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Swiss Innovation Week 2019: Home of drones

June 13 @ 1:00 pm - June 14 @ 9:00 pm

以下活动仅面向商会会员!请于6月12日中午前发送邮件至[email protected]报名,不同活动需分开报名。由于名额有限,您将收到商会官方邮件确认报名成功。

Below four events are open for SwissCham members only!  Please register for each event separately by email to [email protected] before 12:00am, June 12th 2019. As seats are limited. Your registration is only confirmed after receiving an official registration confirmation.

DATE: June 13th, 13:00-16:30


Following the successful innovation week (SIW) held in July 2018, the Embassy of Switzerland in Beijing has decided to renew the experience and hold the SIW from June 12 to 14, 2019, with the theme of drones. This event aims to strengthen the Swiss national brand as the most innovative country in the world, to promote the Swiss innovation capacity in drone-related technologies and to foster cooperation with Chinese stakeholders.

China is unquestionably the leading country in the world in term of engineering and producing broad public and standard drones. On the other hand, Switzerland plays a pioneer role in several niche segments for specific and specialized drones. In fact, the recent year have witnessed the blossoming of a “drone economy”, generating new jobs and new sources of revenues[1]. China wants its drone industry to take off to 27 billion USD in total output by 2025 and this sector is expected to grow annually by 40% by 2020 and 25% after that[2]. Drones, pretty much as phones, are becoming the material supports of innovative applications that go beyond (but also include) transporting goods and aerial imagery: drones are already used for dangerous inspections, to boost crop yields or to map hazardous zones for insurances.

Although drones have the potential to transform business models and to bring a lot of added value, governments are struggling to find ways to encourage innovation while maintaining public safety and confidence, to make sure rules and regulations prevent the mid-air collision, as well as prevent harm to people on the ground.

Objectives of the regulation panel

The panel will allow a discussion on the challenges faced by regulators and help to identify best practices to support the development of a drone-economy. In particular, it should address key features of the regulatory approach (for example: holistic, operation centric and technology neutral). In this regard, Swiss participants will present case studies and share their in the field of regulating drone aviation in the civilian, commercial and humanitarian fields.


Part 1: fundamentals of the Swiss approach.

  • Pierluigi Capone, Zurich University of Applied Sciences. Expertise in training on issuance of drone approvals.
    Presentation of the principles of the Swiss Regulation – including the specific operational risk assessment
  • Yang Junwei, World Economic Forum.
    Tools for Governance of Advanced Drone Operations
  • TBC: Federal office of Civil Aviation.
    Evolution of Swiss Regulation
  • Civil Aviation Administration of China.
    Topic TBC

Part 2: :Case studies

  • Liu Xinying, Zurich University of Applied Sciences.
    TBC : Safety analysis – margin of maneuver for regulators from the point of view of an engineer
  • Marco Jaggi, CEO, Generis.
    Presentation of the case study of the innovative regulation framework of Canton Schaffhausen, allowing the real-life testing of new drone features.
  • Hon Chu, Airmap.
    Implementation the world’s first UAV management system in cooperation with Skyguide

Moderation: Michael Jordan, CGTN (news Editor for the current-affairs show “the point with Liu Xin”)


13:00-13:30     Registration
13:30-15:00     Keynote Speech / Panel Discussion
15:00-16:30     Networking Reception (Pool)

[1] According to the American FAA, the market opportunities could be up to 100’000 new jobs and USD 82 Bn revenue in the next 10 years in the US alone.

[2] Read also : “The drone market is booming in China”, by Leo Peng, Swiss Business Hub China

DATE: June 14th, 17:30

Three teams of young Swiss and Chinese entrepreneurs will be working together on new business concept during 3 days on the topic drones and big data.

In order to narrow the gap between academic research and practical limits in the wake of the 4th industrial revolution, they will be elaborating innovative ideas to match future needs.

Each group has the task to come up with a business concept. From mitigating environmental risks and mapping hazardous zones to automating and detecting anomalies in complex mechanical systems, we are eager to their insights in the future.

You are invited to attend the pitches resulting of their 3-days long brainstorming!


Organized by: Swiss Business Hub China, Section of Science, Technology and Education (STE) of the Embassy of Switzerland, Switzerland Global Enterprise

Following the fruitful bilateral relations between Switzerland and China in the field of innovation and the successful first Swiss Innovation Week in 2018, the Ambassador of Switzerland to the PRC, Mr. Bernardino Regazzoni, Science, Technology and Education Section and the Swiss Business Hub China cordially invite you to the Home of Drones Event at the Swiss Embassy in Beijing on 14th June, 2019.

