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October 2019

SwissChamHK – Monthly Cocktail at PICADA on 10 OCT 2019

October 10 @ 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Dear SwissCham Members and Friends, The Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong is delighted to invite you to the next monthly cocktail at Picada. Overlooking the buzzing streets of Lan Kwai Fong, the colourful space and hidden Oasis Terrace invites you to escape the crowds and enjoy artfully crafted food, specialty drinks and great company. Happy Hour prices of HKD38 for house wines, spirit mixers and beer apply until 10.00 PM. The cocktail event will take place on Thursday…

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Getting Out: JV Restructuring and Divestments

October 10 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

In Association with Dear Members and Friends of SwissCham, It’s not only about acquiring companies in China anymore. Under the current challenging economic environment, companies are reviewing their overall china portfolio and long term competitiveness and potential exit and divestment decisions. In this seminar InterChina will share its insights and experience in the fields of strategic rational and key considerations to divestment, valuation consideration; key process management in the china context; auction strategies; internal protocol and manage. Confidentiality; typical issues with…

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JOINT MONTHLY LUNCHEON: Investment With A Purpose

October 8 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Swiss Association & Swiss Chamber of Commerce Joint Monthly Luncheon Investment with a Purpose: An Entrepreneurial Journey to Impact Investment The Swiss Chamber is delighted to have Ms. Catherine Chen, founder and managing partner of AvantFaire Investment Management Limited, to talk about her intention and journey from operating her family office to establishing her impact investment company. She will share where she stands now in this transition and how she materializes her intention of investing with a purpose through the…

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September 2019

Workshop: How to leverage professionals and business partners in China?

September 24 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Dear Members and Friends of SwissCham, Europe is not China, and China is not Europe. Things work differently. Management style, decision making process, definition and valuation of quality and functionality, valuation of know-how and protection of it, etc. Market conditions and market requirements may change quickly in China, and require a high degree of flexibility for all players in this market. Interim Management has proven to be an excellent way for companies to react and to adapt to such change…

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InterSME Breakfast Seminar : Finances For Growth [Supported Event]

September 24 @ 8:00 am - 10:00 am

This event is organised by the Dutch and Mexican Chambers. SME micro-lending in Hong Kong is hard. Considering that the start-up ecosystem here is very small (compared to Silicon Valley), we are lucky to find ourselves in a city where investors are just around the corner and very open to supporting entrepreneurship. At this seminar, we will focus on the possibilities to grow your company to the next phase. Often businesses are in need of financial support to grow to the…

