理(中文授课)High Value Customers Strategy and Customer Relationship Management
14-Jun-19POWER BI商业大数据分析&可视化呈现 (中文授课)POWER BI Commercial Big Data Analysis & Visualization Presentation
13-Jun-19深层挖掘EXCEL里的高级运用(中文授课)Create Millions of Value by the Advanced Application of Excel
9-May-19Industry 4.0 Solutions and Implementation Approach 工业4.0解决方案和实施方法 
9-May-19The Confidence of Cultural Alignment
25-Apr-19Individual Income Tax Planning & Risk of Expatriates Working in China
24-Apr-19新媒体“抖音”运营实战(中文授课)New Media “Tik Tok” Operation Practice
28-Mar-19管理层应理解的最新外汇管理和资金的流动的问题 (中文课程)Latest Foreign Exchange and Fund Movements Management Issues  You Should Know
4-Mar-19Smart Factory – The Fundamentals
27-Feb-19Individual Income Tax Planning & Risk of Expatriates Working in China
16-Nov-19KeQing Systemic Coaching Course – CORE
20-Nov-19Individual income tax planning and risk of expatriates working in China
 22-23-Nov-19《蜕变:成就卓越管理者的七步阶梯》(中文) | Emerging Leaders Training Course (Chinese)
6-Dec-18Marketing Data Analysis And Mining (Chinese)| 市场营销数据的分析与挖掘
5-Nov-18Qualified Negotiator by Schranner Negotiation Institute
1-Nov-18作业安全管理培训课程(中文) | Operation Safety Training Course (Chinese)
24-Oct-18中国环境保护与安全健康法律法规培训课程(中文) | China Environmental Protection, Health and Safety Regulatory Compliance Training Course (Chinese)
19-Oct-182019年最新个人所得税及企业社保改革解读及应对(中文) | CIIT Reform Workshop (Chinese)
12-Oct-18Comprehensive Strategies on WeChat Official Accounts Operation (Chinese)| 微信公众号运营全攻略(中文)
13-14-Sep-18EXCEL商务应用技巧培训课程(中文) | Business Excel Skills Training Course (Chinese)
10-Sep-18Industry 4.0 Solutions and Implementation Approach
6-Aug-18SMART FACTORY – The Fundamentals
25-Jul-18A3-Problem Solving
13-Jul-18Presentation Skills
15-Jun-18Management Essentials
18-Mar-18Communication Skills
17-May-18Executive Self-Managment in the Digital Age
16-May-18Lean Plant Design
23-24-Apr-18Pragmatic Digitalization Strategy
5-Mar-18Smart Factory-The Fundamentals
28-Feb-18Individual Income Tax Planning & Risk of Expatriates Working in China



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