Date: Friday, June 14, 2019
Venue: Embassy of Switzerland in Beijing, 3 Sanlitun East 5th Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Time: 14:00 – 18:30, followed by Grand Reception
Dress Code: Business Casual
RSVP: Please RSVP before June 7, 2019

About the Home of Drones Event

Drones are shaping the airspace of the future. Switzerland is one of the high flyers in drone technology and positioning itself as a leading research and innovation hub. With its federal institutes of technology working closely with industry and public authorities, Switzerland has carved out a leading global position in drone technology. It is a forerunner in the development of specialised drones, particularly for the commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Swiss drones are used in a wide range of applications, from public safety efforts and agriculture to humanitarian aid in crisis-hit areas. 2


14.00 – 14.30 Registration

Session 1 (Swiss Drone Startup Pitching)

14.30 – 14.35 Opening by Science and Technology Counsellor
14.35 – 14.45 Welcome speech
14.45 – 15.25 Swiss drones start-up pitching session (3 min. pitching + 2 min. Jury comment)
15.25 – 15.30 Closing
15.30 – 16.00 Break

Session 2 (Swiss Innovation and Business Landscape)

16.00 – 16.05 Opening by the Swiss Business Hub
16.05 – 16.10 Welcome speech by Head of Swiss Business Hub
16.10 – 16.50 Interactive TED talks from DJI, Yuneec, Comlab and ETH incl. live drone flights, video screenings, tech demos, voting & polling
16.50 – 17.20 Q&A (online and offline)
17.20 – 17.25 Closing
17.25 – 17.30 Transfer to exclusive B2B session

Exclusive B2B Session (SBH) – Upon invitation only

17.30 – 18.30 Private B2B meetings (through prior request)

Grand Reception Swiss Drones Week

18.00 – 21.00 All participates of the afternoon sessions and their spouses

Keynote Speakers

Sunny Liao, Director, DJI Enterprise Europe
Glen Stark, Director of Technology, Yuneec
Director, Comlab
Urban Fasel, Project Researcher, ETH Zurich, Institute of Design, Materials and Fabrication


Birdly (Somniacs)
Dufour Aerospace

承继瑞士中国创新领域结出的硕果成绩以及2018年首次成功举办瑞士创新周之后,瑞士驻华大使Bernardino Regazzoni先生,瑞士大使馆科技与教育处以及瑞士贸易与投资处诚邀您参加2019年6月14日在瑞士驻北京大使馆举办的中国瑞士无人机商业与创新论坛。

地点:瑞士驻北京大使馆 (北京市朝阳区三里屯东五街3号)

中国瑞士无人机商业与创新论坛 无人机塑造着未来的领空。瑞士是无人机技术领域的领军国之一,同时致力于打造瑞士作为领先的无人机技术研究和创新中心的领导地位。凭借瑞士两所联邦理工大学与行业及公共机构的密切合作,瑞士在无人机技术领域已经在全球成为行业佼佼者。瑞士是开发专用无人机,尤其是具有商业用途的无人驾驶飞行器(UAV)的先行者。瑞士无人机广泛应用于公共安全作业,农业以及高危地区的人道主义援助等领域。

活动流程 14.00 – 14.30注册 环节一(瑞士无人机初创企业路演) 14.30 – 14.35瑞士科技参赞宣布开场 14.35 – 14.45欢迎致辞 14.45 – 15.25瑞士无人机初创企业路演(3分钟演讲+ 2分钟点评) 15.25 – 15.30结束 15.30 – 16.00茶歇

环节二(瑞士创新与经商环境对话) 16.00 – 16.05瑞士贸易与投资处宣布开场 16.05 – 16.10瑞士贸易与投资处商务参赞致欢迎辞 16.10 – 16.50来自大疆,Yuneec,瑞士Comlab通信系统设备公司和苏黎世联邦理工大学的

互动式 TED演讲。现场无人机技术演示,视频影像与科技展示,公众投票

16.50 – 17.20问答 (线上和线下) 17.20 – 17.25结束 17.25 – 17.30准备B2B商务对接招待会

B2B商务对接招待会(SBH & STE) – 凭邀请入场 17.30 – 18.30 B2B商务对接招待会(提前确认)

瑞士创新周闭幕大型接待会 18.00 – 21.00所有参加下午会议的来宾及其配偶


Sunny Liao,大疆欧洲区域总监
Glen Stark, Yelecc技术总监
Urban Fasel,苏黎世联邦理工学院设计,材料和制造研究所项目研究员

Birdly (Somniacs)
Dufour Aerospace

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DATE: June, 14th, 18:00-21:00

The Grand Reception Swiss Drones Week will follow the Sino-Swiss Drones Business & Innovation Forum.


The Embassy of Switzerland is delighted to answer this question on the occasion of the 2nd Swiss Innovation Week which will take place from June 12th to 14th. To celebrate its conclusion, Ambassador Bernardino Regazzoni and Maria Cristina Regazzoni cordially invite you and your spouse/partner to a Grand Reception in the garden of their residence on June 14th.


June 13 @ 1:00 pm
June 14 @ 9:00 pm
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Embassy of Switzerland in Beijing
3 Sanlitun East 5th Street, Chaoyang District
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