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[培训] iLead 领导团队游戏化实战模拟课程

September 24 - September 25

In association with Dear Members and Friends of SwissCham, 课程介绍 管理者的风格与员工的发展水平有怎样的关系? 如何从管理者的角度激发团队动能? 怎样选择最适合自己的领导风格? 管理者怎样将个人的成功过渡为团队的成功? 根据世界大型企业联合会(Conference Board)近期的CEO挑战报告,人力资源被认为是全球企业和组织面临的第二大挑战。在当今竞争激烈的商业环境中,外部人才市场的限制使得企业愈发重视内部的人才培养计划,发展领导力已经成为企业和组织都要面对的重要挑战。有效的领导者能够更好地执行上级分配的任务,并在组织的各个层面上提供长期的业务指导,从而推进组织的良好发展。 为了帮助企业和组织加速发展优秀领导者,Eddic结合全球先进的在线模拟培训课程,为企业的初中级管理人员、有希望成为管理者的高潜员工设计了iLead领导团队游戏化实战模拟课程。参与的学员可以在基于游戏的沉浸式商业模拟环境中,应用领导力的理论和技能来制定关键决策,根据团队成员的情况形成自己的领导风格。iLead 领导挑战模拟课程由专业的老师主导,学员进行线上练习。通过学习和实际演练,学员能够有效地根据团队成员的不同特点进行有效领导,从而理解并掌握不同的领导风格/管理原则和方法并进行实际运用。 课程受众 新任经理 First Time Managers 高潜员工 High Potential Employees 中层经理 Middle Level Managers 待提升的独立贡献者 Promotion-ready Individual Contributors 课程收益 在模拟课程中,参与的学员将了解有关绩效管理,辅导授权,团队发展等实践。参与者可以在无风险的环境中进行现实世界的决策,以引导模拟团队取得成功,具体如下: 1.学习如何针对员工的实际情况,采取合适的领导风格。 2.模拟对团队成员进行激励,学习如何鼓励团队成员保持生产力,推动团队实现组织目标。 3.模拟建立组织政策和流程,认识到领导方法定制为个性风格的重要性。 4.模拟如何委派团队并产生更好的业务成果,掌握保留顶尖人才的技巧。 5.模拟完成后,系统将生成个人的涵盖领导风格和对风格适应性的报告,突出每个学员的领导特点。 课程特色 模拟课程通过使用故事情节来引入关键领导力主题,强化实践效果并进一步培养领导者在工作中的重要的技能。 通过在线模拟,学员可以直接看到自己的决策选择产生的特征反应,从而导致新的结果并影响关键绩效指标(如组织价值、团队满意度、信任以及团队生产力),见证领导风格对员工发展水平的影响。 学员能够通过对员工进行模拟指导,从而吸引团队成员并留住顶尖人才。 课程大纲 时间/模块 课程内容 第一天上午 单元一 在线情境模拟 w  热身,课程介绍 w  领导者及面临的挑战 w  领导风格 w  员工类型及情境领导 w  iLead在线模拟 w  学员模拟报告分析 第一天下午 单元二 情境领导原理 w  小组活动:布置任务 w  领导与管理倾向测试 w  领导与管理的区别 w  案例分析:哪种管理方式最有效 w  XY管理风格辨析 w  四种员工辨识:准备度分析 w …

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Golf Tournament in Guangdong

September 20 @ 11:00 am - 8:30 pm

SwissCham Guangzhou is delighted to invite you to: 中国瑞士商会诚挚邀请您 Dear Members and Friends of SwissCham, We are delighted to announce that the 2019 Golf Tournament will be held at Mission Hills, Dongguan on Friday 20th September, and registration is now open! Sign up and join the Chamber’s flagship sporting event of the year, and compete with approximately 100 golfers from across South China and Hong Kong. 2019年高尔夫球赛现已公开报名!球赛将于9月20日周五于东莞观澜湖高尔夫俱乐部开球。作为商会的旗舰活动,您可以在活动现场与近百名来自香港及华南地区的精英球手们同场竞技。 This year, the event is co-organised by Swiss Chamber and British Chamber of Commerce…

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HR Breakfast: Flexible Staffing in new stage of Chinese economy

September 18 @ 8:00 am - 10:00 am

Organized by Dear Members and Friends of SwissCham, SwissCham is happy to support BenCham and is cordially inviting all our members and their friends to attend the event “HR Breakfast: Flexible Staffing in new stage of Chinese economy” in September. It has been a major discussion that China has entered the stage of economy slowdown in 2019 and the following years. This trend has been already shown the impact on all the industries, including new retails, IT, online and internet…

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SwissCham’s Monthly Cocktail in September

September 12 @ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Dear Members and Friends, The Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong is delighted to invite you to the next monthly cocktail at Hunter & The Chase. This is a unique opportunity to meet friends and new people at the outdoor area (Indoor Area will be available in case of inclement weather) while enjoying a selection of wines, bubbles, beers and cocktails at Happy Hour prices of HKD58. The cocktail will take place on Thursday 12th September at Hunter & The Chase, from 6:30pm…

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Women in Business CONNECTORS Breakfast

September 11 @ 8:30 am - 10:30 am

In Association with         Dear Members and Friends of SwissCham, SwissCham is happy to support BritCham and is cordially inviting all our female members and their friends to attend the event “Women in Business CONNECTORS Breakfast” in September. Every CONNECTOR event provides attendees with a host of exciting introductory activities to enhance networking experiences. All attendees will have an array of opportunities to make new friendships and business connections! Let’s get CONNECTED over a healthy breakfast whilst mingling with a…

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